If You Own Their Mind, You Own Their Life

March 11th, 2021

By Andriana Eloha

Guest writer for Wake Up World

What data do you rely on, when you cannot know for sure, whether the information broadcast via any external means of communication is based on verifiable facts? How do you navigate yourself in social space, when the information, delivered to you by any state media, contradicts your direct experience?

What do you do when it happens all the time? I mean, really? Do you become numb, alarmed, or programmed? What do you do, when the information on any topic, reported by someone else (whom you don’t know personally), gets recycled countless times and later accepted as true by many, yet the source of the information can not be verified by anybody? What will you prioritize: the unverifiable information broadcast by this individual, the support this person receives from many others or what you know is true and what can be verified?

How do you distinguish your inner knowing from your ego inner impulse of self-defense, insisting that something is this or that way, regardless of the facts? How quickly will you buy into an avalanche of information coming from anyone who, via their video channel, regularly affirms everything you have always hoped for (which is what you want to be true)? How quickly will you buy into a targeted flow of information, which triggers everything you have always been afraid of?

Keep in mind, in order for you to be afraid of anything, you first have to assume it is real and true for you, – then you can be afraid of it. You cannot be afraid of anything, the reality of which you seriously and genuinely doubt. With that said, when the publicly broadcast fear based information, meets your internally broadcast fears…. how quickly will you buy into this public information as real and true? And, will it be possible for you at all, to identify such information as being either accurate or inaccurate?

And the last question is this. What do you do, when all the data that you have received from your own sensors, is automatically being interpreted for you by your mind, heavily conditioned to process all your incoming information in only one specific way, which is, – to make a pre-programmed interpretation (aka pre-conceptions) replace the real data (i.e., facts) gathered by your own sensors? Confused? Great! Because, it happens every day, and only now, when I directed your attention to it, you have become aware of the confusion to the degree, that may invite you to expand your awareness a little further, which is wonderful. Because you can only change what you are aware of. The opposite is also correct, whatever it is in you, that you are not aware of, will influence and change you any time of the day.

Following instructions at all times is the main prerequisite and the main trait of slave mentality. But it’s easy and automatic. Except, you donate your life and your free life choices to someone else, right? The thought has probably never crossed the minds of those who have never attempted to do their own, non-cliché, independent thinking. One free thought that jumps out of the mass manufactured box of perception usually gets attacked by someone else’s judgment that you have made your own, so your self-policing puts it back into the box of the known and declares the territory outside the box…dangerous! Dangerous for who? – For the box manufacturers of course, because they need you predictable.

It turns out, that the box manufacturers have a curious secret they do not want anyone else to know, because their very survival, as well as the survival of the box, depends on this secret remaining a secret. And as we all know, the best place to hide the best kept secrets is – in plain sight. Ready to hear it? Here it is. The box manufacturers lost their ability to think outside the box long time ago and are now only capable of thinking in the categories of the box they are in. However, since their prisoners do have an innate ability to go outside the box in their thinking and perception, the box management had to do something about it.

First, the area outside the box is the area that the box manufactures simply cannot control, so if your thoughts can transcend the box norms and rules, you have a massive advantage over them already. Secondly, it is difficult for the box controllers to outsmart or enslave anyone who casually thinks outside of their box parameters, – which naturally means, this individual will think far beyond the confines and limits of the thinking and perception of the box controllers. Which is something they can not afford. So, how did these “free thinking impaired” box rulers address such a disturbing for them issue at hand without giving away their biggest secret? Here is how they did it. They manufactured an even smaller, mental box for each of their box prisoners.

The box managers are terrified by the idea that if they don’t keep their box prisoners tightly locked inside their little mental boxes, the managers will end up alone in their own box (and probably dead). The box rulers do realize with clarity, that once their prisoners are out of their mental boxes, they will also escape the bigger box they are in, and the management will be deprived of the illegally seized resources of the Source. What are these seized Source resources? They are the box prisoners, whose gifts and divine functions (locked in their hearts and souls) got re-purposed, i.e. turned into fuel that now helps the box lords run their anti-Source agenda of highly contracted, deficient and distorted self-expression. It hurts everyone who ended up in the box, including the box managers.

Now, how do you capture a free spirited Being into the evil box of sameness and limitation? Well, you always start with the imprisonment or capturing of their mind of course. Why? Because the captured mind will send the rest of the Being into captivity without much resistance.

And how, specifically, the mind capture is accomplished on a grand scale? Easy. If it is a pre-industrial society, you start with  ideologies and religions that must replace any other perception of reality. Your original perception is yours, you are the owner of it. But if you subscribe to any ideology or religion that is owned and manufactured by the box managers, then they own your perception. And if they own your perception, they own the rest of you.

The task is even easier to accomplish in a post-industrial society where you simply manufacture something known as the “main stream media” and “global news networks”, which are nothing else but a shared narrative framework for distribution & activation of trauma (rooted in deep archetypes). It has only one purpose: invade individual minds by overloading them with fear based experiences. Every day. Confuse, then suppress their identities, make them obedient by making them fearful to think for themselves, because it is dangerous for the box structural integrity and the box managers know it. Once the mind invasion is accomplished, the army of slaves is ready to serve the box. The mass trance formation is now complete.

So, how do you get out of the evil box and free yourself from those who run it? The exit is where there entrance is. You liberate your mind first. The rest of you will follow. And also, take into consideration that if “the box conspiracy” was just a “theory”, the box management would not censor and suppress this “theory” with the might and consistency that we currently witness all over the Internet, mainstream media, schools, universities and workplaces. Apparently, the box managers’ belief in the actuality of this “theory” is so strong, that they have mobilized all of their resources of political, social and even language control, only necessary when you fight something …very real.

Start asking yourself the questions I listed at the beginning of this article. Give yourself your own unique answers, do not look for the answers in the box. You will find them there, but those will be the box answers designed to keep you in the box, not your unique answers that may liberate you. If you are brutally honest with yourself, your answers will be informative for you, which is the purpose of those questions.

What would it take you to radically reclaim your mind and your life and drag yourself out of the box of foreign to you slave perception? What if you simply stop trusting or not trusting anything and anybody and instead, give yourself permission to start being aware of everything on a daily if not hourly basis? What if you make it your daily goal to be always aware of what takes place within you and what takes place in your immediate physical environment? And when this scope of awareness becomes stable and automatic for you, you can expand it even further until your awareness of what is, cannot be clouded or distorted by lies, “hopium”, “fear porn”, deliberate manipulation of your attention, under-reported information, and fabricated data coming from anybody and anything global or local, no matter the subject.

What if you act on your personal inner awareness and not on anybody’s external instruction? Why do you believe in this or that? Based on what? How do you know it is factual? Can you verify it? If you have a direct experience of anything you believe in, would you require a belief about it?

Will you now or later just go to the alternative whatever, and blindly and habitually trust and follow somebody else, just like you used to follow mainstream anything? Who or what chooses for you? Why? How do you know that your choice is truly yours? What would it take all of us to become leaders of our own reality so that we no longer require external leaders, who mainly act either like tyrants or nannies (or tyrannical nannies in most cases)? The truth is, it is you, not someone else, who gives you back your own freedom. Then you experience it externally. Not the other way around.

I have two pieces of news for you. Yes, a good one, and a bad one. And I’ll leave it up to you to decide which is which. The first one is: the box is falling apart, the box managers report otherwise and they are mad. The second one is: you can’t rely on anything and anybody external to you any more. Welcome to the present.

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About the author:

Andriana received her formal training in the field of psychology and holds two university degrees in psychotherapy and counseling. Her main life and professional activity has always been focused on consciousness, human potential, personal development, evolution, and how one’s mind, and different levels of consciousness manifest corresponding nature of reality.

She is also gifted in the area of Arts and has a talent for uniting concrete, linear, fragmented, and logical with expanded, creative, and seemingly illogical, a big picture where all connections exist and function at the same time.

Andriana works with various modalities (among which are Transformational Imagery, EFT, Past life regression and regression to one’s Source Origin, Sedona Method, and for the most part – with her own Higher Consciousness Toolkit). She also utilizes practical knowledge of the latest research and discoveries made in the fields of psychology, quantum physics, energy psychology, wave- and epi-genetics, brain and heart science, physiology, microbiology, and neuroscience.

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