Empaths, Sensitives and Intuitives: Hone Your Sensitivity Superpowers – FREE 5-Day Online Event

Have you ever wondered if you’re an HSP, empath, or intuitive?

Throughout your life, have you found yourself attuned to the emotions and energy (both positive and negative) of others?

And once you’ve assimilated energy that’s not your own, do you feel overwhelmed, stressed, or depleted?

Or, do you identify as a sensitive… and are looking for tools to hone your sensitivity into your superpower and step into your true purpose?

If so, then we’ve got great news…

You’re invited to join an amazing, empowering, 5-day online event that will show you how your sensitivity is your superpower – and it’s completely FREE:

Empaths, Sensitives and Intuitives: Hone Your Sensitivity Superpowers – FREE 5-Day Online Event

At this event, more than 30 revolutionary empathy experts, luminaries, doctors, and teachers will share a unique set of science-backed tools that will help you master your sensitivity gifts and eliminate the overwhelm you so often feel.

You’ll become part of a worldwide community of empaths, intuitives, and HSPs who also want to stand in their own power and wisdom while learning to establish firm energetic boundaries and trust their intuition.

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During this groundbreaking 5-day event, you’ll discover:

  • How empaths and sensitives can use self-regulation practices to heal attachment traumas, and experience calm, healthy self-centeredness and empowerment
  • How to use your empathic abilities as a superpower, by letting go of past pain and releasing your fears of using your gifts
  • Your #1 subconscious block to trusting the Universe, and how to finally surrender into the flow of life
  • The proven way for empaths to heal from the “psychological earthquake” and life-changing shock of betrayal that impacts the body, mind, and heart
  • Spiritual Kung Fu as a powerful, psychic self-defense practice used to ground, clear and protect yourself, so you can move about the world with safety and confidence
  • How to use the moon’s magic and 4 feminine lunar archetypes to create ease, connection, pleasure, and harmony
  • How highly sensitive people who struggle with chronic illness can release hypervigilance, and live each day with greater peace and connection
  • And much more…

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The tools  you’ll discover during this event will help you experience more freedom, increased energy, a greater sense of self, and resilience against outside energetic forces.

Experts including Dr. Judith Orloff, Dr. Karen Kan, Dave Markowitz, Julie Bjelland, Dr. Natasha Fallahi, Melanie Smith, Wendy DeRosa, Michael Smith, and many more will illuminate your path as you rise to your full potential and fulfill your highest mission and purpose.

If you’re ready to turn your empathic gifts into your greatest strength…

Join us for this free online event – we’ll see you there!