The Vibration of Healing and Consciousness: How Frequencies, Sounds, Music and Intention Transform Your Brainwaves – FREE Online Event

Everything is vibration.

In fact, according to celebrated sound-healing scholar and researcher David Gibson, the whole universe is music…

… and your own body is a set of vibrational frequencies.

It’s also “a frame for holding sound, which responds to specific healing frequencies and vibrations,” affirms David.

When you discover how vibration works, you’re empowered to use sound for healing the stuck emotional energy in your system.

To find out more, join us for this FREE empowering online event:

The Vibration of Healing and Consciousness: How Frequencies, Sounds, Music and Intention Transform Your Body, Emotions and Brainwaves

At this event, you will learn specifically which sounds help you reach a sense of peace or open your heart so you can transform emotional issues as they arise. You’ll also discover how to explore the realms of higher consciousness by reaching a theta brain state.

David will share insights, techniques, sounds, and practices for accessing the full range of healing vibrations.

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In this illuminating complimentary workshop, you’ll discover:

  • A guided practice to uncover your “soul note” — experiencing the healing vibrations that you need most right now
  • How frequencies, sounds, music, and intention can release stuck emotions and transform every area of your life — physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual
  • How sound healing can help you discover the specific frequencies and timbres of each chakra — and raise your energy body vibration
  • How binaural beats activate specific systems within your brain — promoting everything from relaxation to positivity to improved memory
  • How to hold 100% focus on an intention to evoke a trance-like state for manifesting anything you want

Learn how to transmute the chaotic frequencies of fear, anger, and even PTSD to harmonic vibrations that align you with bliss, provide access to creative downloads, and resonate every cell in your body to a healthy state.

David will show you how harmonic frequencies create natural immunities to physical disease and destructive emotions, and allow you to activate enhanced concentration and mental focus.

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Imagine the deep healing you might experience if you immersed yourself in practical applications of sound vibration.

At this event, you’ll experience the power of sound and vibration, and uncover the healing frequency you need most right now — to reduce pain, calm anxiety, heal dis-ease, and raise your consciousness.

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