Runic Forecast for May 2023

April 27th, 2023

By Emma Lange

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

Each month, Emma draws a selection of runes from across diverse runic traditions and interprets them to give insight into the prevailing energies of the month ahead. Here is Emma’s forecast for May.

The Scandinavian rune indicates what energies the Universe will send us. These energies will affect our Person – Ego. Scandinavian Rune – Isa. A symbolic image – the Ice Dragon raises its head from the Depths. He is frozen, there is no aggression in him, but it is impossible to approach him either. Time to wait, put everything in order, structure, take control of your emotions. The universal energy is frozen and for now we all have to spend the energy that we ourselves have accumulated or created up to this point.

Due to the fact that the Universal energy will not be enough, then there may be ailments, conflicts, difficulties in promoting important matters. Runa Isa can delay the process, making you wait, but there is no need to panic. Do not take this time as a personal failure. Isa teaches us to slow down, not to say too much, to be modest. These are good qualities that can help in the future. Time is given to train one’s spiritual qualities, the ability to set boundaries for oneself, for discipline and diligence. During this period, do not express your opinion too actively. Isa reminds us that a good time has come for the treatment of long and difficult diseases. This Rune reminds you that your Inner Child will suffer and you need to mature in order to overcome obstacles.

The Slavic rune reminds of tribal alliances and ties. Rune Strength ie Rod can transfer its Strength to you and you need to be able to accept it. In order to receive the support of the Family now, it is necessary to connect with the values that the Family broadcasts (not everyone can do this). Strength can be obtained as a reward for loyalty to your Family. The power of the Family can be transmitted from the depths of generations, it is sacred. This is a connection to the new Archetypes of the Family, which will help you realize your goals.

Rod acts as a donor of strength, additional energy, but in order to receive this energy, your consciousness must be ready for this. When there is a transfer of energy from Ancestral Archetypes to Personal Archetypes, then at this moment there is a large release of additional energy. Perhaps at this moment you will become the one who will be able to release additional Souls who will enter the Sky or who will be transferred to a new level or who will return to your Family in the form of children.

Ogham – shows us the restructuring of the inner world. Tree Archetype Coil – it was considered a tree that correctly tunes the mind. Walnut is a tree of fertility, gratitude. And the Coil was considered the tree of justice, that is, what you wanted, you got. This is the time of transformation of your inner experience. In the event that you want to get the right advice, then you should turn to inner experience. Feelings, associations, focus of your attention will be an important aspect of intellectual activity. The Coil sets up for the future, for the fact that if you want to achieve something, then you need to start now. By touching your inner wisdom and Self, you can gain the necessary intelligence. Coil is a setting for the future, for a new role that will have to be played in the future. This is preparation.

Gregg B

The elven rune that reveals the magic of the information field is Cala’Dai This rune speaks of the rebirth of new leaders. Perhaps now it will not be possible to immediately understand all the processes that take place in life, but behind them there is a big symbol, a huge meaning that will be revealed only in the future. Now you can start some business from scratch or your new path from scratch, but it will become very important and necessary in your life, and maybe your children will use the energy of this path. The energy that we can now receive is enormous. One has only to take responsibility and realize it in the conditions of the Earth. It is necessary to use power, control correctly, replace it with responsibility. Be careful, take everything you do seriously. You can become a very respected person, or you can lose what you have if you don’t take life seriously.

The Icelandic rune that reveals our Shadow Archetype – Madr – we all need to think not only about ourselves, but also about what is happening around us. If we focus too much on our limitations, we won’t be able to receive Heaven’s Blessing. Madr says that it is necessary to bring Mercy, Understanding and Acceptance of other people out of your Shadow. You should not wish anything bad to another person, Fate itself knows from whom to take, and to whom to give. Believe in Destiny. Madr is a connection to one’s Destiny and negative thoughts can only fill the Shadow, and this can lead to trouble, depression and a sense of failure.

About the author:

Emma Lange is the author of many practices, creative therapies in the field of psychology, author of many books, transformational games. She graduated from analytical psychology, transpersonal psychology and depth psychology. Work in the laboratory of chemistry and applied physics – magnetic field research and bioresonance. She is also a virologist by profession – scientific work in the field of oncological virology. She works with neurographics, she is also the creator of therapy using neurographics, she uses neurographic drawing in the work of a psychologist. She took part in meetings with Stanis?aw Grof, Marek Solmes, Irwin Yalom, Jan Friedman, and participated in the conference of Transpersonal Psychology “Hero’s Journey” (Workshop of evolutionary knowledge and practices of Vladimir Maikov, the creator of transpersonal psychology).

Emma is currently a Lecturer in Psychology at WSB, Gda?sk where she conducts classes in pedagogy, psychology and psychosomatics 2022-04. She is the founder of Digital Psychology and the creator of Subconscious Mind Analysis. Founder and author of the Yoga Creativity club. Founder of the “Healing with the Forces of Nature” program. Psychologist of Modern Psychology, creator of transformation games and metaphorical cards. Specialist in the field of Neurography, Psychologist and Practitioner of Deep and Integral Psychology and the author Yoga of Creativity.

You can contact Emma online:

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