How to Navigate a Spiritual Meltdown & Accept your Sacred Nature This Year

Amidst the myriad challenges facing our world, you might find yourself grappling with personal hurdles that feel just as overwhelming — be it loss and grief, financial or emotional instability, or a sense of aimlessness.

Are you yearning for a transformative journey that can usher you into the new year with renewed hope, clarity, joy, and fulfillment?

Even with the spiritual insights you’ve gathered over the years, there’s a chance you’re still seeking external sources to bring you fulfillment and anchor you in these times of personal and global unrest.

Join us as we embark on a soulful exploration with Mirabai Starr, an interspiritual teacher and author, who offers a uniquely feminine and empowering perspective on living as a mystic in today’s world.

In a free online event, Mirabai will challenge outdated notions about the spiritual path, guiding you to embrace a deeper and direct mystical connection with your sacred self, unlocking the magnificence of your life.

Discover Mirabai’s unconventional ideas on mysticism, urging you to let go of the belief in your flaws and imperfections. Learn to use the challenges, concerns, and uncertainties of your daily life as a doorway to a more vibrant existence and a closer connection with the Divine.

She invites you to celebrate your divine, beautiful incarnation just as you are!

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In this transformative workshop, Mirabai will guide you to:

  • Delve deeply into the blocks hindering your true spiritual nature and receive a ceremonial blessing for the wholeness of your sacred self
  • Experience a potent guided meditation and sacred writing exercise to release self-judgments and inner resistance, enabling you to serve yourself and the suffering world
  • Recognize that everything about you is inherently sacred
  • Embrace the idea that past mystics, spanning all spiritual traditions, embodied the sacred as a result of their humanness, not despite it
  • Reclaim your whole self and experience a renewed sense of hope and relief

Let Mirabai assist you in shedding the burden of self-judgment and the limiting beliefs holding you back from your spiritual awakening — right now.

By the end of this hour, you may find yourself stepping into the role of an everyday mystic, fully embracing your humanity and holiness.

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In “Navigate Your Spiritual Meltdown: Become an Everyday Mystic by Embracing Your Brokenness & Awakening to Your Radiant Human Essence” with Mirabai Starr…

… you’ll be guided to reject the notion that enlightenment requires a lifetime of effort and affirm that a direct experience of mystical connection is possible.

Explore how life is about fully embracing the human experience exactly as it is, but with a new and deeper understanding.

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