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Born on the beautiful island of Crete, Andreas Toupadakis has lived in the U.S. since 1978, achieving his Ph.D in Inorganic Chemistry in 1990. Following a career in industry, academia and two U.S. Government laboratories, in 2001 he resigned from a classified government position maintaining nuclear weaponry at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California to actively contribute to the peace movement. A passionate proponent of the Socratic dialogue method, Dr. Toupadakis has been teaching at U.C. Davis Department of Chemistry since 2005, including courses in General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry and Physical Chemistry for Life Sciences. He has also given lectures across campuses in the U.S., Greece, Japan and recently in India. You can connect with Andreas at

Glorifying Peace Instead of War

By Andreas Toupadakis, Ph.D Contributing Writer for Wake Up World Glorifying Peace Instead of War: Challenges and Solutions Despite the fact that we live in a world of increasing violence in every...

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Science, Secrets and Corporate Slavery

By Andreas Toupadakis, PhD Contributing Writer for Wake Up World The nuclear age began in great secrecy in 1942. A team of international scientists, supervised by General Leslie Groves of the Army...

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The Real Face of The Empire

By Andreas Toupadakis, PhD Contributing Writer for Wake Up World People worldwide need to decide soon what this global war without end, as described by the so-called superpower, is all about. Is it...

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