HAARP – Weather Altering, Earthquake Making Machine?

By Wake Up World

What Is HAARP?

The official story is; “The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) is an ionospheric research program jointly funded by the US Air Force, the US Navy, the University and the Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). Its purpose is to analyse the ionosphere and investigate the potential for developing ionospheric enhancement technology for radio communications and surveillance purposes”.

But as you will see from the below videos, HAARP does a lot more than communication and surveillance. HAARP works most effectively with the presence of chemtrails.

The largest legal AM radio antenna in North America is 50000 watts. HARRP is 72000 x 50000 AM radio antennas!

What do they need all this power for?
Find out in the below videos.

The History Channel Exposes HAARP’s Abilities


Russian Tech Designer Saw The Japanese Earthquake Coming 7 Hours Before It Occurred.

How? They were monitoring the ionosphere and saw the changes happening over Japan!

Feb 2011 – Christchurch NZ Earth Quake – Another HAARP Event?

This video is very well researched and presents subjects not detailed in the above 2 videos.

In the above video, some screen-shots were taken of HAARP graphs, if you would like to monitor these in real time, they can be found here

So, why do they deploy HAARP in this manner? Well that is whole another subject, one that we will cover at a future date. This article contains only a very small percentage of the information out there on HAARP. Consider it a starting point. We suggest if you are interested in this subject to conduct some research of your own.

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  • Lauchlan.Giddy

    Hi All, Get on to Dutchsince on u tube, he is all over this.

  • [..YouTube..] High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program. Look it up, you will be amazed at what you find out..

  • [..YouTube..] Wouldve been great if you’d continued it and shown the Earthquake parts. But people can also see the show on HistoryChannel com show is “That’s Impossible” Weather as a Weapon.

  • MisterCummins24v

    [..YouTube..] Very interesting. Been hearing about it for years.

    • Karine

      No, I see you do not study clouds. You chrrey-pick as needed to make a reply. There is nothing being blown into the air except by wind. Salt, sand, volcanic ash, smoke ..all are aerosols. For the sky to be hazed over a huge area , takes only cirrus clouds. They are very thin, and can spread to cover an incredibly large area. Normal planes exhaust can produce enough ice crystals to trigger a lot of condensation. It’s been studied exhaustively. Study contrails .

  • jldmower

    There are still “sheeple” out there (most) who still deny the absolute proof of chemtrails, HAARP, etc. I have seen the chemtrails over my head since approximately the beginning of February. My climate, in the past, has been nothing but DRY (usual approx 10 percent humidity) This summer has been sitting around 30-40 percent. I have never felt anything like this down here in the deserts of southern Utah.

  • Obeserver On The Hill

    Read Nick Begich’s book –

    Angels Don’t Play This Haarp: Advances in Tesla Technology

    and he lays this all out

  • A geologist friend of mine has figured out a way to read the charts on the HAARP website, and determine when it is about to fire up. She found that the major Chinese quake that killed 150K ppl happened just after a major HAARP burst. It seems that Haiti was a Cuban miss, as the techs try to zero in HAARP. And then we wonder about the Chinese animosity toward the USA.

  • Ivan

    Here is a comprehensive investigation into Japan’s tsunami and subsequent Fukushima fallout being NUCLEAR based … the possibility exists that “they” used both HAARP and to “to get the job done.”


  • Following is an excerpt from the part of the December 2011 interview transcript on the health risks of microwaves with Barry Trower, British microwave weaponry expert, where he mentions the dangers of HAARP. This is based on research from a joint venture by the British and U.S. Governments.

    In Australia, Trower talked to a man who told him, “We’ve reached the situation now where HAARP can reach anywhere in the world. We now have bacteria, which can lie dormant in the soil for centuries and can be reactivated. The bacteria can be regenerated with the frequency of light.” It has been known when gravediggers accidentally expose a very old body which has had the plague, the light will reactivate the bacteria and contaminate the gravedigger.

    Government scientists have developed frequencies that can regenerate bacteria from its dormant state into its live state. If one wants to cause a disease in a country’s cattle, all he has to do is come to some of its farms, walk on the land, drop the bacteria and return to his country. The frequency can be bounced from HAARP around the planet or towers may be used. The bacteria are reactivated and cause a disease like mad cow. A country’s economic value can be destroyed at the push of a button. It can get even worse because inside dormant bacteria, there may be a dormant virus and when the bacteria come to life, the virus will come to life.

    “We’ve got to the stage now where we’re into micro-biological warfare from HAARP and mobile towers”, Trower goes on. “It is so easy now to bring total devastation and economic ruin to any country by microwaving it and bringing the bacteria to life.”