A Health Warning – Supermarket Shelf Poisons

By Elaine Hollingsworth

Anybody that takes Vitamin C (and most people should) should avoid the following Soft drinks: Sunkist, Fanta, Diet Coke, Sprite, & Pepsi MaX. These drinks contain Sodium Benzoate, 211 on the label. A chemical reaction between Vitamin C and Sodium Benzoate creates Benzene which is a highly carcinogenic chemical.

Benzene has the ability to severely damage the DNA in the Mitochondria to the point that it totally inactivates it, knocks it out altogether. The Mitochondria consumes Oxygen to give you energy, and if you damage it, then the cell starts to malfunction very seriously, often fatally. A whole array of Diseases has been tied to the damage to the DNA, including Parkinson’s Disease and quite a lot of Neuro-Degenerative Diseases.

Video: Is Sodium Benzoate Harmful?

This is a follow-up of all the TV stations’ stories on Mentos and Diet Coke. Don’t mix these two either, they cause a chemical reaction (explosion) in the stomach. It’s not only Mentos but also any Mint products: Mint Life Savers, Tic Tac’s, Cool Mint’s, etc. The Mint is not the culprit here but the Aspartame in the Diet Drinks, 951 on the label. Also avoid 950 Acelsultame F (same thing). Aspartame poisoning has been scientifically linked to 92 Symptoms of Disease … Still going to drink your Diet Drinks?

Video: Extreme Diet Coke & Mentos Experiments

Most European countries have forbidden the importation and use in their Country of Aspartame including all makes of Saccharin, example Equal, Nutra-Sweet, Spoonful & all diet drinks, including 6,000 consumer good’s and beverages sold on supermarket shelves. This ban affect’s all use of this product in any type of consumable and infringement will carry penalties that go from 9,000 Euros to 90,000 Euros.

Mexico is also considering banning all 6,000 products of Aspartame on its supermarket shelves. In Mexico Aspartame is known as Rumsfeld’s Disease, after George Bush’s mate Donald Rumsfeld. The Nutra-Sweet company and Searle are owned by Monsanto who appointed Rumsfeld as their General Manager so they could use his clout with Congress to get this deadly poison passed by the FDA and boost their sales of Aspartame products.

Video: The Dangers of Aspartame

Avoid all toothpastes made in China , especially Colgate as they contain Ethylene Glycol. This is an anti-freezing agent, highly toxic and even fatal — it destroys the liver, kidneys, lungs, blood cells, heart and the nervous system. It is also in some mouth washes, make-up, aftershaves, baby powder and wipes, shampoos, and deodorants.

Avoid Smarties – they contain almost every toxic artificial colour on the market. The worst are 102 and 104, and the worst of all is 110 (carcinogenic), 124 (undesirable), 128 (extreme caution). 129, 131 and 133 are also carcinogenic.

To top it off Smarties are not even made of chocolate. Neither are Tim Tams. Synthetic chocolate has no nutritional value whatsoever.

Read your food labels. It may one day save your life. PLEASE SHARE.

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  • Rob Mecum

    As always… Thank You! Thank You for ALL you do to keep us informed. Some of us are just waking up to this nightmare & we need all of this info badly as it is, quite litterally, a matter of life & death. My Wife has an autimmune disease called Behcet’s with secondary Fibromyalgia & Reumatoid Arthritis(she’s only 30 years old) & we have a 2 1/2 year old son so the more informed I get the better off we will all be. At least once a week I mail out links to your site to my Family & Friends. Please, please keep up the great work!

    • Lorna Wharton

      Please check out The One Minute Cure and the benefits of Collodial Silver for your wife.

      • fid

        Yes, please it works. I am a walking testimony.

  • Li

    Read all those cosmetic and lotion labels they also contain benzine compounds. Sick….

  • Paul

    Thank you for the info.

    I never seen “Smarties” that are pseudo-chocolate. I am only familiar with citric acid pseudo-fruit flavored variety. Fortunately I don’t eat or drink any aforementioned items anymore.

  • Tessy Agbasi

    I just want to compliment on your effort on Food Poison Initiative.It’s awesome.I know of some harmful effects of Aspartame and i don’t take products that contains Aspartame.Big thanks for the findings on the harmful effects of Ethylene Glycol…kudos! Please,i will like to know about FLOURIDE,the effects as most toothpaste have it as their active ingredient in the form of Sodium flouride.

  • Alex

    Aspartame poisoning is now showing it’s ugly head everywhere. We are no on the second generation of addicts. When will they realise what they have done?

  • Rich Guy Miller

    Another great article. So glad I found this site! As a coffee dealer, I also want to mention that ethylene glycol (as mentioned in your article) is also used to decaffeinate many brands of coffee. If you need decaf, insist on Swiss Water Processed.

  • luis cruzurita


  • David Huff

    It is past time we learn once again to grow our own foods.

  • Abigail Packer

    My guess is that the FDA won’t wake up until THEY start getting SUED for ignoring the painfully obvious. This issue has the potential to be the next ‘aspestosis’ litigation giant. Shame on you COCA COLA, Shame on you FDA, and more fool you anyone who ignores the warnings.

    • Bonnie

      FDA “IS” owned and run by the same people who are being paid by large “donor” lobbyists. They won’t pass anything that there is not a profit behind it. Study marijuana and you’ll come to find out why they’ve made that illegal.

  • Stevie

    Thank you!

  • Thank you very much for yet another great and informative article. Fact is that there are many, many, many more ingredients in products found on supermarket shelves that are totally unhealthy and then imagine the cocktail effect that nobody ever examined.

    This is why I’m not buying in supermarkets anymore, I grow my own as much as I can and buy in health food shops what is worth buying there, not everything is!

  • Did anyone catch the Dr. Oz show where he was talking about sodas and the myth about whether they cause brain damage…. actually he was comparing the different fake sweetners…pink, yellow, and blue. they had this woman there with a doctor’s coat on and she said that NO it did not cause brain damage. they were talking about diet coke. But i really didn’t believe her. Does anyone have any feedback on that?

    and if you have studies or links could you post, please?

    • raw

      Dr Oz is all about MONEY. Do not take anything he says to heart – those people are PAYING to get the product out there, OF COURSE they’re going to say it’s fine.

  • Q

    Smarties do not use artificial colouring. They even stopped making the blue ones becuase they could not find a natural blue colour. Stop spreading lies for sensationalism.

    • Elizabeth

      Smarties in the USA are a very different product to those sold outside the USA. Tim Tams are the same. Most of these products prey on the name they gained in Australia and elsewhere and are then made ‘under license’ in the USA to an entirely different recipe. I found this out when on holidays 12 years ago in the US. I saw some Cadbury’s chocolate in a supermarket in Cleveland and bought it, thinking it was the real thing. I very quickly found out that it wasn’t. It was made in the USA under license by Hershey’s, and it was AWFUL. It ended up in the nearest garbage bin ASAP.

  • Magdolna

    Thank you for sharing this very valuable information. Let`s hope a lot of people will stop drinking these poison.

  • Deighton

    This is a great article; thanks to the authors for sharing it. I have a question though; but I not sure if I will get an answer but here it is:
    Within recent time there has been a “new” product on the market aimed at people who don’t or shouldn’t use sugar. It’s called Stevia and the producers claim it’s all natural. Unfortunately the writing on the package is VERY tiny so I am unable to read it, even with my spectacles on (lol). So I would be interested in getting some opinions on the product Stevia; is it good for human consumption or is it just another artificial sweetner filled with worthless chemicals and substances that are dangerous to one’s health and well being?