The ‘Great Unravelling’ has Begun

8th February 2012

By Chris Bourne

Contributing Writer for Wake up World

Accessing the purity of primal power.

Old realities are being unwound.

Can you feel it too? I feel big shifts have begun to take place in the field of consciousness all around us. On the one hand it feels very positive, empowering and uplifting. On the other, it can be quite destabilising internally, quite unsettling and if we’re not fully engaged with this new time line of Galactic Realignment, then we’re likely to suffer an increasing sense of loss and lack as the old reality gets steadily unwound. It’s this process which is causing the less conscious in society to struggle and fight right now. But the only way forwards is to surrender into this unraveling flow. Here’s a point of view on how we might do that…

What is the field?

Of course in spiritual circles we’re very aware of the unity consciousness connecting all things at a soul level. But there are other forms of interconnectivity at a physical level too. Separation Consciousness has sub-divided and evolved into a multitude of magnificent form.

Each species has a guiding consciousness – a devic mind – which those creatures are tapped into. And when fully activated, DNA is then like a receiver/transmitter, initiating aligned action for that species. So when we speak of ‘the flow’, it’s like there are two: at the highest soul level, there is that which is totally aligned with the source; and at the lower DNA level, there is a uniting species flow. Ideally both flows are interconnected, with the lower responding to the higher.

I’d say humanity is unusual, in that we seem to have at least a couple of DNA types bundled together: our ancient reptilian and that of the primate. I’d say it accounts for so much uncertainty and conflict within humanity in many areas (including basic aspects such as food types for example).

Unravelling is the driving mechanism

Uncertainty has created fear of the unknown, and with that the desire to control and manipulate. Hence the projection of collective subconscious thought patterns into the surrounding field: what was once pure and clear, is now a tangled ‘matrix’ or ‘grid’ as some people refer to it. Whatever you may call it, it’s all about trying to control uncertainty. It’s taken the original ‘fight or flight’ mechanism and sanitised it like a virtual reality computer game. It is this which has disconnected the higher flow from the lower one, manifesting a closed eddy current in which we live – we call it ‘society’. No wonder our inner feelings about our surrounding world can sometimes be so turbulent!

But the universe is constantly evolving. And there’s no one at the helm who can fully control the show (tinker maybe, but definitely not control). It’s a flow that has come into being all by itself and ‘chosen’ a direction of least resistance. It reminds me of my childhood and a toy plane I used to have with an elastic band up the middle. I’d furiously wind up the plane for several minutes and then joyfully launch it into the air. From then on, it was the unwinding mechanism alone driving the movement to a restored balance and harmony once more.

And I sense that’s exactly what’s begun to happen within society right now. Tension and constraint had been purposefully imposed to create a system with predictable rules and regulations. In some ways it had a benevolent intent – to remove some of the insecurity in life. In other ways, it’s been used to manipulate and marshal outcomes by the powers-that-be in order that the few may prosper at the expense of the many. “Fear and Greed” – they are two sides of the same coin.

The only security is total vulnerability

Life was never meant to be certain! The only true certainty in a universe of constant flux is one of total vulnerability. The matrix is an eddy current in the naturally flowing river of life which is now facing its inevitable demise. The flow seems to strengthen, because we’ve been out of it for so long. Resistance has built up a wall of potential energy, like a dam holding back an ever increasing wave.

But the dam can only hold for so long. Right now the fissures are expanding and the flow has begun to seep through. We can feel it in our pounding hearts when we surrender the need to control. I feel the ecstasy of an ancient river wanting to surge through me. It’s so invigorating!

Meanwhile, various echelons within society are desperately trying to paper over the cracks: from big business, to government, intelligence agencies to the military, and even the church, at a mainly subconscious level, they’re all reacting to the unwinding matrix, a situation which is now beginning to erode their power bases. There will be many last ditch attempts, much grasping at straws, but ultimately, resistance to the gathering flow will be futile.

A new time-line has begun

To me, there’s already a growing sense of inevitability about it. It’s now only a question of time. I strongly sense that we’ve crossed a new thresh-hold – a new time line with its own directive. Back in Berlin a couple of weeks ago, I sat in communion with the original source of the control – an Opposing Alien Consciousness which had been directing the field for its own ends for thousands of years. Except to control life is to be controlled by it. I sincerely believe the Annunaki have now realised that and are responding to the higher call – these are early days, but it feels to me as if the higher and lower flows are now beginning to integrate once more.

So where does this leave us? What’s likely to happen and how can we ride the changes now beginning to unfold?

I expect the ‘powers-that-be’ to still have enough gas left in the tank until after the US election and the Olympic Games towards the back end of the year. I expect they’ll try other ‘false flag event’ to create another cycle of ‘problem/reaction/solution’ (like war in the Middle East for example).

Whatever they do, society is going to become increasingly unstable. It’s unlikely we’ll be able to rely for too much longer on those fabrications that currently support us. No one can say exactly when or how things will ultimately unfold. But I’d say we need to embrace and get used to daily change until it becomes a living breathing moment. We can no longer sleepwalk through life as if today were yesterday. We need to confront our fears, cast off from the banks and take centre stream – that which we can intuit at the higher level and now increasingly feel at the lower.

Arms and hearts wide open

So don’t worry, nor neither be surprised, nor tempted to fight back if the system flails around like a gordian snake with a severed head. It’s sure to happen, it already is flailing – like goading war in the Middle East right now. But no need to worry. Let we evolving ones hold each other firmly in an unwinding embrace, with connected hearts and knowing smiles. We know where this is all heading, and no matter how dark it gets, we have a date with destiny: a golden sunrise on a beach not so far away.

Let’s hold that in our hearts, and let the gentle ripples of consciousness from this golden shoreline flow through the minds and hearts of the people around us. Confront but then clear our stuff as quickly as we can. Become that which we surely are: a beacon of calming light, the solid mast in the storm, the clarion call to the wayward, guiding them back home again.

Friends this is our time. This is what we came here for. This is what we were born for. What can be better than divine purpose being fulfilled? I’d say let’s embrace what’s coming with arms and hearts wide open.

About the Author

At the age of 40 Chris was involved in a life threatening car crash in which he thought he would certainly die. This precipitated total inner surrender and a rapid reconnection with the conscious life force through all things.

He found himself suddenly able to experience and contemplate through multiple dimensions of reality to see the deeper purpose of life itself. He began to remember his true reason for being here.

He explains…

“During the crash, time seemed to slow right down and I was guided back through key moments of my life. I was realising that every moment in our lives has but one underlying purpose – to reveal an aspect of truth about ourselves to ourselves. I was beginning to dissolve every belief and value our society had conditioned within me.”

“This was my initial awakening to the magical unifying consciousness of the soul. Over the eight years that followed, I was guided through four other inner ‘Gateways’ of consciousness. I have since come to know the process as the five key expansions on our journey of Enlightenment and ultimate Ascension into multi dimensional living – our divine birthright”.

Prior to the crash, Chris had a rich an varied professional career in industry, in teaching, as an Officer in the Army and finally as a web development entrepreneur before being initiated on his spiritual path. With a Masters Degree in Natural Sciences from Oxford University, participants in the work are finding his integration of grounded scientific understanding and profound spiritual realisation deeply engaging and transformative.

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  • Ino Garcia

    I feel the same thing, there’s a change
    and weird thing is that Feb 7 I dreamed that it was the end of the world, and the gravity of the earth ceased to exist.
    But every death is a new beginning.=]

  • Peter Paul

    Dood, I know what you mean. People say its just going to be an ordinary year to avoid the “End of the World” scenario that has been spoon fed to us by the media. Our Solar sytem has been showing us signs of change, and then the government, and “official” scientists warn that there will be catasptrophes. They know what will happen, but they want us to fear it, as a way to prevent it with the Law of Attraction. The truth is, this has been happening for years, and its just gonna happen again at a much faster rate, and it is a good thing. But we can’t just let it take its course, we have to prepare ourselves for it, and we have to tell the rest of the world. There is plenty of scientific evidence showing the signs, and our souls are telling us, but someone people are harder to convince then others. Hopefully, going with the flow is what’s best, if not then we better start telling our brothers and sisters before its too late.

  • david jockusch

    I have felt that DNA was not the information, per se, but the transceiver to the group mind/noosphere. first time I have seen that in “print”

  • Karen Root

    Thanks again, Chris..twenty years or more, watching the arrival of this epic time Your wonderfully incisive articles are music to my ears and resonate clearly with the truth of the times..thank you, thank you

  • Charlie

    I am experiencing a great deal of turmoil right now- and praying/meditating in a very broad manner of speaking for resolve. Lots of tension in my neighborhood over silly racial issues particularly. And then factor in knowing how mass, popular media has raped the minds of those less learned in meditation and such.

  • Sarah

    Thanks for all the hope you bring to the world. Not all of us say it, but you’re providing direction and reassurance on our paths.

  • Chris

    Thanks for all the kind words of support guys. You are in my heart.