Monsanto Found Guilty of Chemical Poisoning in France

14th February 2012

By Anthony Gucciardi

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

In a major victory for public health and what will hopefully lead to other nations taking action, a French court decided today that GMO crops monster Monsanto is guilty of chemically poisoning a French farmer. The grain grower, Paul Francois, says he developed neurological problems such as memory loss and headaches after being exposed to Monsanto’s Lasso weedkiller back in 2004. The monumental case paves the way for legal action against Monsanto’s Roundup and other harmful herbicides and pesticides made by other manufacturers.

In a ruling given by a court in Lyon (southeast France), Francois says that Monsanto failed to provide proper warnings on the product label. The court ordered an expert opinion to determine the sum of the damages, and to verify the link between Lasso and the reported illnesses. The case is extremely important, as previous legal action taken against Monsanto by farmers has failed due to the challenge of properly linking pesticide exposure with the experienced side effects.

When contacted by Reuters, Monsanto’s lawyers declined to comment.

Monsanto’s Deadly Concoctions

Farmer Paul Francois was not alone in his quest to hold Monsanto accountable for their actions. He and other farmers affected by Monsanto’s deadly concoctions actually founded an association last year to make the case that their health problems were a result of Monsanto’s Lasso and other ‘crop protection’ products. Their claims were also met by many other farmers. Since 1996, the agricultural branch of the French social security system has gathered about 200 alerts per year regarding sickness related to pesticides. However only 47 cases were even recognized in the past 10 years.

Francois, whose life was damaged by Monsanto’s products, has now set the powerful precedent in the defense of farmers.

“I am alive today, but part of the farming population is going to be sacrificed and is going to die because of this,” Francois, 47, told Reuters.

It is also important to note that Monsanto’s Lasso pesticide was actually banned in France back in 2007 following a European Union directive that came after the ban of the product in other nations.

About the Author

Anthony Gucciardi is an accomplished investigative journalist with a passion for natural health. Anthony’s articles have been featured on top alternative news websites such as Infowars, NaturalNews, Rense, and many others. Anthony is the co-founder of Natural Society, a website dedicated to sharing life-saving natural health techniques. Stay in touch with Natural Society via the following sites FacebookTwitterWeb


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  • American ag girl

    So this farmer was poisoned because he chose to use this pesticide? Was he forced to? Did it not have the concentration instructions right on the package of how to dilute and with what? Was he wearing protective clothing etc? This is a one-sided article that blames the manufacturer for human errors. Not to say there shouldn’t be well defined limits and guidelines but don’t be so quick to relieve all responsibility from individual users.

    • bob

      Chose to use the pesticide that, according to the French courts, did not adequately label or provide warnings for, therefor he was less able to make an informed decision than he should have been able to. As far as concentration levels, etc., based on the courts ruling, it is possible the labeling did not. It is also possible that he became ill after following the instructions to the letter. You are making assumptions (that injury was due to user-sided errors). Finally, the article is not one sided. It is about a court case, in which Monsanto was found guilty. That is a fact.

      • Bob, well stated. Thank you.

      • ??

        ‘American ag Girl’ is probably just Monsanto in disguise. ._.

    • American Ag Girl…I am sure all thee questions arose during the trial. As Bob says below, the ruling was for the farmer, so evidently, it was not the farmer’s fault he was poisoned. Cheers…and I invite you to stay away from Monsanto’s nasty cocktails no matter how careful you are.

    • David

      Are you serious. They shouldnt make things that give you neurological issues and sell it on a store counter. And no they didnt give sufficient warning or intruction on how dangerous it was or how to use it. It is all out of control pills for everything that literaly can kill you. Not to mention ever other horrible thing they do to you. We are being poisoned and we’re ok with it.

    • Peter

      Monsanto deserves all the bad press they get.

    • gwest12

      Anyone else curious why American ag girl, the very first to post and in defense of Monsanto, is a dead link when you click on “her” handle?

    • There is no CHOICE

      Monsanto has a system set up for their inventory of products. Think of it as a one stop shop or”Farmer in a Box” They have genetically engineered their seeds to have certain traits for the best crop yields. They have also engineered their support chemicals (fertilizer and pesticides) to work in tandem with the seeds for the superior results. So without 1, the other is less effective. And not being a farmer but understanding big business, I’m sure that whatever ‘guarantee’ or ‘claim’ is only redeemable if you you use the “Family” of products. Choice is removed. Corner the market, at any cost is their ploy for the world. They don’t give a crap about you or anyone else. Just the bottom line – with the lobbyists to prove it to you in DC if you don’t give in.

    • Jei

      Even in moderation, and diluted down, it is clear that chemical is harmful. If humans/animals consume even small amounts over the spam of their lives, what farm will come to them? Their offspring? It builds up in your system over time. NOT GOOD AT ALL!

    • Daniel

      WOw,,nice American Girl, you’re what’s wrong with the world right now, the willful ignorance of people like yourself is what Monsanto is banking on..Really!!?? These unnecessary crop protection products are poisonous to humans, animals and the earth and were brought to you by the Monsters who created “Agent Orange” , “DDT” and other atrocities that harm our world..Go read up on it and inform yourself, start with Rachel Carson’s “Silent Spring” written over four decades ago, and we still have these corporations around poisoning us and getting paid for it!! As a result of the corruption of our elected officials, and the greed that controls them..Wake Up American Women and stay away form me!!!

    • dawnstar

      you think we should be using chemicals that would be doing this to humans if were going to be eating the food… ?

    • anti-poison person

      I believe you failed to catch the gist of this. It clearly states that Monsanto failed to have proper warnings on labels.and why should one have to dress in a space suit to tend crops?

    • Sheilah

      Wake up!

    • Tame assumptions

      The article is not one sided it just stated the courts findings.

    • enzzen

      Here is a video to a Occupy Monsanto rally held in Maui HI.

    • Jared

      Not going to lie, you have a good point. I was excited when I saw Monsanto got sued, because the suck. But this is not the reason I was hoping they would get sued. They have done horrible things to farms and farmers in there seed production and engineering. That’s where they have to be shut down. I could have told the guy that if it kills a plant it probably aint that good for him either.

    • LIAM

      So the fact is, monsanto should not be making poison , and they should be creating gmo plants that can be sprayed directly with poison and not die and then end up in food circulation , with no way for people to choose if they want inside their bodies

    • Matthew

      “American Ag Girl”. How fitting. American ag is dominated by lazy and stupid people who dare mis-call themselves “farmers”, and destroy the land with chemicals. Most American farmers should be put on trial for public endangerment.

  • Susan Pateracki

    I believe that when good people band together, we can change this world for the good.

    Now help me help all the people that suffer. Stem Cell doctors save people everyday. I see it with my own eyes. Please help me fight Congress. Pharmacutical Companies and the FDA ban together for big money. Help the people that suffer. Help the children that suffer. The cure is here and now. Please sign my petition on Petitions to Congress web-site and on Care 2, and I know what I am talking about. We need Stem Cell doctors and the FDA continues to hassle them. Why? because they don’t treat patients with prescription drugs.
    The rest of the world will be able to reach your
    petition with this link:

  • LEt us hope that this decision paves the way for not passing the lethal and very scary new Dow herbicide 2,4-D….and that the new “next generation” (yes, they are here and coming fast) GMO stacked seeds (to resist multiple pesticides/herbicides) are actually made to pass through the proper channels of safety, which they will not! Hats off to EVERYONE who does her/his share to spread the word about the horrors of of GMOs. Thanks WuW for publishing GMo articles and realizing this is one of our top greatest global healthcare issues.

  • Monsanto big oil, big pharma, not good for Earth or there GMO seeds that cross pollinate with the wild plants. Hope theses evil people would stop making a so called living off the back of man kind.

  • 1) I’m betting American Ag Girl is a Monsanto spammer.

    2) Food can be easily produced without such poisonous chemicals. For some reason, we have bought into the belief that nature is insufficient. Thankfully, it seems that people are waking up.

  • Vive la France, François and earth huggers! : ) Boo Monsanto and eugenist, earth killers! : P

    • Jared

      The thing is, that guy chose to produce his food with those chemicals. How is he any better than Monsanto? I am nothing even close to a farmer but I could tell you that. They need to be held accountable for the genetic engineering they are doing, not this crap. They are ruining farms with their seeds and we need to regulate them and there chemicals. Not just let a guy sue because he used harmful chemicals that everyone knows are harmful.

  • Georgina Goulding

    Even without this latest revelation. Why would anyone want to support this company. Please please avoid buying roundup and anything Gmo & artificial sweeteners. I hope one day they will see what they are doing to humanity. I feel sad for these people as they are doing this to themselves also. Here’s to awakening.

  • I am from Australia. Any bet our Governments (state and federal) are in bed with GMO, herbicide and pesticide killers?

    And this story is only about farmer. What about many many illnesses (mysterious) coming out in consumers?

    • Wake Up World

      Hi Don, we share your passion as fellow Aussies

      We have done 25 articles on Monsanto so far, some do talk about the illness GM food can create –

      We also have many articles on GMO Food –

      I also think that we are lucky to some extent that we have mandatory GMO labelling for our food here in Australia and New Zealand –

    • JO

      We lived in a lowlands preserve. My neighbor sprayed concentrated large amounts of Roundup 20 ft into my property in the woods by my well water, without my knowledge. I became very sick. Total disruption in my cycle, confusion, sharp pains in my chest, etc. I found out app. 2 wks after he sprayed when I was so sick. Also found out he had been doing this all along in our yard,when we were at work. I got corneal ulcers, rashes, nose bleeds, light headed etc. when I would go in my yard. I thought I was allergic to my yard. I was being poisoned. It was determined by his law enforcement[he was a cop] at that time,,. Round up was harmless. Had to move to get away from his herbicide, pesticides and his hobby of stalking me in my yard. I have it on security cameras. As the truth of Round up became undeniable, the cop was demoted, from high level position to the lowest. Dont know why he was demoted for sure. He should have been fired and charged, but thats not how the laws and politics in this country work. We moved and by the Grace of God, now live next to a worm farmer, across from an organic gardener. God turns evil into good. When this happened to us, 5 yrs ago, very little was said about the effects of Roundup.

  • zeolite

    Thank God that some of the world is waking up. I’m glad France is standing up to the “bully’s” and I hope someday the US will too. Let them eat “GMO cake.”

  • quinn

    Its about time people started waking up to this corrupt power crazy corporate world we have to endure including big pharma a blinker d media a totally corrupt and criminal banking system secret society invaded governments as we are manipulated into the next world war by the so called free world that’s a joke oh sorry nearly forgot whilst they do that….. lets poison the poor buggers as well… here comes the new world order guys are you ready say bye bye to your freedom

    or maybe not the answer is stop complying because if you do you are complicit in this bullshit

  • quinn

    It would make good sense for all of you to research Monsanto very deeply. Starting with Operation Paperclip only then will you be empowered by the knowledge and realize how deep this rabbit hole goes

  • chemical free

    Its so od that even 1 farmer would even want to put chemicals on our food and how they say its ok. At this point theres so much build up of chemicals in our body that it is in our infants. Not only in foods but even in plastic containers, which leech into our foods when we heat it up. No wonder where getting more and more diagnosts with problems and can’t figure out why. Thats a no brainer. Now at this point a little bit of chemicals will affect us. A little of this a little of that adds up to alot. Theres got to be a better way but where trying to take the easy way out with no backbone work and make alot of money for only the few who dont care about our health

  • j.michael carney

    one more nail keep chipping away , china said no to gmo rice this month a judge in california said no more sugar beets until more studies are done…dr don huber is going to washington in march to see what the dep of ag is going to do….things are moving everywhere just keep up the preasure and well finally see it in washington there are good people wolking in gov …private and in public i can feel the change in the air…….

  • Doug Ross

    The French are a little whacko and have always been, but they are cute. They have been consuming every part of every creature known to man including imports from Argentina and Chile where soy and corn are grown on a large scale.
    Monsanto has been prosecuted by nearly every court and country because they have money and assets.
    Remember that food is edible and sustains life – you need to food to live (the Chinese and Indians are clammoring for our Ag technology). Also, we live longer and healthier than ever before in the history of mankind.



  • ObserverOnThe Hill

    Monsanto is truly the world’s most evil company. Read a few books exposing their business practices and watch the free google video – “The Future of Food”. They falsify data, hide research outcomes and lie about how productive their “Roundup Ready” crops are. Google how farmers in India are committing suicide by drinking their poison because they can’t pay their bills as the crops are nowhere near the productivity they were led to believe. Anyone who actually looks into this company will be appalled at what they find. Many ex Monsanto people are in government now – FDA etc; helping to push their agenda.
    It is a real wake up call. Supreme court justice Clarence Thomas ( ex Monsanto lawyer ) allowed the first patent IN 1985 on a natural product – seeds – until then unheard of. Now there are patents on human genes and soon it is not beyond the possibility ( laughable as it may seem ) that they will actually own you through patents on genes that every human has. WAKE UP PEOPLE