Heartfelt Letter to the Farmers, Seed Growers and Farm Groups Whose Court Battle Was Dismissed Against Monsanto

29th February 2012

By Jack Adam Weber

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

This is an open (hearted) letter to the more than 300,000 organic farmers, seed growers, and members of farming and agricultural organizations (collectively “OSGTA”) challenging Monsanto’s patents on genetically modified seed, who today, after suffering through months of deliberation, tediousness and preparation, had their case against Monsanto dismissed by Judge Naomi Buchwald in Federal District Court in Manhattan. The details are here.

We will be sending this letter from all of us to the farmers. Please sign on here to join as one voice, one heart.

Dear Organic Seed Growers and Trade Association,

Today we also heard the bad news. We read of your case being thrown out by Judge Naomi Buchwald. We know the system is broken. And we know that you are trying, however desperately, to stitch a portion of democracy and justice back together again, with us. So, really, this is our case—sane America’s lawsuit. We are writing today to let you know that we feel the pain of today’s decision. We too are saddened and outraged. But our sadness will not last long as we hope yours too will lift soon, with your passion reinvigorated. Far from disengage and extinguish our hope, the decision by Judge Buchwald bolsters our determination, our urgency to do everything in our power to dismantle the Biotech monster machine.

With each blow to our justice, to our health, to our peace of mind, to our children’s future, we will grow stronger, more united, and determined. And with each subsequent act of corruption we will come thundering back to take back our lives, our wealth, which we believe can still be free. Count on it. It’s a promise from all of us to you, fellow farmers. And it’s our promise to Monsanto, the soulless politicians who enable them, and to all Big Business Bullies.

At this very hour know that we are organizing in large and small groups all across the country to rid ourselves of GMO. We are networking via the internet, telephone, over dinner and around campfires in every state. Like you, we are motivated by a deep care for life on Earth, for the future of our children and for nature itself. Know that we will continue to purchase and say grace over your organic products.

If the day comes when there is no more organic food, we will be here to mourn with you. But we will work hard with you so that no one ever has to see that day. Know that we are deeply grateful for your blood, sweat, and tears to grow food the way it was meant to be, to choose organics even though many times you could easily have turned and followed the way of selfishness, corruption, and convenience. Thank you for enduring the hassles with Biotech, for your efforts in and before trial. For this we honor you. For this, we, the American people and sane people all over the world, who are paying attention and who make the time for what matters most, will step up to a new level of activism, of participation in our future, for which you have worked so hard to protect. We honor you for growing our food the right way, without poisons, without fake fertilizers. We are indebted to you for our good health, for the peace of mind we still have, for a portion of the vitality that remains in Nature today. And we will be working side by side with you, in newfound solidarity, to return this good Earth to integrity.

Know that on this day we support you as we never have before. Let your pain and disappointment rest on all of our shoulders. We are holding you. We offer ourselves to this cause—in support of our trial, the people who rely on good farmers that have taken on the challenge to represent our hopes and fight for our dreams. Perhaps one day soon all Americans will file a class action suit for being poisoned and hoodwinked into engineered malevolence, and for Biotech’s usurping of the government. Maybe then this revolution will sprout the wings we need.

Until then, we will plant gardens. We will tell everyone we know the dangers of GMO foods. We will work extra hard, as you have, to stand in the face of adversity for justice and decency. We will be more prudent than ever not to purchase GMO foods at any cost. We will pass out flyers, we will educate and support one another, we will call the companies that carry GMO foods and demand otherwise. We will stand in the streets, in the parks, in the face of our corrupt system and demand no more GMO.

Like you, none of us wants to see the day when farming is foolhardy and but a farcical health risk. In the courtroom today our hearts broke with you. When you return to appeal, as you well should, know that all across this nation, all decent people will be standing with you, against the monsters taking down our world. We will have your back because we too have found sustenance and reason in the ground under our feet, in our strong bodies. So, take heart, all is not lost. We are not deterred and neither should you be. We wish you Godspeed through your disappointment and to emerge with greater conviction. This is only another beginning, and with each setback we grow stronger and closer to one another, to the land that gives us sustenance. With adversity, the things we truly love come more alive. So grows our appreciation today for organic food, thanks to you. We are with you. Onward.

With Deep Gratitude,

The Sane People of the World

A copy of Judge Buchwalds ruling can be found here

This article has been newly updated here

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About the author:

Jack Adam WeberJack Adam Weber, L.Ac. is a Chinese medicine physician, author, celebrated poet, organic farmer, and activist for body-centered spirituality. His books, artwork, and provocative poems can be found at his website PoeticHealing.com. He is also the creator of The Nourish Practice, an Earth-based rejuvenation meditation. Weber is available by phone for medical consultations and life-coaching.

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  • Jack

    Thank you. That was so beautifully said. I am going to re post on my facebook and hope everyone reads your letter!

    Bibi Farber

    • You are welcome, Bibi. I just came on-line and see the article is posted. I could not finish my dinner last night…this letter was pouring out of my heart…I had to excuse myself and write it. We have to realize our good food comes from these amazing farmers who do the right thing, and to lost to Monsanto, the opposite of decency, is blasphemous. So, I was feeling these farmers like crazy, and I want this to get to them, being a small farmer myself. Thanks for sharing a little love back this way. Best, Jack

    • [email protected]

      These brave farmers should not worry..Monsanto will not prevail for much longer. When you violate the Laws of Nature you eventually will pay the price.

      Love, peace & light,

    • Norwegian

      Great ! I just hope Monsanto stay away from Norway until they can be stopped .

      • Yes. This is why we are all in this together. Where they have arrived, we have to fight them back, and where they have not yet arrived, we must preserve, as one people united.

  • Yes, we ARE FIGHTING DAY AND NIGHT FOR YOU! Here in California we are in a huge phase to gather the 800,000 signatures to get GMO Labeling on the CA Ballot!
    Today I ran into one of our volunteers, a 60+ year old woman, out in this chilling February weather collecting signatures, her passion to fight against biotech is inspiring! We have over a hundred volunteer Petitioners here in Santa Cruz County!

    Onward Organic!

    • Thank you, Tarah. The California ballot initiative is so important. I honor you for your sacrifices to work on behalf of Organics and the greater good. Paradoxically, these setbacks are bringing us all together like never before. Keep it up…we all have to know in our hearts that people like you are out there doing the work, and your posting here means we get reality check that it’s true. Onward O is right….!

  • Donna K.

    Thank you for this beautiful letter, Jack. Monsanto made the Agent Orange that is slowly killing my father..little by little…piece by piece. I truly appreciate that there are still so many of us who know what is right. My only hope is that these numbers will continue to grow, and not be overtaken by greed.
    Thank you againnnn!

    • Donna, my heart goes out to you. I am sorry for your father; people like him, in a way, are the quieter heroes, the people who are living proof for what we are trying to prevent. Just like you say, we know what is right and that is what we are standing up for. The insidious truth is that GMOs are part and parcel of increased pesticide use. The scary prospect of 2,4-D (see http://wakeup-world.com/2012/02/27/monsanto’s-weeds/ ) is the major component of Agent Orange.

      Thanks for commenting and blessings upon your father and you. Jack

  • Eloquent and articulate! Thank you for expressing my heart, and my intentions. I am a part of this “reverence for life” tribe, and I will post this as well.

    • Namaste, Joyce. Good to be on board with you.

  • Lisa

    This is beautiful, Jack. You are helping mobilize and create the reality with your words. We all must take heart together, and we will! I am posting as well.
    Thank you,

    • Thank you, Lisa. We are each doing our part, as I know you are in your neck of the woods.

      Thank you, Jack

  • David McHuggin Smith

    That was wonderfully worded. You may speak on my behalf whenever you wish. The world needs more people like you. Much thanx. <3

    • Thanks, David. We are pulling together.

  • Haji Warf

    I know a number of the farmers involved, and what they need now are enough funds to move forward. Without the financial wherewithal to appeal, this is the end of the road for this suit.

    Someone needs to organize an online campaign for donations to keep this going.

    • Thanks for the info Haji. Soon we will contact OSGTA and it would be great to greet them with thousands of hearts together. So, one step at a time. Please have any of the farmers you know contact WuW, yes? Keep the faith.

  • Buff Ey (aka Michael Baker)

    i’m broken-hearted

    • I am too. A broken heart is good medicine for change, for passion, for deeper belonging to life. May all our hearts break so they can join the heart of the world, which is a deep Oneness that delivers grounded, potent action. Welcome. 😉

  • rusty valentine

    Please… add my name to that heartfelt letter and thank you for writing it and allowing us to share in it by adding our names. The farmers must know that we are all behind them…this is truly a sad time for us all and especially the farmers, who are trying to do the right thing. Could it be that the judge was bought off?

    In the meantime…let us not forget to pray…at a time like this we really need God’s help! I am reminded of the last few lines of a song by the Crabb Family which says…’when the adversary says, give in…just hold on, our Lord will show up and take us thru the fire again.’ God Bless Our Farmers and God Bless Us All….~molly~

  • Tami

    I come from a family of farmers. I will always stand up for what is right! God bless you all!

    • Thanks, Tami. An organic farmer wrote the letter. 😉

  • Name (required)

    Thank you Jack for your great letter. Justice will prevail at the end. 20% of the farmers are organic here in Vermont. We will keep sowing and living with love and gratitude, and our seed will multiply as well.

    • Welcome. You Vermonters are setting the standard with the ballot initiative to ban GMOs, so PLEASE RALLY THE TROOPS….we have to win some legislation, considering some states are actually passing laws that prevent any non-gmo legislation. Sad but true, so each free state is that much more important!

  • Nancy

    Thanks Jack. What is wrong with this judge!! I don’t understand why our government never does what the people want. Oopps, yes I do, the big corporations and banks have them in their pockets. I am sick about what is going on in this country. GMOs, messing with our air, water and soil, with what is going on in our skys, not to mention what that is doing to our health. I’m concerned about this earth, they keep messing with Mother Nature. Don’t they realize destroying what God made is effecting them too? Taking our rights away and lately it’s attacking womens rights, wanting us to go backwards 50 years. I just don’t get it anymore, nothing makes sense. Things are suppose to get better every generation and we get worse. I’ve grown a garden and canned vegetables since I was young. I want the seeds mother nature gave us not GMO that some idiot invented. Why do they want to take away everything that is good for us? Natural vitamins is another issue I don’t understand. They’d rather we take chemicals from the drug companies. How can a few hundred people in government decide what is right for millions who are against these things. What happened to for the people by the people?

    • Lots of question, Nancy! Stay tuned for my next articles. In a nutshell, none of us can change this alone. It’s a group effort. So, this is why WuW and others are helping us to join forces together.

      All you can do is keep doing what you know is right in your own heart. And join with others who are doing the same. And step up your voice and sharing the news with others. Who was the famous person that said something to the effect of “One who stands idle in the face of injustice is just as guilty as the perpetrator?”….so, just spread the good word and practice it. Best, Jack

  • tom stanley

    i think the judge should be voted out and take her pension away

  • Margy

    I suffered Chronic Fatigue and after changing my diet to one of organic got myself well. It is sad to think that the Government is preventing us from our option to have highly nutritious food. It is sad to think what will happen to our food chain when they realise that they have made a mistake as often is the case as we learn. It seems they are fighting against nature……???

    • Margy, I hear ya. Food is medicine, so important to health, and as a holistic physician I consider it the foundation of health. This is a big reason that I am so passionate about anti-gmo work, in a addition to the simultaneous barrage of pesticides gmo crops demand. I am glad you found healing; makes one appreciate good clean food, doesn’t it?

  • Terri

    I’m with you all the way but am having trouble getting the “sign the petition” page to load. Once it finally did load & I tried to sign it, there was a message that came up on the top of the page that said it was unable to do it & to please try again later. Not sure if you are aware that this is happening. I will try again later & hopefully will be able to sign it. If I can then I will post it on FB also. Thanks!

  • David Wolverton

    Thank you, Jack for a well thought out message. If we cave in to Monsanto and their minions our world will suffer greatly, if not terminally.

    • Welcome and thank you, David. And yes, it will.

  • Mellanie Mardner

    I will always support organic farming

  • Dave Scott

    Even if it seems hopeless,don’t give up Organic Farmers. There is too much at stake!!

    • Yes. This is just one battle. As more and more wake up to this reality, we will begin to win more and take back what is all of ours.

  • David Ceder

    All organic America.

  • Thank you so much for speaking on our behalf. I rely on good farmers and was devastated when I heard the news. I wouldn’t have the life that I have now if it weren’t for all of them.

    I say the following to my friends, family, on my blog and all over facebook and I’ll say it again here: Monsanto may have won this battle, but they WILL NOT win this war!

    • Good on ya, Claudia. We are together on this. Thanks for your passionate voice.

  • where is the petition I’m pissed off!!!

  • Roy Cunningham

    The local farmer is the person I trust not agribusiness whose sole objective is to make a profit off me.

    • The local farmer likely needs to make a profit of you also, Roy, but might be less likely to steal your car and your health at the same time. Keep it local and organic!

  • Mike Vincent

    Monsanto is The most Corrupt and Evil Eugenicist Corporation in the world. Unfortunately this is not just about farmers only . This Company is killing the planet with all of its Chemical Products. This Corporation, needs to have a law suit filed against them everyday, or appealed everyday, until there is a conviction! And not just by Farmers, but by the whole World, which needs to get involved. Or the world as we know it, will be destroyed.

  • L Smikrud

    I am very upset t learn of the outcome of the Monsanto case. However, I have to believe that the farmers will prevail eventually or my faith in humanity will be lost forever. God help us all if our government leaders don’t wake up soon.