Understanding the True Essence of Love: Beyond Possessions and Emotions

April 19th, 2024

By Paul A. Philips

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

First, to answer the question, “What is love?”, let’s examine what it isn’t.

Love is NOT:

* Possession, including your loved ones with your car in the garage, a wardrobe full of clothes… etc.

* Egoic domination, controlling, maintaining a sense of belonging.

* Feelings or emotions; a bunch of chemical, physiological responses.

Because the above things are only reactions to love.

Many of the above reactions may cause an outness of alignment with genuine love, resulting in suffering negative consequences: anger, jealousy, regret, suspicion, resentment, heavy judgment connected with fear…

Further, and in contrast, the laws of attraction may not work if there is an overfocus on the materialist 5-sense 3-D reality. This may cause a misalignment with the higher 5-D love vibration, preventing the intended manifestation from happening.

Another reason we don’t really understand love is that it’s much bigger than us. Therefore, knowing that we don’t know what love truly is is effective.

Love is a process you engage in to understand who you are. It’s a never-ending, unfolding process, as love has no boundaries. The quicker you learn this, the better off you’ll be!

The more this alignment-to-love process is applied, the freer you’ll be: As the fog lifts, you become more soul-dominant in your expression. Having raised your vibration, you’ll have more cause and effect.

 Yes, of course, love is not merely a romance. – It’s much more than that, so, let’s look.  How does the following fit into your life?

 What is love? Love is:

An intrinsic natural love for yourself.

Self-love is an absolute must when we face having to choose between so many contrasting vibrations, such as unworthiness and its different forms.

When you discover who you truly really are, in alignment with love, you experience soul and self-love.

Consider the consequences. Consider creating the space from self-love!

Your innate love for partnership, children and other family members.

Are there any problems in relationships? Then communicate: If in doubt talk it out!

Love is the outcome of being in communication.

Love and communication: An increase in one produces an increase in the other.

A devotion to and caring for the groups or teams you belong to and loving the related teamwork.

What other way is there to play life’s ball games? Camaraderie, loyalty, honesty, and trust stem from the love of being with those you belong to in groups and teams and the related teamwork. Indeed, one aspect of this shows that human beings are naturally social animals in their behaviour.

An intrinsic natural love for the human race.

For that much-needed planetary turnaround to happen, we, the human race, must unselfishly act as one. We must come together, choose the vibratory pathway aligned to love, and act from this place. Consider this collective grouping tapped into the love vibration with its powerful synergistic effects.

This is the essence of those who have already awakened: The front-runners creating and forging the cutting-edge new paradigm pathway for a world that makes a difference for everyone.

A respect for all living things.

Since we cannot create life forms, we should love and respect all living things. We should help where there’s suffering or devastation. There should be no cruelty or exploitation. For example, there should be no animal cruelty or chopping trees down unnecessarily…

In other words, we should express our humanity by showing kindness, consideration, empathy, caring, and compassion by helping all living things.

Acknowledge that all living things are like us, an expression of the One: God – All-There-Is.

An innate loving for all things environmental; a caring for Mother Earth and our universe…

For one of many instances, kudos to all those who are actively involved in dealing with the problem we face with bottom-of-the-sea environmental plastic pollution. A recent study only spells out the gravity of the situation while this is occurring at seas worldwide.

Having an affinity for the spiritual.

Notice as we go down this list, the love gets bigger…? How big is your love?

It’s important to balance the physical and the spiritual when practicing spirituality.

For instance, over the centuries, science and the scientific approach were born as a rebuttal to the control and domination of the Roman Catholic church. Instead of incorporating the spiritual, science became closed and dogmatic, only focusing its unwavering attention on materialism.

This still goes on today. Science, to progress, desperately needs to go beyond the dogmatic confines of materialism and reductionism. -Remember, as Nikola Tesla said:

“The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.”

Awakened, courageous scientists will go beyond the limiting materialistic dogmas and embrace and integrate the spiritual for a new paradigm scientific approach. This has to be the only way forward.

8 = ? (8 turned to the side to form the “infinity” symbol) A natural intrinsic love for God: ALL-THERE-IS

That concludes this take on “what is love.”

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