Home Remedies for Wounds

By Anthony Gucciardi

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

Although cuts and wounds aren’t particularly threatening in nature, they can be quite painful as well as a nuisance.

However, infections could result from cuts, so many individuals turn to some kind of pharmaceutical solution to clean the laceration because that is truly the only solution they know of. Along with nearly all other issues, though, cleaning and hastening the healing process of a cut or wound can be done with numerous natural solutions – not the all too common Neosporin.

Being recognized as one of nature’s mighty superfoods, honey has long been utilized for its antibacterial properties. One study published in the journal Microbiology found that honey prevented a type of streptococcus pyogenes from inhibiting the healing of wounds.

Researchers conducting the lab tests found that even the smallest amount of honey was enough to kill off the majority of bacterial cells on the skin which infects the wound site. Honey could even be utilized to prevent wounds in the first place.

Not only is the information presented by the study proof of honey’s healing power, but people have literally been benefiting from the topical use of honey over the course of history. You could also place a band aid over the thin layer of honey on the wound, and apply a thin layer of organic cold pressed coconut oil to further prevent infection.

Another widely used solution for cuts is the topical appliance of cayenne powder. Cayenne can be used to not only heal wounds, but to help stop any bleeding as well. In fact, many people attest to its ability to halt bleeding nearly instantly. Simply pour some cayenne powder on the wound (however much is needed depending on size) and wrap the wound site with a bandage. You may leave it on throughout the day or overnight, and re-apply how many times is needed. Of course you could combine other natural solutions with the cayenne to clean the cut, such as honey, or apple cider vinegar. As an alternative to stop the bleeding, black pepper has been shown to be effective while also harnessing analgesic, antibacterial, and antiseptic properties.

About the Author

Anthony Gucciardi is an accomplished investigative journalist with a passion for natural health. Anthony’s articles have been featured on top alternative news websites such as Infowars, NaturalNews, Rense, and many others. Anthony is the co-founder of Natural Society, a website dedicated to sharing life-saving natural health techniques. Stay in touch with Natural Society via the following sites FacebookTwitterWeb


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  • Akshay Verma

    From a personal experience, I cut my index finger while slicing potato for chips. My mother applied ‘potash alum’ salt and the wound has healed with almost no sign of the cut. It is also used as an after-shave in place of expensive and industrial products.
    Just wanted to share.

  • Akshay Verma

    Wanted to share that I got a cut while slicing potatoes, and was healed using ‘potash alum’ salt(‘fitkari’ in my language). there is no sign of the wound. also, the salt is used as an after-shave.

  • Linda

    I think it is important to add to your report that the honey must be ORGANIC, UNPROCESSED honey. thank you for the good information…