Are You an Old Soul?

By Gregg Prescott

How can you tell if you are an old soul? Are there differences in traits or behaviors? What signs can I look for that can help me differentiate the difference?

Generally speaking, we are all old souls, but some of us have been here longer than others.

The word “old” is only relative to time. Because time is linear and our souls are eternal, 10,000 years would be the blink of an eye.

Dolores Cannon believes that we need to incarnate many, many times as inanimate objects, plants and animals before we can become human. Then, as humans, we still need to incarnate many, many times to learn all of the lessons we came here for. For example, according to Cannon, we all had to be an air molecule and a drop of water to learn what it’s like to work together as ONE.

So, how can you tell if you have an old soul?

You understand many of life’s deeper lessons.

For some people, it is hard to fathom that the soul of a child may be much older than the soul of his or her parents. For these particular people, this is a sign that their soul might be younger than yours. When you begin to understand why you keep incarnating to this 3rd dimensional reality, it becomes similar to the movie, Groundhog Day, where Phil wakes up each day to find out that it’s still February 2nd until he learns how to remove his ego and starts doing kind deeds for others.

Once you realize that time, space, energy and matter are 3rd dimensional products, the theory of time becomes irrelevant, thus the theory of how old your soul is also becomes irrelevant.

But for the sake of understanding how old your soul may be, we’ll continue!

You are in touch with your natural abilities or have an extreme interest in these abilities.

Some people are born with innate gifts, such as special healing abilities or psychic abilities. The truth is that we all possess these abilities, but an older soul is more in tune with how to access and implement these abilities in the name of humanity. If you don’t have any particular ability, but have a strong interest in them, this is simply your soul trying to recall these abilities that you may have had in a previous lifetime.

You become spiritually aware.

Everyone is pure consciousness, but many people have a difficult time understand what this means. Your soul is pure consciousness and love. It has a unique understanding of how the matrix is being played on this planet and understands that everything we do as a collective will help to facilitate the awakening of others.

You understand the importance forgiveness.

Some people are old souls who still have much to learn because they are trapped inside the box with their ideologies, are stubborn or have not learned the importance of forgiveness. By forgiving yourself and others, we can release any karma between these people.

You’re able to transcend ego.

It’s nearly impossible for anyone to completely transcend ego 100% of the time but simply being aware of our ego and how it plays against unity consciousness is a definite sign on an old soul. On the other side, there is no ego. During your life review, you will re-live your ego and will see how it affected others, as well as yourself. At this point in “time”, you will probably make a soul contract with the hopes of overcoming ego and atoning for whatever ego issues you had in your previous incarnation.

You’re able to transcend materialism.

Money and materialism are products of this 3rd dimensional reality and it’s easy to succumb to materialism, especially when it’s in your face through advertising, programming and peer pressure. An older soul realizes that money is non-existent on the other side and it generally takes away from who we truly are as spiritual beings. Those who are older souls will generally use money as a tool to either help facilitate their spiritual progression through spiritual retreats or by possibly creating a lavish feng shui home decorated with spiritual meaning versus the most luxurious furnishings. They may also use their money to help others who are less fortunate.

You are able to understand the concept that your body is a shell for your soul.

Before you were born, you not only chose your parents, you also chose your life situations and challenges that would help to facilitate your spiritual growth while atoning for any previous karma. The body that you are currently in is simply a vessel for your soul. Your name is what your soul currently refers itself as, but in previous lifetimes, you had many different names and you have lived many previous lives as either a male or a female. Your name and title are both associated with ego because ultimately, you are infinite consciousness and we are all on the same team.

You seem to have a special connection to eras long before you were born.

Did you ever watch an old movie or see some artwork from a specific era in time and have a connection to that era? Chances are, you lived a previous life during that time period and this is your cellular memory letting you know!

You have an understanding of what you need to do to complete your spiritual progression.

Just by making it this far, you are more awakened than most people on this planet. You have an understanding of Universal laws and what is left to do on your soul contract. Even if you are not specifically sure of either, your higher self and spirit guides will continue lead you in the right direction.

You have a strong feeling that home isn’t Earth.

Did you ever look at a random area of the sky and star at an unknown star for no particular reason? Do you have a special connection with specific star systems such as the Pleiades or Orion’s Belt? Do wars and corruption make you feel uneasy, as if they didn’t exist where you originally came from? Are you one of the souls who volunteered to come here at this specific point in time to help with the Earth’s ascension? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then chances are, Earth is not your home planet.

You tend to be a loner.

The stigma on the word loner is often condescending, but those who are old souls are merely looking for other fragments of themselves and will often distance themselves from younger souls who need more incarnations into a 3rd dimensional planet. Older souls will seek out other like-mided people because there’s a comfort and familiarity with these types of people who will help to facilitate each others spiritual progression.

You have a rebellious nature.

Whether you rebel from religion, laws or anything else, this is a sign that your soul knows the only true laws… the Laws of the Universe. While you respect the reasoning and intention behind laws and religion, you might not be compelled to use these as absolute laws when you know there are a set of higher laws that are intended to facilitate our spiritual progressions.

You have a burning desire to attain truth and inner wisdom.

Many older souls can easily see through the lies we’ve been taught through religion, politics and through our educational facilities. While they realize they are all one with the universe, they also want the truth exposed to help other people’s awakening process. They also continue to seek knowledge in the spiritual, metaphysical and esoteric fields and will absorb this information much easier than anything they were taught in school.

You are not controlling of others.

Older souls are more accepting, not just of other people, but of circumstances as well. For example, while you don’t approve of the corruption within politics, you understand how the corruption will help to awaken other people to the truth. You respect the free will of others and are more likely to use tact than verbal demands of others. You tend to be more of a team player than anything else.

You sense a separation between yourself and the “real world”.

As you transcend ego and materialism, you find yourself living a different lifestyle. While this lifestyle is unique to your current incarnation, there also seems to be a familiarity of the direction you’re heading.

You are curious whether you’re an old soul or not.

Many young souls wouldn’t ask this question or much less be concerned about it. While many older souls aren’t concerned either, for different reasons, they simply “know” they’re old souls, but it’s nice to have affirmations that coincide with your spiritual progression.

There are many lessons we have learned throughout our lifetimes, all of which has culminated into this particular incarnation. All of your previous life incarnations are embedded into your cellular memory and can be recalled through past life regressions. Most of the people on this planet are old souls, yet many remain unawakened and still have a lot more to learn and will need several more incarnations to a 3rd dimensional planet.

Many of those who are awakened will probably move on to their next level of spiritual progression. It’s important to remember that this is not a race because in the end, we all win. Enjoy every millisecond in this incarnation because this may be the last time you’ll ever experience a 3rd dimensional reality!

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  • Chris

    I used to suffer from huge nightmares when I was a small child and it took me years to suppress them. Each experience was the same and nothing I could do would change the outcome.
    After retirement I was able to research all of this, and found out about my previous life experience. That explained so many things to me that I understand so much more about what Gregg is referring to here. It is exhilarating to finally discover why we have the experiences we do, and to have a glimmer of where we are going.
    Thank you for a great article.

    • Heather

      It may seem strange, but I have recently come to find it impossible to consider my soul as an individual. For instance, when someone mentions a specific past life, it doesn’t make sense to me anymore. I believe that we all have the same soul, inhabited by different bodies. In theory, this would mean that we all are each other, and were everyone that has existed in the past. Perhaps this is why so many different people believe that they were the same famous person from the past. All of them have memories of being that person, because they all were (and still are, since time is not linear) that person. Individuality is an illusion. We are one.

  • Gregg

    lol The above comment really freaked me out when I read my name within the paragraph 😛

    This is pretty much me to a T. When I was younger my mum thought I may have been autistic as I was/still am detached from most things, yet always so deep in thought. I am constantly told by everyone how different I am, and yet no one can explain how? I don’t feel like I belong here, or anywhere for that matter. I am very much in tune with energy from things, but it is erratic and causes more chaos than balance within my life.
    I don’t agree with the world in which we live, it seems virtually impossible to get through to people as they are so shut off to the idea that there is more to waking up every day and going to work etc… and yet the irony is I find myself trapped within the very system in which I don’t agree with.

    The other reason I relate to this article is because I still remember my first moment of awareness. I would have been less than 1 years old, lying on a blanket in my lounge room, staring at the sunlight filtering through the curtains. The windows were open, and the curtains gently swayed in the breeze. I still remember thinking and hearing a voice inside me saying “I am here again…”

    • Jenny

      You guys are all amazing. I just want to mention one of the experiences I had as a baby. I’m sitting in a carrier on the kitchen counter and my mom is feeding me baby food and talking to me. And I remember thinking ‘oh my goodness, it takes FOREVER to move my arms around and it’ll take FOREVER to learn to speak so I can explain why I’m here to her.’ I felt to heavy and uncoordinated and somehow it was quite different from whatever I was ‘used to.’ Always was an odd experience. Definitely want to connect with you guys. We came here knowing we’d all be here for each other and I think…it’s time to connect and trust in each other.

  • Phyl

    Thank you Gregg, this hits the nail right on its head for me, thank you!

    • Alicia

      I am in shock right now, reading your post is like if I was reading my own feelings and thoughts. This is the first time that I know that somebody else feels something like me. I try not to think about it because I don’t know how to scape from this. I have to raise my children, go to work, pay bills, and that don’t make sense to me. I remember when I was very young, I used to imagine my life, I’ll go to school, then I will marry, children, etc., I like it, but.. is that all? And a deep feeling of emptiness would sink in my heart. Can we talk?????

  • kreddible trout


    You may be an old soul, but you still have a bit of teenaged prankster in you and like to giggle at the back of the class. This doesn’t mean you’re not an Old Soul, it simply means that you’re fully aware that it all may (or may not) be horse-hockey. The knowledge that none of it really matters anyway and that moments of time are there to either be enjoyed or missed altogether tends you to favour the ‘enjoy’ side of things ‘cos if not then why bother?
    You also probably still have a straight razor, use Old Spice in the old white glass jar with the little grey stopper and flatulate a little more freely.
    Enjoy the ride. It may (or may not) be the last one you get.

    • Corvus

      Okay that’s crazy, I poured boiling water over loose Rooibos tea just seconds before reading your comment… 😛 (BTW I use a shaving cream brush)

  • JB Richards

    What an eye-opening article! If your Soul is “eternal”, then it stands to reason that there is a great possibility that IT, or rather YOU, has/had existed since the “Beginning” as much as IT/YOU will exist unto the “End”. Think about it, if your Soul is eternal, then how old are you really? Exciting, isn’t IT?!
    JB Richards, Author

  • Roni

    yay! I have all those! I remember once a psychic told me that I’m an old old soul, even occasionally see visions of the past and the future in general.

  • Matthew

    Always so deep in thought, and I never stop questioning all the hate and lies in our world being drilled into our heads. Some of my friends think im going crazy lol because I see symbolism in everything, but they dont understand! I feel like I have to help them wake up! im so driven now and I feel something happening on earth.

  • jean francois champagne

    ive been awaken since my birth all i have to say is help your fellow souls to awaken to the truth and watch the beauty unveal itself to you the world is how it is for the simple reason that we all have lessons to learn learn them what ever they are and love just love and be you dont worry about how you are percived by orhers they will understand in there own time just be and love one another freely

  • Me

    I’m more afraid than I am comforted that we are all living in blackness. I see the symbolism everywhere, and I have had visions of the future once or twice. What has pulled the veil over us, and what sinister secrets does that veil hide

  • Corvus

    Wow, this is me. My oldest memory is from the crib, I’m lying on my back, and my hand is in front of me, my thought is, “Hmmmm, that’s strange my skin is the wrong colour.”

  • premal

    It is a useful summary. Thank you. There is only one thing that I wanted to note. It is not about this particular article only. It seems to be very characteristic of how the Western mentality works.
    “Dolores Cannon believes that we need to incarnate many, many times…”
    Who is Dolores Cannon? (Sorry, I am not being disrespectful). Why is it important what she believes?! I do not care what people believe. A belief is such a flimsy, changeable and false thing.
    And MOST IMPORTANTLY, I think that at least a few thousand years ago (long before Dolores) there were already visionaries who did not believe but KNEW that we had to incarnate many, many times. I would recommend to site and quote primary sources rather than secondary sources – people who know rather than people who recycle somebody’s knowledge or belief systems.
    If you just wanted to refer to Dolores’ article, there are much better ways of doing it. For example, “In her remarkable article, Dolores Cannon describes … in more detail”.

  • Eva

    My first memory is from before my birth. I’m on a cloud, with my 2.5 year younger sister, we are moving over England in the direction of Europe, she is pointing down to the UK, but I tell her I’m going over there, Holland, I know she isn’t coming yet but I know she will follow. I told my mum this when she was pregnant with my sister, she always remembered because this isn’t ‘normal’ for a two year old! When I grew up I could watch myself in the mirror and see the girl I was, knowing the face I was seeing was not the real me, just an exterior for this world.The sense of detachment so strong, and the knowing it was just another journey. Throughout my live I have met people telling me I must be an old soul, I was lucky to go to a free school, my mum understanding the needs of my soul. I met my husband, and Englishmen, and we now live in the UK. They say you always come back in s circle of known souls, your mum could have been your uncle and and so on. I strongly believe this is true and I needed to be born in Holland but my pasts are linked to England. My husband doesn’t share my believes, he’s a younger soul with a lot of questions, but he knows a lot as well, he just doesn’t know the link.

  • Jesus

    My first memory is from before I was born. I was outside of this world looking through a portal. I watched my mom’s life unfold as a single mother. I remember chosing her as mother and entered her life as she was about to give birth. The last thing I remember was a ‘being’ telling me. “It’s going to be hard you know”. It has been hard. It’s funny, with everything I have learned, I feel like the worst part is over. I’ve lived so much these past few years. I’ve grown and evolved. I look forward to future challenges. I would love to meet people who’ve had a similar experience.

  • unknown

    So many stories make mr shiver ive always been told i am an old soul anf have had so many early memories that couldnt have.possibly happened in this incarnation i am only 23yrs old at this point but i feel that the older i grow in this world where i am stuck in a system i do not agree with im falling more and more out of touch with this connection ive had all my life