7 Foods that Help to Quench Your Hunger

6th April 2013

By Iryna Ostapets

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

Weight loss is one of the most common personal challenges among today’s generation, with a majority of people in many developed countries suffering from obesity.

The abundance of poor food choices and a sedentary lifestyle are the culprits of our health problems. There are a lot of tasty foods that can actually increase the body’s appetite. But in order to reduce weight, we have to burn more calories than we eat.

So how do we quench those hunger pangs? By choosing foods that help to quench your hunger.

You’ve heard about foods that suppress your appetite. It doesn’t mean that these foods can damage your health; in fact many are healthy, low in calories, fulfill a bunch of nutritional needs, and quench your hunger for hours.


They contain many healthy benefits. Apples can help to lose weight, balance blood sugar levels, reduce the risk of heart diseases, reduce cholesterol and support teeth and bone density. You’ve heard the proverb: An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Apples are crammed with fiber that helps you to feel full for a long time and prevents you from over-eating. They are a good idea for lunched and breakfasts. Adding apples into smoothies, oatmeal and salads can help you to increase your intake and give you more energy.


Scientists find that eating oatmeal can reduce cholesterol, protect against heart disease, cancer and improve immune system. It is on the list of the highest protein levels of whole grain. Due to high fiber content and low level of fat, oatmeal will make you feel good and full as it provides enough energy for a long time. If you add some fruits, flaxseeds, berries, nuts and low fat milk you can maximize more health benefits for your body.


Before any meals it is better to drink a glass of pure water as it helps to tell your brain that the stomach is already full. Drinking 6-8 glasses of water is recommended for weight loss and healthy living as it is a zero calorie drink. Try to drink more water instead of sweet beverages, soda and other carbonated drinks that only trigger appetite.

Green Tea

It contains many antioxidants benefits that can control food cravings. Green tea hampers fat digestion, enhances the metabolism and provides you with energy. Try to drink 2-3 cups of green tea per day.

Vegetable soups

Many dietician will tell that vegetable soups are important and useful dietary tools. Vegetable soup has low calories and can be used to suppress your appetite due to its high water content. It is better to make soups by yourself than buying canned soups, so you know your soup is free of additives. Make a batch of soup, store it in containers and consume it when you feel hungry.


Vegetable and fruit salads with dressings such as lemon, olive oil or apple vinegar are a great addition to a healthy diet. Try to eat salads before your meal as it will assist to avoid hunger cravings. The salads have low amounts of calories and high water content. Add lettuces, tomatoes, cucumbers, cabbages, carrots and radishes, or to make your salad a complete meal you can use beef, chicken, beans or cheese for protein.


Eating a small amount of nuts can make you feel full longer. Nuts are high in calories, that’s why only a small quantity of nuts is recommended to reduce your hunger. Nuts contain substantial fatty acids, magnesium, iron, calcium and protein. Try to avoid salted and roasted nuts in favor of raw and unsalted nuts.

There are many healthy foods that can help to suppress hunger. Stick to eating only healthy foods such as fruits, veggies, whole grains, beans and lean meat. Consume enough amount of water, eat small portions of meal and slowly.

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About the Author:

Iryna Ostapets is a health writer, blogger and health advocate who aims to help people achieve and maintain a healthy and happy lifestyle. Passionate about healthy living and sport, she writes about natural health, nutrition, fitness, health tips and beauty at http://www.raipharmacies.com. An experienced Medical Writer, she has a Master’s Degree in English and advanced training in the medical field. Iryna continues to earn education certificates from the Australasian Medical Writers Association (AMWA).

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  • Much of this may be true – but I’d leave off the apples and oatmeal part, and replace with Avocado and animal fats. Too much carbohydrates in the others.

    Additionally, macadamia nuts are quite possibly the best (two or three will satiate you for hours), and whole grains should be avoided at all costs.

    An ultra low-carb, vvery minor to moderate protein and high (good) fat diet is the easiest way to quench hunger.

    Try it and you will be amazed.

    • Iryna Ostapets

      Apples are considered one of the most beneficial foods for human beings. Eating a lot of apples are not good as it can cause tympanites and rise in blood sugar. It is recommened to eat 1-2 apples per day to benefit the body. But it is wrong to leave off apples at all. They are rich in healthy fiber. And eating enough fiber lowers ‘bad’ cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart diseases, stroke and high blood pressure. If you really don’t like applease, you can consume it just 2-3 apples per week. It is enough!
      As for oatmeals, It is the best idea for breakfast and vital for the body. It is better to make oatmeal smoothie like that: mix oatmeal (1-1,5 cups) with warm water and add one mashy banana.
      According to the research published in the October 2009 issue of “Molecular Nutrition & Food Research” oatmeal contains a compound known as β-glucan reduces appetite by increasing the hunger-fighting hormone cholecystokinin.

      • Hoboken411

        Iryna – Maybe an apple twice a month, but we were not meant to consume these things all the time.

        And the myth about “fiber” is bull. Why would you want to rush nutrients OUT of your body? The whole regular bowel movement talk is a sham.

        Avoid adding sugar and starches to your body at all costs.

        Those research papers you cite are based on flawed science.

        You may not understand it now – along with the rest of the indoctrinated world, but you will eventually – or perhaps your future generations of offspring.

        Healthy fats should be your sole focus.

        You should also “un-learn” what you think you know about cholesterol. That too, is based on ridiculously flawed (and often purposely skewed) science.

        Egg yolks and avocado (and good nitrate-free bacon) make for the almost perfect breakfast.

        • Iryna Ostapets

          I see your points and really appreciate your mind. I don’t try to rush nutrients out of the body. And all my science is not flawed ones. Actually I forgot to mention I am vegan for 2 years. And this article is more for vegan people. It is really hard as you always suffer from hunger. I just tried to make a useful list of foods that can help them to fight it.
          Yes I know quite good healthy fats are really vital for the body.
          Avocado is good too. yes right. thanks for that.
          My future generation is not offsprings. I really care about animals and Do the best to keep their life! Maybe it sounds crazy but it is my mind!!!

  • Sheri

    Apples are said to promote digestion. I can eat one and be absolutely ravenous in half an hour. My parents and sisters are the same way. I love them but I steer clear of them because they make me very hungry. On the days I eat apples, I eat way more other stuff, too.

  • Sheri

    I find this entire string of comments to be disheartening for a multitude of reasons. Iryna, when Hoboken referred to “your future generations of offspring” it wasn’t a put-down. The word “offspring” simply means “descendant.” He was merely referring to your children. Your offspring = your children. Nothing more. Nothing less. I’m really not a mean person but you need to be careful what you say on here. Comments like “all my science is not flawed ones” tells me you barely grasp the English language. I was completely shocked when I realized you were the author of this article. Your comments are so poorly written I honestly thought you were a 12 year old. Your poorly-written comments make this article seem much less credible and cause me to question whether or not I should put any stock in any of the articles I read on Wake Up World.

    Hoboken – as for you – to say “the regular bowel movement talk is a sham” is absolutely laughable. If you aren’t excreting your waste, it is building up in your system and that is not only unhealthy but uncomfortable. It is called “waste” for a reason. Your body has absorbed all it can from the food you’ve eaten and what’s left over – the waste – needs to be eliminated. Fiber is not only helpful because it gives your body the ability to more easily eliminate waste, it has also been proven to keep you feeling fuller longer. Iryna is right about the oatmeal. I can eat half a cup of cooked oats with a few strawberries which are also high in fiber and feel full for hours.

    Your statement that “healthy fats should be your sole purpose” is also laughable. How can you possibly think it’s ok to ignore most fruits and vegetables and only stick to the high-fat ones? I’m baffled to the point that I feel it’s not even worth arguing about. Fruits and vegetables are scientifically proven to increase the brain’s production of serotonin (a natural anti-depressant) and give you energy. But it isn’t just the avocados and bananas that contribute. It’s the oranges, carrots, celery, and grapefruit, too. They all work together to make people healthy and happy.

    I urge both of you to think before you write, proof your comments or get a proof reader, and do a little research before making silly comments regarding nutrition.