Keepin’ It Fresh: Simple Ways to Reduce Food Wastage in Your Home

Keepin It Fresh

By Stefan Ivanović

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

Effective organization and management of resources is an important aspect in every sphere of life in 2014. It is vital to the way our communities use energy and food resources, and how we as individuals run our homes and our appliances.

We all want to make our environment safer and our homes more sustainable and green, and we can achieve this by opening our minds to some simple lessons and changes in our daily behavior. Efficiently using your appliances is one way to help you to cut down your expenses and reduce the environmental impact of your home and make things run smoothly.

Some simple statistics

If limiting your environmental impact isn’t incentive enough, consider this:

– 1 out of 6 Americans has no stable food supply. This equates to 50 million Americans struggling with food insecurity.

– Around 40% of all food in the United States goes uneaten on a yearly base. This percentage makes food the biggest component of municipal solid waste in the US and causes a huge amount of methane emissions.

– Reducing food loss by 15% each year would provide enough food to feed 25 million Americans every year.

And these statistics are comparable in other western countries.

With such vast quantities food going to waste in the US each year, learning how to keep food fresh with proper storage and organization of your refrigerator doors, shelves, and humidity controls is a vital step you can take to address issues of food security, waste disposal and energy consumption.

To find an optimum energy your fridge, you must first to get to know how it operates, and how certain foods prefer to be stored.

Check out this infographic, courtesy of It includes information and tricks that will help have your refrigerator running more economically, with less wastage, in no time!


Updated September 2014


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Gleaners Indianna Food bank

About the author:

Stefan Ivanović is a writer from Serbia, currently working for a social media network called GLBrain. He believes a selfish lifestyle affects the whole world, and being socially and environmentally aware is the way of the future. As a writer, his main interests are health and fitness, modern technology and sustainability in every form (his favorite: renewable energy).

Stefan is currently undertaking his qualification in physiotherapy, and in his spare time, enjoys working out, kickboxing, reading books and watching movies.

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