Coming Out Of The Spiritual Closet

coming out of the spiritual closet

By Lissa Rankin MD

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

If you follow what I post on Facebook, you may have gotten a glimpse of what’s been happening to me in the spiritual realm in 2014, but this is the first time I’ve tried to sit down and write a blog post about what I’ll call “The Experience.” The unfoldings have been so non-cognitive that I’m finding it very challenging to engage the part of my brain that likes to write, so I’ll ask for advance forgiveness if what I’m about to write makes no sense.

So what happened? I have no idea how to explain the lightning bolt that just hit me, but one of my spiritual teachers Tosha Silver explained it to me like this. “Lissa, it’s really simple. You experienced a kundalini awakening that opened up “siddhis.” As we hiked through Tennessee Valley, I gazed at Tosha cross-eyed with a furrowed brow, and Tosha said simply, “Google it.”

What Is A “Kundalini Awakening?”

I had never heard of either a “kundalini awakening” or a “siddhi,” so I Googled both. Reading about kundalini awakenings, I discovered that Eastern spiritual traditions describe kundalini as this untapped energy within us that coils up like a serpent at the base of the sacrum. When we unleash this potential within us, we can awaken spiritually into union with the Divine and awareness of what some might call “God consciousness.” Some spiritual traditions engage in practices meant to release this kundalini energy, such as meditation, yoga, chanting, Tantric sex, and being given “shaktipat” (a kundalini transmission give to you by a guru). Apparently, some spiritual seekers spend their whole lives actively trying to unleash this harnessed potential.

But apparently, kundalini awakenings can also happen spontaneously, and when they do, they tend to affect more than one individual at once. That’s what happened to me, April, and Dennis, the two other people I was with when this all happened. No drugs were involved. We weren’t doing yoga or meditating or chanting or doing anything sexual or in the presence of a guru. We were just sitting around on an ordinary Monday when all three of us got hit by something none of us expected, and in the wake of it all, the veil got pierced in ways my cognitive mind can’t even begin to explain.

The “Siddhis”

What happened in the wake of all this makes absolutely no sense to my cognitive mind. The three of us were able to communicate telepathically. April and Dennis witnessed each other “glowing.” I was able to dissolve clouds and make it rain in drought-ridden California and call in a pod of whales with my intention alone. The sand on the beach around where we sat moved when it shouldn’t have.

Dennis- a scientist who publishes academic physics books and journals- suddenly became psychic. Overnight, he became clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, and started channeling both Universal truths and information from dead people. In this channeled state, Dennis could access information about strangers that they’ve never told anyone, such as traumatic experiences from childhood. Without any clue what he was doing, he started spontaneously doing psychic readings on strangers everywhere we went- at a coffee shop, at the spa, on the telephone with his family members. He was also transmitting messages to me about my purpose here on earth, why I’m here, what I’m meant to do. The information he gave me was very specific, and honestly, it sounded like something straight out of a bad science fiction movie. I’m still not sure I believe any of this, but April also became suddenly psychic, and she verified some, but not all, of what Dennis was telling me.

I now realize that much of what I’ve been learning over the past couple of years about bending spoons, calling in the animals, communicating telepathically with other people, and manifesting what we imagine in our minds into being in physical reality- they’re all “siddhis.” Trustworthy light beings like Martha Beck can use these spiritual superpowers in service to the light. But if not properly respected, the siddhis could be used by forces of darkness in ways that only feed the ego. This is my beef with the “law of attraction” in the way it’s taught in books like The Secret. Sure, we can use our siddhis to manifest Ferraris, but why would we want to? As I’m learning from Tosha Silver, I’d prefer to let the Divine take the lead in my life, rather than using spiritual superpowers to feed my ego’s desires or impress people.

Have I Lost My Mind?

As I write this, my cognitive, scientific mind is fully aware that what I’m writing sounds like “woo woo” nonsense. If I was reading something like this a month ago, my cognitive mind would have written off the writer as some sort of whack job. You might be wondering if I’ve lost my mind, and honestly, I think I have, not that I’m crazy, but that the limited cognitive mind that has ruled my life for forty-four years (and the identification of the ego that goes with) just got kicked out of the driver’s seat, and some bigger part of me- call it my soul or my Inner Pilot Light– finally took its rightful place behind the wheel.

But there’s another part of me that can’t dismiss what happened, and I can tell from the hundreds of fascinating responses to my Facebook posts that what happened to me is happening to many other people at this potent time of awakening of consciousness on the planet. As someone with both the credibility of being a medical doctor, as well as the ability to broadcast this information to many other souls via blogs, social media, books, and access to public television, I realize I can’t keep what just happened to me a secret, that I’m being called to come out of the spiritual closet.

Why I’m Coming Out About This Experience

In spite of my hesitation to share this story with you, what motivates me to go public with this story is the message that came through loud and clear during this profound ecstatic experience. There is a Universal Intelligence that is guiding everything. We have NOTHING to fear. Love is all around. Each one of us matters equally and is connected in Oneness to a united whole that needs you, loves you, supports you, and connects you to all living beings and all of matter. This Guiding Life Force of consciousness energizes everything, so you are never alone. Light will for sure prevail over darkness, and the time is now for all of us to wake up to these truths, not only to save ourselves, but to save our species and this planet from the destructive forces of darkness that threaten to exterminate life as we know it.

Tell Us Your Spiritual Stories

I’m going to start sharing more about what I’ve learned over the past three weeks in upcoming posts, so stay tuned. But until then, have any of you been through this kind of life-changing experience? The people who have reached out to me are telling me their stories, not only about kundalini awakenings, but about having the light come into their heart, near death experiences, ayahuasca experiences, and other spontaneous shifts in consciousness that profoundly changed their lives. I know we’d all like to hear from those of you who have experienced these kinds of spiritual awakenings. You’re safe here. Tell us your stories.

With humbling gratitude,

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About the author

lissa_rankinLissa Rankin, MD is a mind-body medicine physician, founder of the Whole Health Medicine Institute training program for physicians and health care providers, and the New York Times bestselling author of Mind Over Medicine: Scientific Proof That You Can Heal Yourself. She is on a grass roots mission to heal health care, while empowering you to heal yourself.

Lissa blogs at and also created two online communities – and She is also the author of two other books, a professional artist, an amateur ski bum, and an avid hiker. Lissa lives in the San Francisco Bay area with her husband and daughter.


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  • kala

    to loose your mind is to gain your spirit

    something that came into my head as i read your post.

    Embrace this, feed it, love it, feel it.


    Interesting that all three of you ended up with this.. hmm maybe all three together meditating and holding hands will enlighten you to something bigger?

    Also in my findings i find alot of thing out of the blue; it will hit me like BAM your it

    I never told any one this on the web but i will say this here because you have opened up

    since i was in middle school i pick up on people emotions.

    I know this to be very true bc in middle school i lost a friend bc of this

    she would get angry and sad and i would feel it and she couldn’t deny it she told me i was

    *infringing* on her personal space, i tried to build a wall bc i get drained in a room full of people because i pick up on everything.

    this skill sometimes makes me mad bc when i know someone is lieing i cant say I feel you lieing, so i usually let it ride out until i get proof or un-friend you

    Now i embrace the energy no matter what it *feels* like because that is life force i think i might need this

    I also get dreams of what happens before it happens but its never any thing *huge* like the lottery i will get a dream that is something like a daily activity and when i go through what ever i dreamt about i say wow i dreamt this

    I think when we become awakened we ask for our natural gifts back, i believe you have reached a place where you truly wanted your gifts and the spiritual plane unlocked , ie you unlocking yourself your full potential


    I also love to write but when i come to writing about these things; a million things run together and its hard to form into a make sense post, dont worry yours made sense i feel the excitement of your own journey on here


    I really want to learn about changing things, does it really change?

    Can your friends that is with you see what you make?

    this makes me very curious

    something that is compelling me to say this, please dont get wrapped up in what you read online about this experience

    let your spirit tell you what it is

    when i began becoming in tuned i notice knowledge will come to me as i peace the puzzle together, things would come to me i haven’t read yet and i wouldn’t identify them as facts because i haven’t *read any thing yet that confirmed what i put together

    what i find is * its all true, my spirit literally helps me peace it together correctly


    when i was learning i came to a conclusion of no hell or no heaven

    no lies or truth

    no good and evil

    no ying and yang

    we are literally defining something that cant be defined but felt

    i put the pieces together of what people thought of sin to be , of what love to be

    and you know what i know come across info that confims my very ideals

    i say that is the infinite energy speaking

    im only 21 and i have a lot to go, but i find this unwavering canny ability to just fit everything together

    I know if i dont understand something yet its because i need another peace of my puzzle and i dont rush it

    some days i feel like soul advancing in knowledge other i just want to be, live the day

    Its always ask to ask a *guru* but sometimes your personal experience is something that will be told to you by your life force

    People put so much emphasize on meditating, channeling and other things, all it is , mind over matter we dont have to do these things you can be in a state of constant reception.

    but again these are all things i put together and may or may not be your truth.

  • Jill Clark

    I have been hearing “cicadas” in my head since @ 2010. No explanation. Mostly in my bedroom but travels with me more and more outside my home. I have been meditating more. Trying to find answers.Does anyone else have this problem?

  • Felicia Adeoye

    Love reading your experience, and you are so sane, smiling. I too experienced a deeper knowing during an ayahuasca ceremony in Peru.

    Please visit my blog to read my story.

  • Thank you for sharing your story! I have experienced something similar however not has profound. Like you I was doing nothing specifically spiritual at the time, however the divine force I call God asked me to channel a messageDuring that period of my life I was not attending church, nor specifically spiritual. Since that time I channeled handful of messages to others. Because of these experiences I can no longer deny the existence of a loving God. I am now much more in tune to my purpose, to God’s nudges, and listen to his voice as I am able to discern it. I also have begun writing on a spiritual blog and I believe this is part of my purpose and on the path that God has for me at this time. I can relate to you in the fact that I’m hesitant to share this with many as it can sound “crazy” to the mainstream person. However, I am realizing more and more that I am not alone. Light is shining from all directions, and shadows are dissipating! This is very exciting to my soul! 😊❤️Ann

  • Shea

    Reading about your awakening brought tears to my eyes as it brought me back to my own spiritual awakening 5 months ago. It has been the most incredible thing that has ever happened to me. Keep spreading the light – you never know who you will influence or awaken.

    Light and love


  • Madhu

    I have so thrilled to read about your experience. I cried with joy and felt infinite peace after it. Your experience made me feel connected to the divine. What only a rare yogi could do is now coming into the experience of common people- that made my heart jump with happiness. While in meditation I have experienced going though a dark tunnel till a ball of light split up the middle of my head and one part of that light merge into the rest of the golden light above me and the other part go down and rest into each of my chakras, starting with the brow chakra, then the throat, the. Heart and then navel. There are other times when I have been overcome with emotion while meditating and cried and cried with joy and infinite peace filling me afterwards. I am so happy to share my experience with you.

  • Flor Robles

    I am delighted to have found your story on my fb today. I am going through some emotional ups & downs in my life that I’ve been trying very hard to deal with. I’m a non-elderly 65 yr old who lives with her son and his family, and I realize now that I have been too afraid, lazy, unwilling and who knows what else, to find a life of my own. I had a brother who was spiritual, psychic, a believer in that good spirits surround and protect us. On my way to work this morning I prayed, nothing specific because I’m SO confused, but when I had the opportunity to open my fb page I found and read your stories and I believe I’ve received my sign that everything is going to be all right. My heart tells me so and in my mind I believe it, I’m on my way to some much needed improvements in my life.

    Thank you.

  • Youmay know or have overlooked it in the past , but If you want to know the best definition of LOVE Read 1 Corinthans Chap. 13. Particularly verses 4 – 8.
    The end of the chapter highlights how we are only seeing a glimpse of what is possible on this side of (the spiritual battle of) Armaggedon. When God restores everything (see Acts 3:21) things will be extraordinary (see Rev. 21:1-5)
    The ancient Greeks had several words for love: Agape is the one we should try to develop for survival of the way the world is now 🙂

  • vika

    YES! I had this experience with a woman i had just met, and it changed my life forever. Nobody else I have spoken to has understood. They always assume it was dis. Thank you for this article!

  • vika

    Drugs. Not dis. Typo.

  • susana

    I replied to your article about twin souls.
    I sincerely hope you will not discount it because I mentioned bible scriptures.
    You may have discounted biblical instruction before because, frankly its not understood accurately by most churches. but the Jehovah’s Witnesses have for years been trying to educate ppl about an eminent spiritual awakening…how the world will dramatically change through a paradigm shift in our conciousness; our relationship with creator, creation and each other
    They might put it in different terms but they are uniquely trying to get across the thread of prophecies in scriptures and how it will affect every single one of us on this earth.

    (Their magazine is not called Awake for nothing Daniel 12:v1-4 and v9)

  • Sara

    I experienced a spontaneous kundalini awakening two years ago. It profoundly changed my life. I have the utmost gratitude for the blessings I have recieved. I think it is important to note that after the awakening, people need a chance to adapt. There is a transition period that should be peaceful and gentle. It is best if a person has a good support network in place. But yes, surrender to it and enjoy the ride.

  • Shan


    You may read the articles about Dangers of Kundalini awakening at

    This site will open the eyes of any real truth finder for sure.

    May Almighty Bless you all