Rick Simpson’s “Canadian Cancer Cures” and the Rising Cannabis Oil Movement

Photo credit: Hempista.com © 2013

By Paul Fassa

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

Cannabis oil and its variations have made mainstream news with its positive effects on various diseases, including cancer, a disease that conventional medical therapies often complicate or worsen. All with great expense.

Earlier this century, Rick Simpson had discovered a way to heal his own cancer, and then had shared his remedy at no cost with others in the small town of Maccan, Nova Scotia. According to the Maccan community, Rick offered impressive results without side effects at no cost, and the local residents took advantage. The reported results were amazing with not only cancer patients, but others with “incurable” disorders.

The medical industry is geared toward patented pharmaceuticals, so there are often obstacles promoting ‘alternative’ (non-pharmaceutical) remedies. But now here was an additional obstacle. The treatment that was working so well was hemp oil with the illegal substance THC. The small Canadian community’s success with reversing cancer naturally was forcibly stopped, driving its provider into exile in Europe.

This was the beginning of the recent surge of cannabis oil being sought after by people with cancer, Crohn’s Disease, children’s chronic epileptic seizures, and other ailments. According to research, this oil is more potent medically than smoking, juicing or even vaporizing cannabis. It’s not just for “getting high”.

Rick’s Reasons

Rick Simpson experienced a head injury at work in 1997. Afterward he was afflicted with a severe post concussion syndrome. He was put on pharmaceuticals, which created dysfunctional side effects. He heard about the medical benefits of marijuana. So Rick purchased a bag and began smoking daily.

Eventually, both the post concussion syndrome and the pharmaceutical drug fog vanished completely. Rick’s doctor discouraged him from smoking. So Rick decided on growing his own THC hemp and extracting the oil from whole plants. He reduced a pound of plants by slow boiling in a solution to get a small tube of thick THC concentrated oil.

Soon after he began, Rick was diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma. After one of the three cancers was removed surgically, it came back. So he decided to try the THC laden hemp oil topically. According to Rick, within days, all three skin cancers were completely healed and he deduced that THC hemp oil killed cancer, but smoking marijuana would not.

Helping Others

So Rick began sharing the hemp oil within his community without charging. Reports from the Maccan community are that remarkable improvements were seen by taking a small dose orally, twice daily, or applying it topically. Rick Dwyer, the manager of the local Royal American Legionbranch was very impressed. His father’s terminal lung cancer was reportedly reversed in weeks from Rick’s oil after the hospital had sent him home to die.

Quickly the word was out locally about Simpson’s THC hemp oil. Several others are reported to have recovered or greatly benefited without side effects from a variety of serious ailments, including cancer, heart disease, and MS.

Then both Ricks, Simpson and Dwyer, decided there should be town meetings in the Legion hall about the THC hemp oil, and that they would see what to do about spreading the word.

The Consequence of Healing

The publicity from a curious Canadian media raised enough of a stir for the Legion to close the Maccan branch and fire Rick Dwyer as the local manager. Then the locals reportedly became concerned when the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RMPC) clamped down on Rick Simpson’s life saving operation. Rick Simpson decided to pre-empt that strong possibility. He went to Halifax, Nova Scotia, to acquire legal exemption for using his oil as medical marijuana. He took 14 dozen sworn affidavits from those he had helped in Maccan. But those affidavits were disregarded and his request was turned down.

Nine months later he appealed to the Nova Scotia Supreme Court. This time, Rick had ten now-healthy citizens and six doctors present to testify. Their testimonies were not even allowed. His appeal was rejected, and his little local operation of supplying free cannabis oil was threatened. According to Rick, the benefits of natural cannabis were being suppressed, and that the cancer industry is focused on treating, not curing.

Fortunately, minor variations of Rick Simpson’s oil are being produced and used successfully in legal ‘medical marijuana’ states. And there are a few individuals who produce the oil that can send it to others safely. But it seems as though the cancer industry on the whole doesn’t want to know about a product that can’t be patented.

A well produced documentary of Rick’s saga with instructions on how to make the oil was produced with the help of friends – cleverly titled “Run From the Cure”. He used naptha as a solvent. But many others reportedly use 195 proof pure grain alcohol, which is considered by most to be safer. You can view the first documentary “Run From the Cure” below.

Of course, we encourage you to do your own research, consult with your preferred health care professional(s), and make informed decisions.

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*Photo credit: Hempista © 2013

About the author:

Paul Fassa is a truth seeking writer whose articles appear on several alternative health sites. His blog is HealthMaven, Escape from the Medical Mafia Matrix.

This article was reposted with permission from preventdisease.com.

Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.


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  • marianne pigna

    want to get oil

    • Lawanda

      How can I get this oil? please reply with some
      resources,someone I love needs to try this asap….wake up world I would like to take this moment to let you know
      Your informational website is 1 of the best things that could have happened to me it really opens my min and eyes to many real life situations or self struggles ive been seeking answers and solutions or coping tactics to
      Thanks for bringing awareness and the self help articles
      Sincerly LB

      • Mala Ramcharan

        where and how can I buy this.

        Does this heal also other immunity problems

  • marianne pigna

    how can i buy it please

  • I had some food-grade hemp oil congeal into this rubbery goo–what can you use the goo for? Its too sticky and rubbery to use as a topical ointment and I dont want to eat it, but I dont want to wast perfectly good (is it good?) hemp goo 🙁

    • Nicole

      Since no one has answered, food grade hemp oil will not give any of the medical benefits described in this article. There is no thc in food grade hemp oil, which is why it’s legal to sell/buy without Marijuana legalization. You need thc to combat cancer.


    how can i buy please and how much.

    Thank you

  • chirs

    ya, where do you get this…i have crohns and im legal

    • chirs

      toronto area

  • The Jonathan

    All the info can be found on http://www.phoenixtears.ca and all over the net. Just do some research!

  • Yellie

    “His father’s terminal lung cancer was cured in weeks from Rick’s oil after the hospital had sent him home to die.” Watched the video, read the article. Do you know at what stage lung cancer (1, 2, 3 or 4?) was his father in when they sent him home to die?

  • Name Gail Devine

    i have secondary bone cancer from breast in my ovaries an stomache as well can u put me in touch with some one trust worthy that can help me get the oil please do not want 2 leave my kids ta x

  • Mary

    phoenixtears.ca info but you cannot buy it at this site. Rick provides the instructions to make it yourself. Beware of bogus sites.

  • Imam

    Can it cure EBOLA???

  • Monique

    But how to get some us the question, dying over here!

  • Rudy Baker

    Within days, all three skin cancers were completely healed.

    • Tomi Glover

      My sister had very painful lazer surgury on her skin cancer. It didnt get it all and when it came back on her face, it was double time. I made her some oil, she said she could feel it pulling the cancer out, in about two weeks the cancer was gone and even healed the old scars from the lazer, she says she knows its completely gone and wont come back, that was three years ago

  • Graeme

    Rick Simpson is a fraud

    His methods for extraction use unsafe solvents and he tries to convince people otherwise without any real evidence.

    Yes Cannabis Extracts can cure cancer,
    and if the person making those extracts uses the wrong solvents or process one can introduce harmful residuals.

    Do not glorify Rick Simpson for promoting paint thinner extractions to cure your cancer.

    Promote those that make safe and clean extracts instead.

    • Wake Up World

      Perhaps we will let people make up their own mind. Here is the ‘issue’ covered by Rick Simpson himself. http://phoenixtears.ca/articles/solvent-residue-in-the-oil/

      Rick has had his oil tested and solvents have never been in the final product… As long as you make it correctly.

  • Name Louise

    I have been taking this oil for about 8 months. I am 57 years old prime age for all kinds of terrible diseases. My inflammation in my pre arthritic joints is gone, my weight has regulated itself without me thinking about it, I sleep at least 9 hours a night uninterrupted after years of insomnia, and I am now in wonderful health. I believe I will never get cancer now that I am on the oil . Need I say more.
    Ah right, my friend Corrie Yelland who cured her own cancer and is now helping others worldwide is an angel.
    Watch her interview on YouTube for more info on Corrie. Amazing woman who has had the pleasure of meeting Rick Simpson to thank him personally for her life. If you decide to try and contact Corrie, understand that she spends all of her waking hours on the phone and on-line helping about 4000 people. This is the limit you can have for friends on the Facebook site. She has little time for herself so be patient and very nice when talking to her she has had some very disturbing experiences with extremely rude people vying for her time.


    I dont think this is true. Cancer encompasses so many different diseases many of which have little to do with each other. The chance of one substance being “the cure” is unfortunately very very slim. Here is an analysis of many studies that people used to think proved its cancer fighting properties. By David Gorski (PhD, MD, surgion, and professor):


  • Eric Scoles

    Problem number 1: Cancer is not one single thing. Hence, there is no single ‘cure for cancer.’ Misrepresentation to the contrary causes actual harm to real people.