The Blind Leading the Blind is Mind

mind leading the blind

By Harry Krueger

Contributing writer for Wake Up World

The pristine consciousness acts as nature’s universal voice.

Tradition and culture – are they a good thing?

The origin of the word tradition is from the French: ‘tradicion’, a belief or custom that has been passed on. From Latin, the word is ‘tradere’ which means the same as the French, but it also has another meaning: to betray, from the word ‘traduce’. Whenever a response to a challenge comes from mind, the memory-senses complex, that response is incomplete and so, a betrayal of the present.

Intelligence is the mysterious expression of all that exists. This natural affinity also exists between consciousness and mind.

In ancient times there were groups of people who responded to life’s challenges from the pristine consciousness, Nature’s conduit between consciousness and Intelligence. These groups did not indulge in the accepted tradition of carrying over what had been repetitiously passed on, but rather responded with pristine clarity – that which is self-evident. They were carrying on the original intent of the relationship, the consciousness-Intelligence bonding. That relationship cannot be discerned by mind. Their fruits are of a different taste. Because they were mis-understood by many, they were called religious and spiritual cultists. They were by natural intent true traditionalists. They marched to the beat of a different drummer.

The origin of the word ‘culture’ is from the Middle English, denoting a cultivated piece of land. From the Latin it means ‘growing, cultivation’. From sixteenth century Middle English arose the terms: cultivation of mind, faculties and manners. As a result of this cultivation we became civilized societies. We entered into various groups with different ideals, beliefs and philosophies. The separation of consciousness from Intelligence (humanity’s original fall) led to our never ending culture wars.

The Function of Mind

The primary function of mind is to record and store what consciousness experiences and then relay (via the pristine senses) to consciousness whenever there is a request. Unfortunately, this function is scarcely operational. What we presently experience is a political operational system where life’s challenges are interceded by mind to empower its delusional fantasies.

From birth we are cultivated by society’s most prestigious and respected institutions. Their purpose is to advance (through indoctrination) the mind’s deceptions. Whatever culture we are raised in, we respond with similar thoughts and emotions. Our empirical imperial leader is mind. We are the clones and drones of all previous generations. We ask questions as if they are self-generated and not realizing that they are from answers given by family, friends and the various learning institutions.

We are told that we are original thinkers and have the ability to be creative. Many are born with gifts but creativity is scarce. What we may sincerely believe to be making individual choices is false. We are simply re-acting verbally and emotionally from our daily exploitations. We believe we are responding with the science of sound reasoning. As we presently function, that does not exist. Mind, as a recording, storing and relay system, cannot logically reason. It does not have conscious energy to support that assumption.

Mind sees and reasons only through the prism of its biased past.

Consciousness is not tangible. Mind as a tangible instrument of the physical organism can be programmed, whereas consciousness cannot. What we have been told about mind, is a myth. The living organism cannot generate a single thought. It has no volition.

Thoughts are contained in vessels where the senses lie. They act as a receptacle for its stored images. Those images, falsely acting as independent agents, are seducing the consciousness into believing that what it believes is self-generated. The seduction ends when consciousness can let go its imaginary fears and has the courage to see how it has been duped. In its pristine state consciousness is incapable of fear. Fear is only of the mind. Our conscious fears are really those of mind. At all cost, mind must continue to have consciousness believe the hypnotic lie that consciousness is mind. Without that belief there is an altering of the functioning process. Consciousness now becomes first responder to all of life’s challenges.

There are no winners, only losses to our present responding process. Mind’s loss is the deterioration of the memory cells by its relentless pursuit of emotionally charged non-existent situations. Consciousness’s loss is by the acquiescence of being complicit to mind’s abhorrent machinations and not being faithful to its pristine nature. As a result of its false responses, consciousness suffers a state of un-easiness. That un-easiness is not a judgement but rather a state of conscience. Consciousness is the conscience of the living organism. Conscience is an indication that we have veered off-track.

We experience conscience when there are emotions of hate, anger, envy, greed, anxiety, frustration, excitement of all kinds, hope and hopelessness, etc. To observe with pristine clarity all of our daily challenges and neither accept nor reject what is shown, that is, without judgement or justification, then instantaneously there is a realization that those emotions are of the mind.

In the field where fact-based daily utilitarian information is needed by consciousness, mind’s co-operation is indispensable. By original design it never was meant to supplant consciousness’s role. Consciousness’s role is to lead in all of the decision making processes. This is possible only through the pristine observation process. This becomes self-evident by simply having the courage to look. So be courageous. The first step is also the last step.

That courage is my wish for you.

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About the author:

California-based Harry Krueger has spent the past 40 years working to awaken humanity to concepts of peace freedom and consciousness. When he was 35 years old, he discovered a book by Sri Krishnamurti (which he read 7 times in a row) and it changed his outlook and consciousness forever. Harry is now 85, and has never looked back.

Through his writing, Harry reveals the glorious reality of who we human Beings truly are, and offers insights to help us to break through the false identification of who we are not.

“Life is real (and only then) when living the attentive life”

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  • kala

    When I started to read your article i knew instantly who you were, (im horrible with names) you come through your writing

    When I read this, it makes me understand but in so many ways not understand, it makes sense the way you explain the brain and how it processes things,
    and bringing all three articles i have read from you together it fills in the missing peace EXCEPT one

    HOW and why did we end up in the situation where our connection with mind and consciousness became mind dominated?

    Also i am slightly baffled by the ideal of just being?
    not feeling?

  • Lorna

    I find it interesting that in this article no mention has been made of the brain. The mind functions fully without brain any one that has had an out of body experience or a near death experience has witnessed this.

    It is interesting how each of us has a different perspective on our functioning depending on what the brain and mind have experienced. The cognitive mind can only know that which it has experienced.
    Thoughts are energy and exist on a dimensional plane that can be seen with an acute eye. Look into the space in front of you lose your focus of the external world and you will see millions of tiny lights dancing in your field of vision. This is the infinite field of thought and all thought possibilities. This is represented with savants they come in with a knowing of their field of interest.
    Our experiences are held in our consciousness and each cell of the body has its own field of consciousness. The individual Collective Consciousness is the individual matrix it influences how one perceives reality thus influences how we experience life. Unity consciousness is the infinite field of everything manifested seen and unseen.
    Thoughts arrive in our field of awareness from many sources, from each other, or from the field of all thought. It is in our awareness and our ability to use the mind and brain accordingly depending on which level of awareness one is functioning from. Our level of consciousness, conscious awareness, will determine how we interpret the information the brain and mind are receiving. To think is the active use of the brain and mind. I can choose my thoughts in accordance with my desire. Pure thought is the flowing of energy without engaging thinking it is a free flowing experience as a result of turning of the brain and opening to the field of all thought.
    Unconsciousness exists on many levels. The conscience is a function of mind it is a fail-safe program to ensure one acts in accordance to society’s dictation. When an individual loses their sense of self and no longer values themselves of life they are void of conscience. They are driven by self-fulfillment with no regard to how their actions affect another. When operating from pure consciousness the conscience becomes null and void. When operating from pure consciousness you see how life is a flowing experience, you are the projector and the projected, in this state you are in tune with yourself and everything you do is for the on-going-ness of life.
    Fear is an automatic response to a perceived threat, whether that threat is real or imagined. Stepping out in front of a car and nearly being hit invokes the fear of survival. If an individual has an experience of almost drowning they may develop a fear of water. The fear of water then binds them from experiencing in freedom for they hold this experience in their consciousness (cellar memory). Our experiences are basically a lie depending on our state of consciousness. As a result of living with in the tight restraints of the linear mind we have locked ourselves up from experiencing in the freedom of who and what we are. Humanity is tied to previous as a result of our human design as our subconscious programming is tied to the autonomic nervous system. The autonomic nervous system is a necessary aspect of the functioning of the body. When seeing through the individual eyes and forgetting our origin we have created separation consciousness. We have given our power over to our subconscious programming over many lifetimes of forgetfulness.

    An individual’s state of consciousness depends on what level of mind, and state of awareness, they are operating from. The question to determine ones operating system would then be, “who do I know myself to be?” If I am in the state of believing I am just mind and body the hypnotic state continues until an individual has awakened to other dimensions of self. When operating from separation consciousness one has the potential of being victimized by life. Mass consciousness has been imprinted with the idea that the source of creation is outside of them. This imprinting is impeding evolution when an individual has separated spirit from manifested form. Narrow mindedness and short slightness gives way to ignorance as a result of indoctrination. There are over 7 billion individuals on the planet all operating from their indoctrination and we wonder why the world is in the state it is in.
    The original design of creation was always meant to be in tune with itself. The outer world is reflecting our state of consciousness, the state of our knowing of self. It is showing us our symptoms of separation consciousness. As each individual opens to experiencing self-realization the outer world will reflect this knowing.
    Thanks for the read. I enjoyed it.

  • jason

    Valuable. Thank you, Harry.

  • jenny

    This is difficult to grasp but I understand it now, more than ever. I am being challenged right now, to discern the differences between what my mind creates, and what is true consciousness speaking. I think as a concept, this is fathomable, but what about in real life anxieties and fears? We get lost in them, believing thoughts to be real and they take a hold on emotions, fooling you into thinking its your deepest parts speaking, But in fact, the mind is powerful and consuming and understanding its role in fear, is essential for true healing.

  • Nicole

    It is with joy that I read these archived articles by Harry Krueger. Thank you Wake Up World.