Does Anything Feel Different to You? 5 Signs Things Are Changing

Notice Anything Different - 5 Signs Things are Changing

By Trev McDonald

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

How are you going? How are you feeling? Does anything feel different? Have you started noticing anything new lately that you didn’t notice before?

Everywhere I look, people are reporting similar sensations of an energetic “shift”. Improved intuition, positive thought patterns and manifestation, to name a few, are all coming more naturally. Every day we learn something new and our consciousness is expanding accordingly.

And it feels liberating in so many ways!

Here are 5 signs that things are changing. Do they sound familiar?

5 Signs Things are Changing

Don’t I Know You?

Firstly, more and more people I meet seem familiar to me. It’s like we have met before – but it’s impossible. Or is it? Perhaps I have met them outside this reality and my greater awareness allows me to take note of it. Or maybe, through the same spiritual awareness I can see that we are all connected and that brings about the feelings of “knowing” someone. Or perhaps it’s something else. I’m not sure but I do know the feeling is undeniable.

Attitude of Gratitude

Secondly, through positive thought and gratitude, I am experiencing an increase in positive experiences entering my journey. Not a day goes by that I am not grateful for something.Sometimes it’s minor, sometimes more. In any case, every time I notice something positive I feel immediately grateful.

Showing gratitude is a simple matter of acknowledging the “something positive” and consciously being thankful for its inclusion in your life. This promotes even more positive experience in itself.

Gravity Shift

I have noticed that individuals I’ve only just met seem to gravitate toward me. It could be the “light” in my eyes or my positive disposition. I’m not sure. But again, it is unmistakable. I do feel a distinct lack of worrying about what others think about me, and a greater amount of confidence when dealing with new people – which could be assisting in the likability stakes.

Conversely, I have noticed in myself a distinct lack of focus on others. Previously, I have been guilty of unknowingly glaring at people – trying to “work them out”. Recently, I am told that my glare has disappeared. Sensing that we are all energetically connected, I don’t feel the need to “work people out” anymore. It is just not important.

Energy Conscious

I have noticed an increase in my awareness of the energy surrounding me. I used to think that the term ‘energy’ related solely to how much physical stamina I had. I now know differently.

To be aware of energy is to encourage it – to actively engage with it – to allow it to manifest in your world. Meditation I believe is the key to acknowledging these energies and really feeling their presence. What you do with it from there is up to you!

Abundance Mindset

We are conditioned by our society from a very early age to believe that, in order to live, we need money. And to gain money, we have to work. We endebt ourselves for a lifetime for the basic necessity of a ‘home’. To do anything else, we are told, is to be unsuccessful.

But now it seems that gaining the abundance we want in our life is as simple as allowing the energy of abundance into our life. With my newly found energy awareness, I am allowing abundance to flow more freely.

How are you feeling? Does anything feel different to you? Why not share your thoughts in the comments section below?

Peace and love,


About the author:

Trev is a writer and founder of He believes humanity is currently in the midst of a global awakening, a jolt from the matrix of illusion, and after 20-something years of living “dormant” is now awakening, exploring, observing and sharing his reality in his writing. Acknowledging the Divine Consciousness within us all, Trev hopes to further his own awakening and that of other like-minded souls through his work.

Connect with Trev at or on Facebook.

“United in awareness, we are unstoppable.”


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  • Laurie

    I do recognize these signs in my life!

    It really feels like I only need to be in my heart to welcome the cosmic flow… There is no room anymore for judgement or criticism, they do appears but as I’m being more aware of these thoughts it’s easier to let them go… It’s like the old patterns are becoming obsolete, and the new is rising!

    Thanks for sharing, it feels good to know we are all together in this shift! Happy Equinox!
    One love! <3

    • Thanks for sharing. You’re describing exactly how it feels. Namaste.

    • Natalia

      I agree totally with the fact, that something is changing, nd not only for myself but certain people around me seem to go through a new chapter of their being and consiusness.
      Had a hard childhood, had to manage my own life very early and had always quite the feeling, that I have to go through bad and hard times to grow. So I waited with trust and grew more and more.
      Since I decided to live the life now, that I always wanted to, everything flows. Cause I meantioned myself as important as my beloved. But even knowing about my inner changing I am not questioning myself no more why – instead od this I prefer now to be thankful. Only because of my mind changing I become happy.
      Knowing that only me is responsible for my truth, happieness and dreams coming true…
      I found peace – and feel, that this energiy can be used now more powerfull than ever for me!
      I love being alive and give ma best, to become one… namste!

  • Joyce

    Gotta admit I’m quite surprised by the notorious absence of comments before mine…
    Before I comment tho, I know I’m curious to know.
    Here are some questions about the feeling/experiences you’ve briefly described in your piece:

    When did you become aware of this “feeling” ?
    What do you think “sparked” it sort of speak?
    What kind of effects has this had in your personal and professional life?

    Thanks a bunch,

    • In answer to your queries:

      Became aware about 5 months or so ago. Being unemployed for period of time allowed me more “me time” and the ability to explore. On a personal level I am a changed human. No longer do I get angry, judgemental, opinionated. I am happy 99% of the time. Professionally, I am now working again and I’ve noticed people are drawn to me now, more so than ever before. I am though not overly enamoured by the prospect of conforming to the societal requirement of a 40 hour work week. Will have to explore other avenues.


  • Stephanie

    I’ve felt, in the past 2-3 weeks, as if I’ve turned into a “magnetic sponge”. Friends gravitate toward me even more, and talk & talk to me.
    It actually has felt very draining, giving me headaches.
    I love them and want to help but I can only absorb so much.
    I’m not sure what to do about this. I do know I need more alone time; I feel I need to recharge. A lot.

    • jen

      sounds like you may be an empath. look it up, and alone time is crucial!

  • Maria

    I have also noticed change. Not sure if it’s internal or external, but things are definitely shifting for me.

  • SEF

    This was a great read, I have noticed my intuition has been so much more stronger, my attitude is positive then negative. Seems to be so much easier to let go of negative people that I have been surrounded by for way to long. This article was on the mark for me.

  • eaglexplain

    Beautifully put, Trev. There is a big difference in recent months. I get the ‘I know this guy’ moments all the time, looking at strangers.
    I would add an amazing new capacity to be receptive when another talks. Less responsive, taking in every word, even when I realize I’m listening to something that’s supposed to be boring. There’s no bore anymore.

  • Donna

    I have felt an emotional shift and a stronger sense of sadness for the sad and scary things in the world, more so than I ever have before.
    I feel my chakras way more often than ever before.
    I see series of numbers of three all the time- seriously every time in look at a clock it’s 3:33 or 4:44 or 555 or 10:10, 11:11 you get it… All the time, what’s that about?

  • Robert Leeming

    This couldn’t be more accurate, it just re-enforces the knowing of change. I have been aware of a change for a while now, the biggest for me is understanding the signs given to us in everyday life. These can be very strengthening and entruiging to be witness too.
    Although we do live in a strange shared reality, what we depict the energy flowing through us to be, well that’s upto you. Your brain is the thing that processes all your senses. If this was real, you wouldn’t need a brain to process the signals.
    Your brain is the creator, We are all gods to our own reality.

  • Trevor

    Yes… I do.. My name is also Trevor.

    Love. x

  • Shiuomuenjo

    Some of these I have felt before and some I am just starting to feel. There has been a conscious shift in my life an awakaning of sorts over the past year, I don’t get sad as much as I used to and appreciate the small things that much more. I am building my character more and nurishing my soul… these days I’m caring for me instead of constantly caring for others. Peace and love brother

  • Marilyn Taylor

    Thank you, Trev McDonald! I totally align with your quote: “United in awareness, we are unstoppable.” That has been a powerful force in my life for many years. I am currently writing my new book “We Can Transform the World, If We All Link Up.” I am committed to doing all within my power to support The Link-Up for Transformation.

    Laurie, Joyce, Stephanie, Maria, SEF, eaglexplain, Donna, Robert, Trevor–What is your sense of our potential to change the world?
    I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

    • Hi Marilyn. Thanks for the feedback. In simple terms, I believe the way forward is to live with unconditional love (Divine Consciousness). Our world is in the grip of dark energies that feed off of fear and despondancy. Remove the food, remove the darkness, live in Light.

  • Heather

    Thank you!!!
    <3 <3 <3
    This article is so true to me and resonates so deeply

    • Hi Heather. It is empowering to know we are not alone on the journey. We are the minority but we can become the majority. Namaste.

  • Bobby Sbabo

    My life has drastically changed the last six months. I feel it and see it. I used to look at the world and be what a messed up place n there’s no hope. Cuz of this shift I now all of a sudden got this feeling deep inside that the change for good is happening. And my happiness leads to meeting more people having more confidence not worring about money issues everything is getting better in my life all the way around. I can’t wait til all this snowballs and were all connected for a positive change n take our beautiful planet back.

    • Someone Somewhere

      I’m curious, how are you doing now?

  • karan

    Lord KRISHN is blessing all the souls so that this earth could become heaven again.

    Jai Shri Krishn

  • Kandi

    I have been out of work for 5 months. I am not only surviving , but I am thriving! I was killing myself trying to work two jobs, and still struggling to pay bills. I will not go back to that drudgery again. Back to basics, less is more. More time to donate my time to help others. You can’t take it with you people. What you do for others will live on. 🌐🚸

  • JLW

    Not at all. I have been feeling exhausted, panic, and off kilter. I don’t have any energy and my intuition I once had which was strong is gone. Trying to keep my positive attitude is very hard. It been getting worse ever year since I was in my late 20’s. I don’t know what is going on.

    • Try a parasite cleanse With diatomaceous earth!

    • Someone Somewhere

      How is it now?

  • Devon

    My name is Devon Pinkston. I’m twenty-three years young. I live in America and for too long I have been blinded and conformed to the society that I live in. I have experienced a spiritual awakening and I am so blessed to have found my inner peace. The battle to find that inner peace has taken many years and is something that must be worked on daily to maintain, but it’s worth every second of my day to feel this free. To maintain this and rid myself from the “Matrix” that we all get caught up in means the absolute world. I never thought I’d find who I truly am and this change inside me is something I’ve never known before…. It’s almost indescribable. I just wanted to share that short story on how I felt at this moment regarding this post. Thank you all for tuning in!

  • Yayyyyyyy it’s not just me!! I feel the goodness in my bones and have had all of these signs! Thanks for sharing!

  • Kia

    You obviously don’t live in Iraq, Syria, Israel, Africa, North Korea, Washington D.C., or dozens other places where human consciousness has slipped below that of an animal.

  • Laveda

    this article is very correct for me as well. I noticed it about 5months ago when my boyfriend of 8 years left me on my birthday and a week before my angel baby’s angelversary. During that time I felt highly intuitive, I knew he was going to break up with me before he actually did, I knew how the entire situation even post break up would be. Now I find people are drawn to me. Everyone wants to be around me and men are kind of obsessed with me. Not to sound conceited or anything, it’s quite unsettling. I think it’s my energy they are drawn to. But it’s always those with heavy negative energy. I help those people but keep them at arms length, they drain me. I am more positive now, the majority of all my thoughts are filled with positivity and gratitude. I even found myself dancing and spinning walking down the street. I love this change in me I wish to expa

  • anita rose

    have suffered severe depression for 10 years and wanting to kill myself and self harm up until 10 days ago where i learnt that our minds are much more powerful then we know.
    it has changed my whole perspective on life. knowing what is important and what isn’t what’s real and what’s happening to this universe. iv become more peaceful in my heart and in my mind. i had panic attacks every day now i spend my days smiling and listening to my body and feeling the energy flow through me.
    i haven’t had one negative day. i haven’t though about any of the evil stuff that ran through my mind 24/7 before i knew about the power, i love myself, in not image shy anymore, i dont feel burdened by anything. if something that needs doing or fixing or sorting out.. instead of avoiding it i give it my attention, deal with it then forget about it.
    its great I just wish everybody could feel this and ne at peace with themselves

  • Ken

    Crazy, I’m a 37yr old man, that just lost everything in my life. Just before everything came crashing down, I awoke from what seemed like trance. I had no idea that my life was about to change for the worse.
    It became clear, everything seemed clear. My feelings, my emotions, my love for people, and more. I can’t stop putting other people’s perspectives in view, often over my own. This was something I’ve never done. Nor did I decide to do it, it just started happening. Plus in the process of putting myself in their mind sets, I’ve been able to shoulder their pain, and sorrows.

  • shannon

    I would like to know how I can feel what you all are feeling please help 🙂

    Thanks 🙂

  • Julie

    Thank you for writing this Trev!! I have been having the same experiences. I LOVE knowing there are so many more of us out there feeling these things! I got fired from my job almost 4 months ago and was devastated at the time, but now am SO thankful it happened! When I got to slow down in my life and leave the rat race, something wonderful started happening. The overwhelming feeling that everything will be okay has surrounded me and I believe it. Even though I really have no reason to believe it. All of my thoughts are positive without even trying, which is an amazing change. I feel happier, more loving & appreciative than ever before in my life. I have been reading & learning as much as I can about Consciousness.. can’t get enough! Peace & love to ALL of you

  • I have just suddenly began to feel this positive wave of energy flow through my life too. Ive lost much these past few years including family members.
    Now lately I feel confident, warm, alive, and happy. Funny thing is, all my friends suddenly felt it too and they cant explain why.
    I think people are evolving, I think this is perhaps a much awaited for New age…………..

  • Hmmm, I’m just seeing the same ol’ people with their heads up their ass and in total thrall to their gadgets, which they barely look up from. Apparently many people aren’t paying much attention to our dire political situation (like not having a democracy anymore) and encroaching police state. It would be great if more folks could maybe focus a little less on how they’re feeling and a little more on some constructive ACTION. Our environment is going down the tubes very, very rapidly.

  • Melody Ray

    I am so happy to have come across this article, it reminds me that I am not alone in this whimsical world. I can relate to all five of these, especially “Don’t I Know You?”. For about a year now I have been noticing that everyone looks familiar. I am glad I am not the only one seeing this recognition! It is so strange. I also have migrated towards gratitute on a daily basis. These things seem to come from a collective consciousness, as opposed to being learned in the physical sense.

  • Maria Gavieres


  • sandra cicotta

    everything feels different,,i have a calm, peaceful feeling radiating through me,,the most wonderful thing ,,so simple,,i love it

  • Esteban

    We must free our minds to infinite possibilities!

  • Crystal Pfiester

    I, too, am a strong empath and have been struggling with the “vibes”, as I call them, from others. The more negative the easier I pick them up, for some reason. I’ve been trying to shut it down and still be a functioning mom. I’m a single mom of two. Needless to say, that proves harder than ever before. High school was really rough but that was 11yrs ago. Plus, the feeling is different now..heavier. I can feel all humanity standing on the edge of a massive change. All I can do is feel and wait. It’s torture.

  • Sally Jones

    Yes! So many people look familiar to me as well, I wonder if that’s because we see the Source in them as the same Source in us or is it that we have lived a life with them and recognise that, or even are they in another life with us now in a different dimension? I can feel energy in my ears, not a ringing so much as an amplified sound of silence, I even hear it over music or noise. I can also feel my chakras turning and energy moving through me in waves, it’s like I’m vibrating all over and feel excited most of the time.
    I went down to the beach at dawn yesterday morning to photograph the sunrise and photographed hundreds of orbs everywhere instead. I was on my own and it was very special for me and so appreciated. Gratitude and Love is so powerful.

    • bonnielou

      “I can feel energy in my ears, not a ringing so much as an amplified sound of silence, I even hear it over music or noise.” Maybe that is what I am experiencing. I thought it was tinnitus, but it is not really ringing. It is more like a feeling of energy in my head. At least by thinking of it in that way, it will not bother me.

  • invisableman

    I’m becoming very aware of the cause for gratitude. More and more things are just popping up to be grateful for.

  • Thomas Harper

    we always just called that ageing.

    • Denise Hamilton

      Yes, but most people don’t get there until their mid fifties. I have the assumption that these people are still young.

  • Kathryn Stopforth

    WOW, this just elates my spirit. So many people have seemed familiar to me recently – yesterday I was so sure that I knew a man walking past me that I asked him where I knew him from and as soon as he responded, I realised that I didn’t actually know him. I just feel a connection to people, and feel like greeting and speaking with almost everyone I encounter. I have a sudden deep appreciation for classical, eclectic and trance music. I feel an energy running through me that seems to be escalating and I am understanding more and more every day. This article described exactly what I am feeling and thinking and I have finally found what I have been searching for and I know I am not alone.

  • Bionca

    I most definitely feel a change. About a little over a week ago. I was walking through the store and many people looked familiar to me although I have not met them. It happened so many times I thought I was going crazy. I also notice more of my thoughts have been manifesting so I have been more aware of things that I am thinking. I am also more aware of what I need to improve it’s like I read something and something deep within myself let’s me know what I need to work on.

  • Fernando Laguna

    I noticed i slowly been changing over this current year. Been through so much heartbreak yet it has not kept me down. I bounce back and go about my daily routine like nothing has happened. Some days I enage in conversations with all sorts of people. Usually I dont look into eyes but now I can look into a person’s face and carry a steady conversation. People i work with noticed some changes in me which im starting to notice. They are small changes though. I am embracing all thats been occurring in these short couple months.

  • Laura

    I still feel very little energy because of all the illnesses I have but recently I’ve had realizations about stuff and felt that I no longer need to explain myself to people and I don’t care about the toxic people in my life. I’ve decided that I’m not going to engage in their bs.. Also I’ve gotten more confident and learned to take more responsibility of myself. Many times I say to myself “I just want to be happy”. And I don’t care about money etc. My well being and my happiness is more important than material things and when I work out my issues people around me feel better too.. So it’s not self centeredness to take care of yourself because before I was told that it was. You can’t change the world. You can only change yourself. That’s just something but I’ve still got a long way to go.

  • Eirik Mortensen

    Im so glad to read this article. Im not nuts, i am awake.

  • Devyani Ramanayya

    Suprisingly , it is so true! I am suddenly meeting lot of people with lot of positivitty , though each one again has a different path of spirituality and meditation to follow. Learning a lot from each one of them. This has made me less judgemental, broadened my thinking and made me strong emotionally. Each one of us hasca spark of divinity in us. It is very important to first try to notice that in each and everyone we meet. This broadens our outlook and we slowly get the feeling of oneness.