Peace Through Synchronized Global Meditation

Peace Through Synchronized Global Meditation - Copy21st February 2015

By Lance Schuttler

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

We live in a world today where the idea of group power is being rekindled and where it’s momentum is gathering. Humanity as a whole is remembering that it is thoughts and actions of kindness, honesty and equality for all that create positive change.

One initiative that is expanding throughout religious and spiritual groups, as well as on blogs and other social media sites is globally synchronized meditation/prayer gatherings.

To some, believing that thoughts or prayers can influence the physical world around them can be dubious. To a quantum physicist on the other hand, thoughts influencing the world around them are something believed in and something that has repeatedly been shown to be true in scientific studies.

Synchronized Global Meditation – The Study

In 1974 an experimental study observed three different gatherings of over 7,000 people meditating each morning and evening for three consecutive weeks. The study took place in Fairfield, Iowa (December 17, 1983-January 6, 1984), The Hague, Holland (December 21, 1984-January 13, 1985) and Washington, DC (July 1-July 10, 1985). The results were astounding. According to the Rand Corporation, a think-tank based in California, “acts of global terrorism resulting in fatalities and injuries were reduced by 72%.” Time series analysis was used in this study to rule out possibilities that the reduction in global terrorism was caused by pre-existing trends, drifts in data or cycles.

Scientists believe this is due to a coherent resonance being created in the Unified Quantum Field by those meditating.

How then does this spread to an entire group from one localized position?

Think of a laser. Its coherent light is established by what is known in physics as the Field Effect. The Field Effect’s principle, according to the Institute of Science, Technology and Public Policy is “that it is not necessary to act individually on each individual constituent of a system, but that the system can be handled in one stroke at the collective level.”

The 7,000 people meditating created a Field Effect of harmonious coherence that spread throughout the collective–which in turn helped to reduce acts of terrorism (incoherent, disruptive energy).

This effect, which has also been called the “Maharishi Effect,” has had over 600 scientific studies conducted in 33 countries and in over 250 independent research institutions. The evidence overwhelmingly correlates synchronized group prayer and meditation having extremely positive social, political and economic benefits to the world. Positive correlations for numerous health benefits to the individual were also observed and confirmed.

Today this structured and coherent energy is being calculated by the Global Consciousness Project (GCP), whose logistical home is the well-known Institute of Noetic Sciences. The GCP has been collecting data for over 15 years, with up to 70 host sites worldwide, using random number generators. The GCP notes that, “Random number generators (RNGs) based on quantum tunneling produce completely unpredictable sequences of zeroes and ones. But when a great event synchronizes the feelings of millions of people, our network of RNGs becomes subtly structured. We calculate one in a trillion odds that the effect is due to chance. The evidence suggests an emerging noosphere or the unifying field of consciousness described by sages in all cultures.” Major world events, such as the 9/11 attack, Princess Diana’s passing and worldwide meditations, along with many other events, have been recorded by the GCP and has shown that synchronization of the RNG’s has occurred when the minds of many people from around the world were involved.

What then can we do as individuals to help create a better world?

There are literally countless answers to this question, with one being to join in synchronized global meditation and prayer gatherings. In August of 2014, an open letter on a popular blog was written and subsequently went viral throughout the internet. The open letter asked to receive ideas on a specific time for a synchronized global meditation gathering. A few days later the collective established that at 3pm GMT, every Sunday, this gathering is to occur. This is equivalent to 5pm in Central Europe, 4pm in the UK, 11am in New York and 8am in Los Angeles.

synchronized global meditation

Since the open letter, a number of gatherings have already taken place.

Everyone is invited and encouraged to spread the word to as many people as they wish. Churches, yoga classes, the workplace, meditation partners, friends and groups are all good ways to make this available to more people.

What if I don’t know how to meditate?

Don’t worry, meditation is not hard. Here are a few words from world renowned speaker and author Brendon Burchard on how he meditates through repeating the word “release” throughout his mind, body and spirit.

I just close my eyes and repeat this word release over and over. When a thought comes up, I feel that thought come up and sense that thought coming up and your goal is, just don’t follow the thought. Don’t obsess about the thought. Don’t just say, “Oh look a thought!”. Come right back to the word release. – Brendon Burchard (Check out the full post here.)

Friends. The rekindling and growing flames of unity within humanity will not stop and will once again be claimed. As famous Pierre Teilhard de Chardin has beautifully written, “Someday after mastering winds, waves, tides and gravity, we shall harness the energies of love, and then, for the second time in the history of the world, man will discover fire.”

About the author:

Lance Schuttler graduated from the University of Iowa with a degree in Health Science and is Director of Creative Health Non-Profits for Personable Media. He is passionate about holistic and naturopathic medicine as well as helping to bring awareness to an efficient, sustainable and health-promoting transition that our world’s current socio-economic model is rapidly undergoing.


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  • ROMAN Szylo

    There is life in the southern hemisphere you know; what time do we synchronise in Australia. EST


  • Peter de Ruyter

    In response to Lance Schuttler’s brilliant article: “Peace Through Synchronized Global Meditation”, here is another self-regulating idea for Global meditation….


    There are no organizations to join; no fees to pay; no dogmas to believe, nor group politics to contend with.

    Just you and your Mind Power linked in with millions of others.

    The Power of One Multiplied by Many

    Sounds interesting? Then do read a bit further. Do you watch the news, horrified by what you see, yet feeling impotent to do anything much about it as an individual? Yes? Then know that you personally can make a difference. There is a way in which it is possible to link your mind with many others, creating a massive Healing Force, capable of changing our reality. And all it will involve is 3 minutes of your time, once daily.

    It’s as simple as applying your Mind Power – in concert with millions of others – for 3 minutes at noon your local time. That’s it! Sounds too fantastic? Not really; and here’s why.

    The basis to this concept is that our Minds, through the process of Creative Visualization, have great Power to at least influence our reality.

    Individually, that power may seem trivial and impotent in changing World events. However, consciously visualizing your Mind connected synergistically with many other Minds, tremendously increases our collective ability to influence reality.

    The Simple ‘Nuts & Bolts’ Of How To Do This

    Imagine. It’s 12 noon where you live. You now take just 3 minutes out of your busy schedule; disconnect from what’s happening around you (finding yourself a nice quiet spot would be ideal even if this means excusing yourself to go to the bathroom for a few moments of privacy!) – and now focus on a quiet Space within you.

    When you feel centered, imagine your Mind linking in with everyone else who at that point in your time zone is also choosing to do the same, for those brief 3 minutes.

    Focus on whatever trouble spot on the planet, locally or internationally, is presently most in the news, e.g. Iraq, Palestine; Pakistan, etc.

    Now visualize sending – in whatever way works for you – Healing, Loving Energy to that trouble spot. Don’t worry about details i.e. don’t get caught up in exactly how Peace or Healing change might come about. Simply visualize the end result; Peace, Harmony; people being respectful, kind and more understanding towards each other.

    Never mind how impossible it may seem, just visualize the desired end result as clearly as you can. Allowing your Mind to become distracted by the potentially thousands of “ifs,” “buts” and “hows” will only sabotage the entire process. Just see this exercise as a fantasy game where you can set the parameters and make whatever constructive, Healing changes you wish to our present reality.

    Not Sure Who Or What To Send This Healing Energy To?

    Another variation-on-a-theme is to set an Inner Intention of sending an Energy of Compassion and Love to every single political, religious and secular leader on this planet; anyone who has a role of power and decision-making affecting the lives and wellbeing of many other people.

    Send that Energy with the Intention that all such power-brokers increasingly come from a more Compassionate and Caring Space when making their decisions. You don’t need to actually know who all these people are, nor do you need to somehow figure out how to connect that Energy to them all. Just set the Intention, and send out that wave of Energy, trusting It knows exactly how and where to connect.

    And that is basically all there is to it! Hold your focus as clearly as you can for just 3 minutes; off course, longer if you wish. But the idea is to make this all as easy as possible, without minimizing the effectiveness of what many Minds linked together can achieve in catalyzing powerful and positive change.

    Time Is More ‘Plastic’ Than We Think!

    Twelve noon may not suit your schedule. Then consider this reality – as increasingly vindicated by what Quantum Physics is now suggesting about Time. Time is not static; it appears to be more ‘plastic’ than we had anticipated.

    So, if 12 noon doesn’t work for you, simply use your Intention to ensure your session of Visualization – whatever time you do it – is warped back, or forward to 12 noon of your day. Sounds crazy…. but this is more and more looking like ‘scientific fact’ Besides, accepting this as at least a possibility, also allows you to co-ordinate with the millions of others Visualizing for Peace at 12 noon!
    The Power Of Many, Multiplied By The Movement Of Time

    O.K. You’ve just done a strong, focused visualization of Peace and Healing, linked in with whoever else knows about this concept in your time zone. Now imagine the 12 noon time zone marching across the entire planet as it revolves. As it becomes 12 noon at the next Time-zone on the Globe, more people in turn link in with all the others in that Time-zone, together sending a united Visualization Image of Peace and Healing to various trouble spots, or to all those leaders in positions of influence.

    By using this simple, easy-to-use concept, a 24/7 wave of Healing visualization is constantly generated, and sent to where it is needed most.

    This is an exquisitely straightforward concept, capable of running itself once set into motion. Yet, how powerful in its potential to truly alter or positively influence various negative realities occurring at any one particular time on the planet!

    What We Put Into It, Is What We’ll Get Out Of It

    The only thing that is needed to make this concept work is for the idea to become commonly known, and for people to truly incorporate the concept into their daily schedule. And 3 minutes once daily is surely not a big demand.

    Working collectively in this way, by linking in Consciousness with the many others who know about this concept, can empower us individually to help Heal humanity.

    You don’t need to know who all those others are. Intention is the primary key to successfully using Mind Power. Simply imagine/visualize yourself – in whatever way works for you – connected to these other Minds in your Time-zone, and then allow your personal visualization for Peace and Healing to unite with the collective Image.

    Obviously, the more people who know about this simple concept and choose to participate, the more effective the process will be. To that end, send this entire message to as many others as you feel may be interested in the concept, and open to actively participating in the enormous potential to truly help influence a much needed Healing on this planet. Through the power of the Internet, the concept can be rapidly spread across the entire globe, like a strong ripple affecting the awareness of millions.

    Some Concluding Thoughts To Help Empower You

    In closing, this is a very powerful concept which can empower you as an individual to be truly effective in helping catalyze Healing changes to humanity and the planet. No longer do you have to continue observing humanity’s suffering, but feeling powerless to personally do anything about changing it.

    The process would cost you nothing more than 3 minutes of your time daily. No clubs to join, no fees, etc. It is a self-running process once people have been made aware of it.

    Use your local and International News sources as the means to determine which areas of humanity or the planet need our collective focus of visualization, at any particular time. Hence no need to check in with anyone as to who or where to send your Healing Energies to.

    At the very worst – if this is all nonsense – it means 3 minutes of your life ‘wasted’ daily. But if there is any substance to what is presented above, how can we afford not to do the process?

    Any opportunity to help humanity through such a simple, quick process, is surely worth 3 minutes of your time?

    And god knows, we as a species need all the help and Healing we can get!


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    If you agree with the above, please feel free to pass it on to as many others/groups as possible

  • This is REALLY interesting – was the global meditation publicized? If so, could that have had an impact as well, simply the thought being out there that people were doing this?