Have You Experienced 5D Interference With People Close To You?

Have You Experienced Interference With People Close To You

4th July 2015

By Michelle Walling, CHLC

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

Those of us who continue to raise our vibration are moving away from the realm where we can be energetically attacked. Because of this, the Draco/Reptilian Archonic agenda has ramped up to affect those around us. This ploy is designed to attempt to lower our vibration by influencing those those that we have interpersonal contact with.

To get to a place where you can no longer be triggered by negativity and Archonic programming, it takes a lot of grounding and centering through connecting with your higher self within, as well as communing with Source. It takes declaring your sovereignty and being aware of situations that opened you up to the gremlins. Keeping a hardcore golden aura barrier in tact is a guaranteed method of protecting yourself and keeping the door locked to influence.

However, as we do this, we also increase our light quotient and set off the monitoring alarms for the negative beings who are keeping track of that light quotient. Their focus then turns to trying to diminish your light so that the overall minimum required light quotient that we are holding will be affected in the collective human consciousness.

It is obvious to me that the Archonic forces are desperate. I am recovering from an attack that I never thought would occur to me personally, and I feel the need to share this with you in case you are noticing this in your reality as well.

Those who are not awake and aware and are not in control of their own body, thoughts, and actions, have become prime targets for the puppet-masters to act through their bodies in order to affect those who can no longer be triggered. In the last two weeks my son, a worker who was painting my house, and my sister were all bombarded with negative and sadistic energies and were turned against me in order to try diminish my light. Each attack was so unbelievable that I found myself in shock from the brazen demonic desperation to take me down.

One of these people was actually awakening and knew he had been triggered all his life, and was seeking help from me on how to defend himself against those attacks. All it takes is a siesta from your awareness through alcohol or drugs to open the door to be taken over, which is what happened in this case as his consciousness left his body and the Draconians stepped in.

During these attacks, I had to expel an amount of energy that any normal human would not be able to keep inside. Feelings of anger and hurt flowed through me and I probably reacted more on the negative side than I should have. However, I learned so much from this and I could never have held those feelings inside of me. I had to allow them to flow through me and transmute them into balanced energy.

As I was recovering and powering up my supply of light within, I also had inner guidance that reminded me to retract all of the negative thoughts and emotions that I had created while my loved ones were being triggered. I made a declaration outloud to retract all of the negative energy I created from these incidents. Then I was reminded to go all the way back in this lifetime and then to every lifetime my oversoul has had! I used this magnificent body of mine to pull all of this negativity into my heart-center and transmuted it while in the shower, with the amplification of my intent flowing through the water. I had communed with Mother Nature through the water and had asked for my higher guidance to help me draw these energies back to me and allow them to flow without sticking to me.

Although I have a wonderful team of protection around me and I have declared my sovereign free-willed power, the people that they are attacking had allowed them in unconsciously through their willingness and/or incapacity to defend themselves. This really pissed me off because although my family has enough protection to keep them from being seriously harmed, they cannot stop the attacks if their free-will opens the door. Also, they can gang up on them and over-power them.

I made a declaration out loud that they had screwed with the wrong person when they decided to go to my close family and various people in my life. I asked the Universe to take those who have proven that they had no chance of rehabilitation to Source to be reconstituted back to another form of energy so that they can no longer harm anyone. I was delighted to later read Serena Woods’ version of this process, as posted HERE (via howtoexitthematrix.com). This was my confirmation that other people had been through similar situations. It also seems that Mercury in Retrograde helped to allow for these incidents to have the ability to manifest.

Finally, the last thing I had to do for now is to remove my friends and loved ones temporarily from my life. It was a very hard thing to do, but cutting all ties will protect them from being triggered and the negative forces will move away from them. I have come to realize that it is my energy they want, triggered through people that I care about. So far it has worked and the only way for me to get through this is to be the observer and to know that one day my friends and family will see why I had to leave them.

The tricksters still take every opportunity to screw with any person (besides Gregg Prescott) that I come into contact with. This includes hotel clerks, grocery clerks, people driving in cars, construction workers, TSA airport security, door to door salesmen, and the list goes on and on. The way I deal with this is to laugh my way through it. Eventually by raising the vibration of the situation in the here and now, the tricksters get defeated and move on. It is really great having Gregg as a witness to these situations because he understands what is happening and keeps from getting triggered as well.

As a side note, I also take Himalayan salt and baking soda baths in order to keep my energy cleared and balanced, and Gregg is really good at smudging the house and our bodies by burning sage. Any method you prefer to use that keeps you protected and allows you to concentrate on raising your vibration is important during and after such attacks. I cannot stress enough the importance of communing with nature as a way to center and ground yourself.

The bottom line is that the negative forces that are trapped here with us are trying to bring us down. This is the last showdown and those of us that are shining our lights on the shadows are bringing attention to ourselves but cannot be interfered with as long as we stay conscious and aware of what they are trying to do. Staying grounded and working hard to keep your vibration raised and your energy field cleared are imperative in getting through these attacks. Sending love and forgiveness to those who have been used against you in an attack is important because most of the time they do not realize what has happened, and in some cases their memory is wiped of the whole event. It truly is amazing to watch this last battle unfold, but we are winning this war on consciousness and the evidence is in the desperation and failing attempts of energy vampirism cloaked in ridiculousness.

About the author:

Michelle Walling

Michelle Walling is a Certified Holistic Life Coach, webmaster, writer, and and Radio Host on In5d radio’s The Cosmic Awakening Show. As a truth seeker, she is committed to share her experiences with the world. Michelle has joined forces with Gregg Prescott as an admin for the In5d Facebook page, as an assistant for In5d Events, and as a contributing author for In5D. All of Michelle Walling’s articles and radio appearances can be found at CosmicStarseeds.com. Holistic Counseling sessions can be booked through her website MichelleWalling.com. The truth about the holographic nature of the matrix and how we are going to dissolve it can be explored on her website Howtoexitthematrix.com. Michelle’s personal Facebook page can be found here.


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  • PhilC

    Thank you for an excellent article. I have felt like i have been under attack recently with some people acting completely out character and causing me to experience turbulent feelings of anger and revenge. The feelings were becoming so strong and unmanageable that I felt as though the only way to achieve respite was to drop back into old patterns of self abuse with drugs etc.

    However, I have made it out the other side and commited to withdrawing the negative thought patterns I had created. I found your comment about committing to your higher self and declaring sovereignty very enlightening. I just did this and a tingle went up my spine and my head felt all tingly, like a cool refreshing breeze blowing over me. Interestingly, previous to these perceived attacks I had been concentrating on trying to lighten my density and make space for more light in my body and mind, this seems to correspond with what you are saying about monitor alarms going off.Thank you for your practial advice on how to deal with these issues

  • Srikanth

    We should make an oath that we should hurry to protect the world, it is already late, but in my opinion we need to work hard to make a difference by our whole hearted truthfulness by creating awareness.

  • Eli

    This seems like a load of bullshit without evidence. There’s a lot of conpiracy-theorist vibes wrapped up in this post.

    • Shawn Micheal Ellegett

      So True. It’s fear mongering.

  • Chris Bociek

    keep fighting warrior….fk them

  • carolyn_stjohn

    I use Frankincense oil to keep my vibration hi

  • Michi hash

    HI michelle!! thank you for sharing with us!! I just went through the same experience…I just learn that I am an empath, someone who really can put myself in your skin…so I feel every energy, feeling or emotion going on around me, at first I thought it was me creating the conflicts, so I walked away in order to protect those I love and then realizing the conflict dissapeared as soon as I was by myself!, so I start noticing how I was feeling, then observing who and what was the energy developing I notice that I will feel the other peoples anger or sadness or happines or exitement as mine, then I start telling that person what was happening getting them to get conscious of it…in other situations I just recognize wich feeling was mine and wich feeling wasn’t then I just give my atention to my inner peace and compassion increasing the level of energy and transmitting it to the other person…we must overcome the part of completely connecting to our 3d self in order to reach or 5d self and then the energys will not affect us…but I think that we must help the people aroud us to reach their 4d self, its part of our responsability with the whole…

  • Shawn Micheal Ellegett

    I have been working with vibrations/frequencies and multiple plains for over thirty five years now and yet this sounds like something right out of a comic book. A load of crap.
    You are not helping anybody at all with this fear mongering. Don’t believe me??
    Try asking the Yogi’s or anybody else who truly delves into this area.

  • I am very grateful for your article. About 10 years ago my ex-wife and and my medical board fabricated all kinds of things against me. I did nothing wrong but was found guilty. My entire life was turned upside down. I am just starting to get back on my feet but have lost career, house, student loan is through the roof…trying to figure out how to get everything turned around. Crazy!