29 Holistic Doctors and Practitioners Poisoned During Conference, Some in Critical Condition

29 Holistic Doctors Poisoned During Conference, Some in Critical Condition

11th September 2015

By Carolanne Wright

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

“Police suspect foul play after 29 delegates at an alternative medicine seminar in Germany started staggering suffering from violent convulsions, delusions and hallucinations.” ~ The Telegraph

Over the past several months, a rash of deaths and mysterious disappearances of health practitioners and holistic physicians have taken place in the United States. And now, a new report has come forward where 29 alternative and homeopathic practitioners have suffered poisoning from a synthetically-produced psychedelic drug during a conference in Handeloh, a small town near Hamburg, Germany. Members of the group were found in the garden staggering, doubled over in pain. A number were experiencing hallucinations, breathing problems and life-threatening conditions. Barely able to speak, they were rushed to the hospital.

“The patients, aged between 24 and 56, were found suffering from delusions, breathing problems, racing hearts and cramps, some in life-threatening conditions, according to the public broadcaster NDR… Some were suffering delusions and even psychoses. Some patients were administered sedatives en route to hospital, said the emergency response physician who headed the rescue operation, Dr. Kai Rathjen.” [source]

The local government said 160 emergency personnel in 15 ambulances and a helicopter responded to the crisis and swiftly took the patients to medical clinics in the Hamburg region.

Fire service spokesman Mathias Köhlbrandt told public broadcaster NDR (Norddeutscher Rundfunk, or Northern German Broadcasting) that he had never experienced this kind of situation. He described “men and women lay with cramps in the garden and in front of the building”, and added that they did not seem to have knowingly taken a drug.

A criminal investigation is underway. “The questioning begins as soon as the persons are coherent and their statements are useable,” a police official told the news agency DPA.

According to the The Telegraph:

“There must have been a multiple overdose,” Torsten Passie, a member of a German government commission on narcotics, told NDR television. “That argues against the people being aware what they were taking.”



The drug in question is 2C-E (4-ethyl-2,5-dimethoxyphenethylamine), a psychedelic phenethylamine first noted by chemist Alexander Shulgin in the book “PiHKAL: A Chemical Love Story.” Normally administered orally or through a nasal spray, 2C-E is exceptionally dose sensitive — a small increase can trigger negative reactions.

The drug is also known as Aquarust, which Germany outlawed in 2014.

According to Drugs-Forum, the effects of 2C-E include:

  • General change in consciousness (as with most psychoactives)
  • Pupil dilation
  • Visual patterning, closed and open eye visuals
  • Confusion, difficulty concentrating, and/or scrambled thoughts
  • Change in perception of time
  • Slight increase in body temperature
  • Slight increase in heart rate
  • Muscle tension and aching
  • Jaw tension
  • Increased perspiration
  • Gastrointestinal discomfort, nausea and vomiting
  • Dizziness, confusion
  • Over-awareness & over-sensitization to music and noise
  • Paranoia, fear
  • Unwanted life-changing spiritual experiences
  • Possible difficulty integrating experiences


Doctors Under Attack?

The Handeloh poisoning follows a series of murders, deaths and disappearances this summer of chiropractors, osteopaths and medical doctors, most of whom were practicing holistic medicine. The apparent coincidence of these events has left many asking: Are health practitioners under attack?

A summary of recent deaths, disappearances and poisonings of health practitioners and holistic physicians.

  • Dr. Jeff Bradstreet, a leading autism researcher and physician, was found dead from a gun shot wound to the chest in late June. Dubbed a “no-vax” doctor, Dr. Bradstreet’s death occurred shortly after the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Georgia Drugs and Narcotics Agency raided his clinic.
  • Two chiropractors, Dr. Baron Holt and Dr. Bruce Hedendal, died a few days later from “unknown causes.” Dr. Holt, 33 and Dr. Hedendal, 67, were both were reportedly healthy, and both were described by their families as very fit. Both men were chiropractors and fathers, and both were found dead on the East Coast of Florida, both on Father’s Day.
  • The following week, on June 29th, Integrative Medicine practitioner Teresa Sievers MD was murdered in her home. Says Sheriff Mike Scott who is leading the investigation into her homocide, “Based on the evidence we have to this point… [Sievers’ murder] is not a random, arbitrary situation.”
  • The same day, Jeffrey Whiteside MD vanished without a trace. Dr. Whiteside was a pulmonologist known for his successful treatment of lung cancer, who reportedly vanishing while vacationing with family in Wisconsin. On July 23rd, authorities found the body of Dr. Jeffrey Whiteside, who at that stage had been missing for over three weeks. The sheriff’s department said that a .22-caliber handgun was found at the scene, however authorities did not release the cause of death following the autopsy.
  • Four days later, Patrick Fitzpatrick MD also disappeared while travelling from North Dakota to neighboring Montana. His truck and trailer were found on the roadside, however authorities have found no trace of Dr. Fitzpatrick.
  • One week later, Dr. Lisa Riley, a doctor of osteopathic medicine, was found in her home with a gunshot to the head. Authorities have charged Dr. Riley’s husband Yathomas Riley, who reported her death to police, with her murder.
  • Dr. Ron Schwartz, an MD and gynecologist who practiced in Jupiter, Florida, was murdered on July 19th. Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Teri Barbera said Schwartz’s death is considered a homicide, and added that the rumor that Schwartz had millions of dollars in his home is not true. Authorities have no firm leads.
  • Two days afterwards, Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez, a renowned holistic medical doctor who specialized in holistic cancer treatment, died suddenly — even though he was in excellent health. Dr. Gonzalez was the author of What Went Wrong: The Truth Behind the Clinical Trial of the Enzyme Treatment of Cancer, in which he described a concerted effort by the cancer industry to suppress evidence of available, low-cost cancer treatments.
  • In late July, holistic dentist Dr. Hakeem Abdul-Karim died in North Carolina — where our first Doctor Bradstreet was also found dead on June 19th, just over one month earlier. Although he was in top physical shape, Dr. Abdul-Karim reportedly died suddenly at 41 while training for a half marathon before a passerby found him dead on the side of the road. With extensive training in dental surgery and a focus on “preventative dentistry”, Dr. Abdul-Karim founded a non-profit foundation 2 years ago to treat severely disadvantaged children and mentally ill patients.
  • On August 3rd, the “sudden, non-medical death” of Jef Harvey was announced by his colleagues. Harvey was a technologist and healing arts practitioner, homeopathy practitioner and Board Certified in Quorom Nutrition, who until his death was working to deploy emerging technologies in autoimmune disease reversal and accelerated deep tissue wound healing. A 6 year veteran in Naval Intelligence (Electronics Unit), Harvey’s background included advanced software systems as well as military training in remote viewing and neurolinguistic programmming (NLP). He was a vocal advocate for transparency and disclosure on every level, including disclosure of the military-industrial–intelligence complex, ET’s, and the release to the world of the long suppressed technology. (An official cause of Harvey’s death is currently unknown.)
  • Dr. Mary Rene Bovier, an osteopathic physician specializing in behavioral and healthcare counseling, was murdered in her home mid-August. Dr. Bovier, 65, was found stabbed to death in her home in Pennsylvania, in a scene that authorities report to be indicative of homicide.

Except for the poisoning in Germany, all deaths and disappearances took place in eastern U.S. states, with many in the south.

Further details can be found here.

The people behind Snopes.com, David and Barbara Mikkelson

Editor’s note: The two couch potatoes at Snopes.com, who have “no formal background or experience in investigative research”, are claiming to have debunked this story, stating (among other things) that the victims of this poisoning were not holistic doctors.

However, in consultation with German and English speaking media in Germany, Erin from Health Nut News has confirmed the credentials of the victims of this poisoning and the details reported above. Snopes apparently didn’t try very hard to gather the facts they claim to represent.

Article sources

About the author:

Carolanne WrightCarolanne enthusiastically believes if we want to see change in the world, we need to be the change. As a nutritionist, natural foods chef and wellness coach, Carolanne has encouraged others to embrace a healthy lifestyle of organic living, gratefulness and joyful orientation for over 13 years

Through her website Thrive-Living.net she looks forward to connecting with other like-minded people from around the world who share a similar vision. Follow Carolanne on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.


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  • Armesis P

    Of course we are under attack. Things like this only prove that the holistic doctors are doing the right thing, and that the system is losing control. I have stopped taking pharma years ago and will never go back. Let this incident strengthen our resolve.

  • There is even a report out in Australia totally damning homoeopathy as quackery. I have kept my whole family healthy for over 30 years with homoeopathy and now they are trying to discredit it.

    • bkungl

      There is no money in it for the big pharmaceuticals (and politicians) so they are trying to discredit it. Will it work? I seriously doubt it because most of us know better…we are not the same people as we were 10, 20, 30 years ago…we are more aware and will not allow the pharmaceutical companies and our doctors to shove pills at us!!!!! We are a growing force and they are running scared and that….is how it should be!!!!!!

    • MysticYaz

      Homoeopathy is very effective. It works for me. My tabby cat survived until he was 23 on homoeopathy and good nutrition. The Daily Mail always rubbishes homoeopathy because it works. Most of the stuff that allopaths learn in medical school is irrelevant. They do not teach them nutrition in med school because they prefer to poison us and withhold the treatments that work and kill good doctors. GPs are drug pushers. If they do not do what the evil control system wants they are booted out.

      • Reynaud

        Homeopathy? Look up the definitions of placebo effect and confirmation bias. The “Post hoc ergo propter hoc” logical fallacy also applies.

  • York Thomas Nagel

    We do need more than ever courageous whistleblowers from inside this industry to give the police the right hints where and how to search. We have to uncover these criminals asap. and put them behind bars. Apart from this we have to group through organizations and put heavy pressure on politicians to allow alternative healing methods. Everybody should be able to choose by himself…

    • Richard

      I think the time for ‘courageous whistle blowers’, police action and politics are over, it all sounds like a lot of fun but if you still think that these people are going to help us, you are surely very naive as to how problems should be solved in this world. Also whoever is spending time in jail is not getting any better, they do not come out of the penitentiary all yes sir, no sir thank you sir. Even if someone did get time for something like this its obviously not the guy who planned the whole thing. Your comments and suggestions do not really. If only someone would start knocking off people administrating chemo, whos got the balls to kill the baddies while they busy killing us. revolotion is the only way!

  • signalfire1

    Do you always get your medical advice from a comedian? They call it ‘alternative’ because it’s not based on capitalism and lies.

    • LikeSenpai

      No I get my medical advice from medical professionals, you know those people who took 4-5 years of their life to study medicine, and spend they their lives applying that knowledge. I presume you’re an American who’s never experienced a nationalised health service, so your view on medicine is warped by insurance companies. They call it alternative because it’s not based on proof and science.

      • Niall

        It’s the secret societies behind these, wiping out good doctors, to fulfill the population theory leading to implementation of the New World Order

      • hereinWA

        Naturopaths, etc, also spend many years in school to learn their craft. Alternative medicine is what we had before we had synthetic drugs that kill thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, every year.

        • LikeSenpai

          “Alternative medicine is what we had before we had synthetic drugs” No it’s what we had before the scientific method. So should we rub infections with oil or use a form of Penicillin instead?

          Funny, I’ve not seen any alternatives to antibiotics to help people with tuberculosis nor have I seen alternatives to cancer treatments that don’t have the patients dying earlier than if they had chemo. Sometimes people come off their cancer treatments and do alternative treatments and end up dying when they were on the road to recovery.

          I’m pretty sure you made up that statistic of “synthetic drugs that kill thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, every year”. If that were the case the drugs would have been discontinued, the company liquidated and all accountable people prosecuted. Do you know how stringent trails and test to approve a drug are? It takes at least 5 years of testing just get human trails approved.

      • David Whitmore

        Hmm… Your Doctors only have to take 4-5 years of Study? Why is that?
        Here in America, a Doctor has 4 years of pre-medical College courses, then at least 3 years of advanced Medical Training. Then approximately 2 years of Residency (Actual On-the-Job supervised training. Then… They get to decide what kind of specialty they might want to practice; which means even more schooling and residential OJT, before they can be determined to be ‘Doctors’.

        Oh yeah, the pharmaceutical companies continually give seminars as to exactly how they are to prescribe their various medications to any patients. Doctor’s offices regularly get bonuses and other perks from these same companies. Just as they should; right?

  • june

    Why aren’t we hearing more about this? I reckon the homoeopath’s have found out something that certain large pharmaceuticals don’t want us to know. Bottom line, it always has something to do with money, power and control. Especially, as these articles keep getting hushed up and haven’t made the headline news.

    • Richard

      Found something? lets not beat around the bush guys……its cannabis

    • twinboys

      Also please check out 10 dead alternatives Drs here in the states in a short time. Go to youtube and search Dr Bradstreet and what he and colleagues were working with.

  • Nik

    In the German media this event, was reported as naturopaths getting high and needing saving by medical teams.
    Just shows how misinformed we are, the media is just all misleading. Can’t believe anything you read/see in any media worldwide

    • Chub Rub

      Several of the names above already have acquaintances and family members under arrest for their murders. One only needs to look at the statistics on the murder rate of the wealthy and would be alarmed by those numbers as well.

      • hereinWA

        Yeah, because they would never get it wrong, or charge the wrong person in order to cover something up, right?

  • MysticYaz

    They were pleading for people to have vaccinations in Sainsburys, UK today for the price of £9.00 per toxin ridden shot. This is how desperate these mass murderers are. Strange that baby vaccinator Mr Gates is still alive. The devil sure does look after his own. We are controlled by mass murdering inbred Pharisee vermin. It’s about time they got their just desserts for their crimes against humanity and the planet. Tick! tock!

  • ThriveLiving

    Hi Symon – Do you have a news source on this? It would be good to see. I haven’t come across any information (US News, Telegraph UK, Star Tribune, The Independent) about this being a psychedelic therapy seminar, nor that the participants were aware of the substance in question. Thanks.

    • Ina

      This discussion is old now, but since I see everywhere this rumor being spread that bad people are killing german holistic health practicioners I searched now hours to find some german news on this. Symon is right.
      But almost every paper I checked used nearly the same words, so I guess it goes back to one source and most others copied it including your english sources. The latest text I found in “Welt” , saying that there is a criminal investigation going on but as I understand not on murder but on drug dealing. I maybe wrong though.
      The leader of the conference seems to have studied with Samuel Widmer, based in Switzerland . Long story around drugs, therapy and cults, I didn’t go deeper. Maybe you check out what the swiss man is about

    • Marion Schneider
      • ThriveLiving

        Thanks Marion for the link. From what I could gather with a translation of the article, it sounds as though (three weeks later), it was still unclear whether the participants intentionally took the drug or not. If you hear anything more on this point, I would be very interested to know. Thank you!

  • Reynaud


    29 Sept. release of German police investigative findings: The forensics lab has identified the psychotropic drug, 2C-E in capsules seized at the scene and there are legal proceedings going forward against 25 of the 29 conference participants for illegal use of narcotics.

  • DJEB

    “Oh no! What if people chose their ineffective snake oil over real medicine.”
    — Moustache-twirling Big Pharma villain, probably