False Light and Traps of Agreement

False Light and Traps of Agreement

By Laura Leon

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

There is much healthy discussion taking place in determining the ways that manipulating forces have invaded, hijacked and concealed Light Truth. For those on such a quest in their awakening state, a far more sophisticated level of ensnaring is surfacing on account of this power; a power occurring within the Universal Wave, which is inside us as much as throughout the Universe.

Now more than ever we are navigating through a minefield of not only misinformation, disinformation and spiritual interference, but also a whole new level of seduction that seeks to blind and bind humanity deeper within the earthen prison matrix — especially against those waking up and unlocking Keys. The aim of the ‘game’ is to snare humanity utilizing powerful truths.

If one is connected to their True Source, through one’s inner kingdom, and not via external sources, then they will not seek to gravitate to anything parasitic with attaching hosting forces, designed to lead one astray.

Their means of snaring are conducted with enough pearls of truth to seduce ones soul (not Spirit as the Spirit cannot be lied or seduced to), to not only be harvested, but also invaded, possessed and bound unto all manner of trappings. Such effects will only lead one away from “SELF”, which is derailing from the true path. Whatever one calls these forces is irrelevant, for there are many, and so many in fact that most would find it difficult to fathom.

These ‘tools’ that were taught to humanity via different mediums through rituals, esoteric arts, channeling etc, were just ways in which all these ‘beings’, ‘entities’, dark matter could invade and harvest under the guise of spirituality and truth seeking.

Whatever gifts and knowledge bestowed was to serve their hidden objectives of our enslavement to ‘them’. The purpose was to fool the soul so that people would not connect to their ‘Spirit Being’ or ‘Universal Frequency Template’. In so doing, they were and have been able to hijack humanity and keep them away from the Center of their BEING, wherein everyone bears the Vital and ability to access everything without obstruction, corruption, manipulating forces nor astral interference.

All of the differing tools used are essentially instruments for channeling the many ‘forces’, ‘principalities’, Archontic, reptilian, alien/parasitic hierarchies etc. This information is not from the True Source in my experience, but rather a part of the programming matrix, which is to keep everyone deeply locked inside ‘their’ elaborate prison farm, that is not just the world we live in, but the most powerful prison being layered upon minds and heart. In this way we are truly trapped if we continue to believe the holographic prison matrix and accept the version of reality that they are and have been controlling the masses to believe, see, smell, hear and live.

They had to find ways to keep people trapped whom are waking up. They knew they could not stop the Universal energies in consegrity when such occurs, so what better way to keep the prisoners breaking out than to give them ‘spiritual esoteric gifts’, tools and instruments so as to keep them ensnared with even more hijacking attachments that would serve to keep them from the very truth they are seeking. This is the ouroboros, where upon no matter how much you seek, you will never truly get anywhere except more laden with attachments and new agreements of entrapment, so as to never escape the snake that is feasting upon you. The information will lure you further into deeper centers where hosting and invasion are a set up waiting.

False Light and Traps of Agreement - Image 'Ouroboros' by saki-blackwing.deviantart.com

The seduction is in how the information makes a person ‘FEEL’, which is the key to how they operate. One must ‘know thyself’ in order to discern the difference between the True Universal Source and the false light and manipulations of the invaders, hijackers and overseers. There are many drug-like affects they can induce upon us with everything, and language is one of the greatest spells cast to keep us rigged inside the web, even and especially when we are truth seeking. These inducements/attachments will keep one digging further and further inside the snake while simultaneously separating the seeker from ‘Self’, therefore the ‘True Source’.

This of course is designed to keep us away from the very thing ‘they’ fear the most which is Yourself = the Kingdom of the Universes. When many of these magical things are ‘created’ to be a conduit of information transference under the guise of helping mankind connect to ‘Spirit’, then not only is the information corrupted, but it is corrupted because it comes with quantum levels of attachments, agreements and invaders, whose sources operate under ulterior hidden agendas. Such have nothing to do with helping us to become emancipated out of this harvesting prison recycling hell.

I don’t know if you have seen archontic parasites which are one example of the hordes at work here, but they love hosting people by making people feel a false sense of ‘god’, protection, guidance, psychic gifts, downloads, spiritism, blessings, euphoric holy spirit feelings, feelings of love, of things we ourselves ‘feed’ from (list is too long), though in reality they are nothing but attachments that are only interested in vampirizing us eternally inside the great Harvester Ouroboros. The more we look outside ourselves and give into others realities, the more lost we will be until finally our Spirits will be so disconnected in that division of Being, that the soul will no longer have True Source discernment because it simply will not recognize ‘itself’ in order to shatter the matrix of captivity.

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About the author:

Laura Leon

Laura Leon is a forensic “anomalous” profiler, energy seer and holographic kinetics practitioner. She has a University background in psychology, anthropology, archaeology and environmental politics.

Laura’s focus is merging the human dynamic of psychology, emotions, mind, body, and Spirit for a comprehensive understanding of our current paradigm. She is a facilitator in assessing anomalous trauma and coaching others for personal well being and energy balancing. Laura Leon’s quantum healing perception of energy bodies on many dimensions, levels and timelines can access pieces that are buried, lost or hidden within the fabric of these quantum layers. Her passion in understanding anomalous set-ups, personality disorders and the unseen forces of paranormal interference, offers deep insight for her clients to access memories, collapse paradigms and heal core emotional wounds for full integration.

Laura is a survivor of many forms of targeting and anomalous interference, including alien abduction. Laura Leon came in with pre-birth consciousness memories including future time lines and knowledge of things to come. She has lived “in between worlds” comprehending the nature of this “cosmic battle” piercing through the veil of our worldly paradigm and, at the age of 9, wrote a book entitled, “Another Reality” based on extensive supernatural life experiences and awareness of the existence of a double reality Matrix system. As a result of these early experiences, she accessed keys related to ‘the Game’ being played in this reality and applies these keys towards discovery of Sovereignty on quantum levels.

Laura Leon’s life work has everything to do with discovering the game, it’s rules, and the keys to our quantum Sovereignty, emancipation and release. She is in the process of writing her book, and engaged in other works in progress, soon to be made public.

You can connect with Laura online at:


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  • Jeff Street

    Lots of vague fear mongering without saying anything constructive about how to avoid and the traps and connect to our True Source. This combination is one that throws up really big red flags for me.

    • Shereen MJ

      I totally agree. I kept waiting for some concrete examples of what the author was reiterating… Nothing. Or some methods of discerning desirable from undesirable… Nothing. Rituals of transmutation or cleaning oneself… Nothing.

      I ended feeling like I’d just read a whole lot of, what for me said… Nothing.

    • Tara Williams

      I agree but I’ve thought about it and I think the idea is to look within yourself and what comes to your mind? What practices belief systems or tools that you use in your current state could possibly be crutches for you or hindering you. For me, this was Consulting psychics. I realized that I was just leaning on some external thing or person to guide me on my spiritual path which was only a distraction to keep me from looking within all the magic lies! I repeat of this cycle knowing that I was in a form of entrapment until one day I met with a psychic that told me she could not accept my money. Divine Spirit was telling her that she was not to read for me because Spirit was trying to get me to look Within. I also found Facebook to be a form of spiritual destruction. There’s so many amazing articles like the one above that I want to read . But I’ve been feeling lately that it’s just a distraction something to keep my mind busy and off of the real work that lies within . That being said clearly I am not following that guidance because I am on Facebook! But I’m working on it .Just some food for thought 🙂

  • Knyahsha Dahvika Elyahsheba Yi

    Of course those who continue to look outside of self for answers will not get much from this article. I would like to thank you for the wisdom and knowledge. For it is so true that looking without will disconnect your within from truth. Thanks for writing about the language spell that many people seem to be completely unaware of the actual existence. Thank You, this was an excellent read meant just for me. Thank you for the confirmation.

    • Tara Williams

      Very well said! I feel like the message here is that whatever it is… If it takes our Focus away from looking within at the divine power that we all possess… Then it is not for a highest good. Surely each of us will have different things that pull us away from looking Within. This is why I think the author didn’t give specific examples because for one person tarot may be a tool that they use to connect with spirit understanding that all of the answers lies within. Another person may use tarot as a crutch not wanting to look within and always wanted to look to the cards for the answers. I don’t think tarot in itself is the issue the issue is the person and how they are using it and with what intention. Is definitely a thought-provoking article designed… I believe… To make us think and examine which areas of our life on a personal level may be hindering us

  • Bheeshma

    Since i follow a systematic form of Spiritual practice I have been following this discussion for some time. Was I trapped in some matrix myself? Today while reading this I realised that a very important link to the thought process behind this is the philosophy of Shri Aurobindo. I could not get the exact text but heres something I found online:-

    Beings of the Vital worlds

    Sri Aurobindo: These are the forces and beings that are interested in maintaining the falsehoods they have created in the world of the Ignorance and in putting them forward as the Truth which men must follow. In India they are termed Asuras, Rakshasas, Pishachas (beings respectively of the mentalised vital, middle vital and lower vital planes) who are in opposition to the Gods, the Powers of Light. These too are Powers, for they too have their cosmic field in which they exercise their function and authority and some of them were once divine Powers (the former gods, purve devah, as they are called somewhere in the Mahabharata) who have fallen towards the darkness by revolt against the divine Will behind the cosmos. The word “appearances” refers to the forms they take in order to rule the world, forms often false and always incarnating falsehood, sometimes pseudo-divine.

    The above philosophy more or less precribes to the idea that there are beings on this planet and otherwise maybe in this dimension or in other dimensions that seek to slow down or stop our evolution.

    Evolution again should not be taken strictly as a physical concept but rather a whole.

    Now my Master (Guru and Guide) propagates
    the flip side of the conversation that everything exists in our universe and in all dimensions as aids to our evolution.

    Our spirit being light, timeless and eternal is only linked certain forms of heaviness (including this body) for its evolution and for it to be anchored in time and space. Eternally the Spirit was never born and can never die it is the start, the end and existed even before creation. In essence it is God.

    Any systematic form of meditation or spiritual practice only seeks to establish and practically experience this.

    Once I know 100% that it is true then what is there to fear? How can I devolve? Who can enslave me my spirit? My mind? My consousness?

    If you found this useful then you can try Heartfulness Meditation. The words are not mine the quest is.

  • Sovereign Kees

    There is no fear mongering when you recognize what is at work and what is attempting to take your power from you through these means and more. It’s awareness and knowledge of all the games that empowers us to take back what we should have never given away through agreements of entrapment, omission, silence or acceptance in the first place. ~

    Knowledge is power but knowledge, heart and Spirit integrated are what they fear the most because they have no weapon against the Universe, that which we are is Everything. ~ This is the knowledge that is required in order to not be played positively or negatively because that is where ‘they’ neutralize you for Aetheric soul essence harvesting. ~ Knowledge is without fear no matter how dark a truth can be when being exposed when the Spirit is in control of the vehicle ~ We are Sovereign Beings ~

  • Sovereign Kees

    ~ When one understands that your Essence is already Everything, then
    all things created and experienced in this reality become mute. These
    world’s within world’s are procured out of the illusions projected out
    of our consciousness.

    All Kreations are of themselves
    illusions. The process of clearings, and the alchemy of transmuting,
    excavating and purging serve as methods by which we are led back to the
    road of remembering our Original WHOLENESS. These methods are utilized by the amnesiac ‘world’ to stir our own energies for inner Alchemy of the ultimate Gnossis to be excavated from within us.

    This Alchemy is the comprehending of what you already ARE and always
    have been. We are already WHOLE and are one and the same with the
    Universe/s we Kreated.

    The challenge is in waking the Real Konsciousness from it’s stasis cutting off the projection and in this
    way we will discover that in that moment of true Awakening in Gnosis of
    our true Konsciousness, we will step into what we truly are instantly.
    We will comprehend the ALL which we are and always have been, without
    the need for 3D clearings and detoxing etc.

    I’m not saying these things don’t serve a purpose, however the purpose they are serving is
    to essentially attempt to rouse the sleeper, deal with the artificial
    artifice of karma, shame and everything else we have accrued within time, in essence of our own Kreation
    inside the dual binary world of opposition, so as to wake up from the dream within the

    Often people become angry because they are angry within
    themselves that they are not rising out of their own ashes and are still
    deeply caught inside the sleepy hallows of their own Kreation. ~