Nutrition For Better Skin Health

20th May 2016

By Marie Be

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

Proper skin care is important, since the skin is the bridge between the outside and the inside of the body. What you put on your skin gets directly absorbed into your body; put toxins on your skin, and you body will take the toll. For this reason, avoiding toxic products from the cosmetic industry and instead using food-grade ingredients on our skins has become the routine of many (for more info, please see Skin Science – Debunking Cosmetic Industry Propaganda).

But what about our diet? Can a toxic diet directly cause skin ailments? The answer is simple: Yes. To alleviate skin troubles, it is not enough to look at what we put onto our skin but also what we put into our bodies.

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Consciousness Rules, Okay!

By Michael Roads

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

I remember when, many years ago, I used to listen to one of my friends talking about Krishnamurti. He was into Krishnamurti’s teachings exclusively, whereas I gleaned grains of wisdom wherever I could. He would go on and on about this great man, repeating some of the statements that had so impressed him. Two in particular stuck in my head, mainly because they seemed so blatantly ridiculous. Knowledge is the barrier to discovery. And, ‘There is no such thing as the unconsciousness.’

As far as I was concerned, these were preposterous statements. How could a spiritually enlightened man be so in error? The question really bothered me. If he was correct, how could I, and most other people, be so incorrect? In those days my life was dominated by my spiritual quest for the realisation of Self, my spiritual enlightenment. I read many of the books that were available at that time, but I never could get into the books by J. Krishnamurti. For me, he talked in riddles. I did realise that he was an intellectual, while I was very much a heart person, and as I know today, heart and brain each speak in a different language. Continue Reading – Consciousness Rules, Okay!

Learning to Trust

By Michael Roads

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

During my world tour each year as a spiritual teacher, I spend plenty of time talking with people who are on their spiritual path. They often mention to me that they are learning to trust. I usually ask them if they actually know what trust is. The honest ones quickly admit that they do not, while a few come up with a variety of answers which prove that they, also, have no idea.

I find this interesting. Most people can give you an intellectual explanation of trust, yet they have never actually experienced it! An encyclopedic description of trust is not trust, just as the jam label description on the jam jar is not jam! This is obvious when pointed out, yet multitudes of people are trying to learn to trust, but they do not know what trust is! They only have the label. How can we expect to learn from this? Surely if we want to learn something, we need to know the basics of it. It is difficult to learn to trust when we live in a world that does not support trust? Society supports suspicion and distrust; laws are based in this. The insurance industry is based in distrust. We do not live in a society of people who have lost their trust – we live in a society who have never yet learned what trust truly is.

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Conscious Connection – Bridging Species Through Love

By Michael J. Roads

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

Some months ago I had a book recommended to me, The Elephant Whisperer, by Lawrence Anthony. And as the author quickly states, the whisperer is the elephant! It is a very well written and truly inspiring book. Why I am mentioning this is that the book is actually about consciousness … although the (now sadly deceased) author might not have realised this at the time of writing.

Obviously enough, it is the true story of the relationship between a dominant female African elephant and the author. Just briefly, a small, displaced herd of elephants had become very aggressive and dangerous to the local native villagers, and the herd was to be shot. Lawrence, who was blessed to own 5000 acres of game reserve called Thula Thula, set in pristine bush in Zululand, South Africa, is told about this and asked if he can take the whole herd to save their lives. Although this represents a multitude of staggering problems for him, Lawrence instantly agrees.

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Forgotten Knowledge: Natural Skin Care for Your Baby

By Marie Be

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

The largest organ of the body, the skin, begins its complex process of development about a week after conception, and continues to evolve throughout pregnancy and following birth. Proper skin care during the first year of an infant can positively affect the full term development of the skin, as well as enhance a child’s overall developmental health. Sadly, with the propaganda from the cosmetic industry, we’ve lost fundamental knowledge on how to properly take care of the skin of a baby.

Many baby products have been associated with systemic toxicity. This is in part due to the fact that the cosmetic industry created the misconception that the skin is impervious, and regulations misleadingly classify skin care products as ‘external’ products (1) – ignoring the effects of dermal chemical absorption. Baby products do not escape this lack of safety and therefore contain a smogboard of toxic chemicals. (check out : The Cosmetic Industry; A History of Subsidies, Under-Regulation and Propaganda) Continue Reading – Forgotten Knowledge: Natural Skin Care for Your Baby

How GMO Foods Turn Your Intestines Into an Insecticide Factory

By Marie Be

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

The rise of GMOs in our food supplies raises a variety of issues, from environmental degradation to nutrient depletion, dependency on toxic agro-chemicals and government corruption — many topics with lots of well sourced information. Often falling into the cracks is the effect of GM foods on intestinal health. Why does it matter? Because intestinal health is directly linked to genetics, immunity and our overall health and well-being.

The History of GMOs

The GMO revolution was fueled by oil subsidies, government corruption and university funding (1). GMOs were engineered after WW2, based on a surplus military product. There was extra bomb making material that was found to work as fertilizer, so the synthetic fertilizer industry was created. There was excess nerve gas that could be used as an insecticide, and the insecticidal industry was created.

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The Case of the Incredible Disappearing Cancer Patients!

By Tracy Kolenchuk

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

It’s been almost 20 years since I met my first disappearing patient — a nurse in her early 40s, let’s call her Kate. Kate was diagnosed with breast cancer. As a nurse, she had seen the results of breast cancer treatments. She was terrified, and determined. She was not heading for surgery, nor chemotherapy, nor radiation.

But Kate worked in a hospital. She worked with the doctors who diagnosed her cancer, and she worked with the surgeon, who wanted to schedule her into surgery “as soon as possible.”

The first thing Kate did was slow down. She did some research. It didn’t take her long to remind herself that in Canada, and in the USA, the treatments for cancer are akin to law. No hospital would dare deviate from the deadly three (cut, poison, burn).

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A Different Approach to Guilt, Blame and Forgiveness

By Michael J. Roads

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

Guilt, blame and the need for forgiveness are very common problems for humanity. In this article I intend to approach this from a completely different viewpoint. As a spiritual teacher, I am very aware that in everyday life many people consider themselves as physical and mortal Beings who have a single life, and they had better get it right and not disappoint their parents and family. Most people literally live their life with a heavy burden of I must, I should or I should not. This is a hopeless path if we like good health and happiness.

I would like you to consider the bigger picture, and it is a very BIG picture.

First and foremost, you were not born and you do not die. You are an immortal Being. You are not a personality/body with a soul, as so many people assume. People talk about “my soul” as though it is “my handbag,” or “my car!” Begin to live your life as though you are an immortal soul with a temporary and mortal body/personality, for this is your truth. The key here is that you are an immortal soul. The movie of your life is not a ten or fifty or even a hundred year affair … it is forever. And that is a very long time!

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Free Will – How Free Are We?

By Michael J. Roads

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

What is free will? Is it the freedom to do as you will? This is what is implied. Does this mean we are free to flout the laws of the land? Obviously not, so there goes a bit of freedom. Or does it? Do we need to flout the laws of the land? Probably not. So is that now freedom reclaimed?

On a physical level free will does not really mean so very much. It’s a term, a theory, rather than a reality. Most people are driven by the demons of their childhood conditioning, and the emotional baggage they incarnate with, so any action resulting from this conditioning is certainly not free will. It’s not so easy to recognise free will, or to actually experience it.

So physically, free will is more a perception than a reality. How about the freedom to believe whatever we will? Do we have this?

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How To Get Your Big Idea To FLY!

25th July 2015

By Caroline Diana Bobart

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

You are by your very nature a creative being. It is part of your natural evolutionary process to think, feel inspired and act on those impulses as a means of expressing, enjoying and aligning more and more with your true potential – who you really are. And, to the degree that you share the best of yourself with others in the world you connect and inspire others, some of whom will in turn help you further develop and co-create your vision and idea.

What is it you have been wanting to create lately?

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Surviving vs Thriving – Your Golden Key!

11th June 2015

By Caroline Diana Bobart

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

Have you ever found yourself desperately wishing you could break free from the hamster wheel of merely surviving day to day rather than radiantly thriving? If you have, you already know that it is one of the haziest aspects of human experience you will ever find yourself having to face.

It is hazy especially on your mental, emotional and spiritual levels and in such a way that you can find yourself experiencing the deep soul-level call for healing, growth and change without really being able to see yourself or your situation dispassionately, as it is. And without this inner and outer clarity and self-understanding about who and where you are, it can be very tricky to know precisely the choices you need to make and the direction in which you ought to head.

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Stepping Aside – Letting Universal Intelligence Take The Lead

21st May 2015

By Caroline Diana Bobart

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

Can you think back to a time in the past when you really wanted to create a life-change but had a definite sense of there being both a literal and a vibrational gap between where you were and the situation or place you would much rather be?

In the intuitive coaching and strategising I do with clients day to day, I notice that this is precisely the gap that creates some of the most potent varieties of anxiety and fear. When someone steps into an initial consultation with me, it isn’t uncommon to hear questions such as: Can I really do this? Can I really have what I want? What will others think? Will anyone ‘get’ it? Can I afford it? or How will spending money enable me to create the change I want?

As a universal human experience, it is invaluable for us to closely explore the underlying dynamics of being at this place; a place where you feel the urge to upgrade your relationships and experiences but don’t know quite how you will make it come about. If you are at this place right now, there are a few really key things for you to consider…

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