Canadian born Tracy Kolenchuk is author of two books: “Introduction to Healthicine: Theories of Health, Healthiness, Illness” and “Aging Healthicine: The Arts Sciences of Health and Healthiness”.

Tracy is not a doctor. He is the founder of and where he works to change the way the world defines and looks at health, healthiness and healthicine.

Diseases Cured – But Not By Medicines

By  Tracy Kolenchuk Guest Writer for  Wake Up World Can you name a disease that can be cured, but cannot be cured with medicines? Can you name two? Five? More? Can you name a common disease that can  be cured by medicines? How many diseases can you list that can be  cured by vitamins or ...Continue Read...
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Beware the Quack Quack Quack

18th October 2014 By  Tracy Kolenchuk Guest Writer for Wake Up World What is Quack-Quackery? What is a quack?  What is a quack quack?  What is a quack quack quack? And why do we need to beware them? The Quack Is a  quack  someone who sells ‘false medicine’. Not just that. Merriam-Webster def...
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The Placebo Paradox

28th September 2014 By Tracy Kolenchuk Guest Writer for Wake Up World When you research medicines, alternative medicines, even medical treatments that do not involve a physical substance, you will see reference to the “placebo effect”; statements such as: X is no better than a  placebo...
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10 Reasons to Love Your Homeopath

By  Tracy Kolenchuk Guest Writer for Wake Up World Lots of people swear by homeopathic medicines, but a small group think they should be banned. In the book “Think Like a Freak“, authors Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner tell  us that the three hardest words in the English language are...
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Do You Really Need a Medicine? Or a Healthicine?

By  Tracy Kolenchuk Guest Writer for Wake Up World Healthicines increase healthiness. Medicines decrease illness. It’s easy to say, but it can be very difficult to understand clearly. Are “alternative medicines” healthicines or medicines? Are vitamins healthicines or medicines? Are herbal treatments he...
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Curing Cancer Requires a New Kind of Thinking

7th August 2013 By Tracy Kolenchuk Guest Writer for Wake Up World “Science advances one funeral at a time” said Nobel Prize winning physicists Max Planck. Unfortunately, it has the ring of truth. But why can’t science advance “one cure at a time“? It can. In theory, no-one knows how to cure cancer. In...
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10 Common Nutrition Myths and Misconceptions

15th June 2013 By  Tracy  Kolenchuk Guest Writer for Wake Up World The most common  misconception  about nutrition is  that we actually know a lot about nutrition. Fact: no-one studies healthy nutrition and diet in a serious, scientific fashion. We have lots of theories, lots of errors, lots of contradi...
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A Scientific Theory of Illness

10th June 2013 By  Tracy  Kolenchuk Guest Writer for Wake Up World If a super-intelligent alien was to visit our planet and search for a scientific theory of illness, she might conclude the our prevailing theory consists of “sell the drugs” and “damn the consequences”. She might also know that the sci...
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