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Tree Bombs: How Old Warplanes Can Plant Up to 900,000 Trees a Day

29th May 2016

By Carolanne Wright

Contributing writer for Wake Up World

Imagine old military planes used to revitalize barren areas of the earth, instead of causing death and destruction to the environment and wildlife. This reality may be closer than you think. Former RAF pilot, Jack Walters of Shropshire, England, believes C-130 transport aircraft — originally used for carpeting landmines across combat zones — could easily be refitted to deliver something exceptionally beneficial and peaceful: tree bombs.

Peter Simmons, of Lockheed Martin aeronautical corporation, thinks the idea is very doable: “The possibilities are amazing. We can fly at 1,000ft at 130 knots planting more than 3,000 cones a minute in a pattern across the landscape – just as we did with landmines, but in this case each cone contains a sapling. That’s 125,000 trees for each sortie and 900,000 trees in a day.”

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The Ongoing Erosion of the Matrix/Control Agenda

29th May 2016

By Zen Gardner

Contributing writer for Wake Up World

Here’s an interesting dynamic that’s clearly at play in our ongoing reality. You can treat this as a “what if” perception or however you like, but I actually think the parasitic “powers that want to be” have a very real respect for people who “get it”. They not only get a kick out of us tracking them, but more importantly many levels of the cabal actually learn from us since they’re so helplessly blinded by their own compartmentalized program.

Stay with me, this understanding is extremely empowering…

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What If We Are The “Bad Guys”?

28th May 2016

By Irwin Ozborne

Contributing writers for Wake Up World

“We were told to just shoot people, and the Officers would take care of us” – Iraqi War Veteran

Abeer Qassim al-Janabi, was a 14-year-old girl who was gang-raped by U.S. Soldiers while they killed her family before ending her life. It was all pre-meditated, and they targeted her because there was only one male living in that house.

“During the time me and Barker were raping Abeer, I heard five or six gunshots that came from the bedroom,” Sgt. Paul Cortez admitted. “After Barker was done, Green came out of the bedroom and said that he had killed them all, that all of them were dead. Green then placed himself between Abeer’s legs to rape her,” he added, “When Green was finished, he stood up and shot Abeer in the head two or three times.”

The entire crime took about five minutes and the girl knew her parents and sister had been shot while she was being raped.

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Love Rebels, Unite!

28th May 2016

By Wes Annac

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

“There’s nothing that we can’t cure, and I’ll keep you in my arms for sure. So don’t let nobody stop us, free spirits have to soar.” ~ Ziggy Marley

Ziggy Marley, accomplished reggae artist and son of legend Bob Marley, has said before that love is this generation’s form of rebellion. Some of you might know his song, “Love Is My Religion”, in which he explains that his newfound religion is love; self-love, love for mankind, love for the planet, etc.

His song inspired me to open up to true love; not the over-hyped and romanticized version of love we’re conditioned to think is all we have. There’s a much more real and more authentic form of love waiting for us to realize it exists, and the moment we open up to it will be the moment we discover the best form of rebellion.

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Nuclear Experimentation Year 71: A Shadow On the Collective Consciousness

27th May 2016

By Ethan Indigo Smith

Contributing writer for Wake Up World

A Shadow On the Collective Consciousness

It has been a year since my annual nuclear experimentation article. Time flies. My scale of time of course is ignorant. I cannot comprehend the complexity of time unfolding as it does, beyond my limited human imagination, and my ignorance of the ways of time is not unlike your own. And perhaps it is not unlike the ignorance of the nuclear goons of yesteryear, whose shortsighted planning for the nuclear waste ‘storage’ failed to take into account the life of nuclear radiation in human generations much less the millions of years that nuclear waste actually remains deadly.

Some people posit that one generation is roughly twenty years. So, about three generations ago the first nuclear waste was created and then buried, for future generations to deal with.

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Melatonin Superior To Toxic Drug In Migraine Prevention Study

27th May 2016

By Sayer Ji

Contributing writer for Wake Up World

Melatonin, a substance secreted by your own brain, was found superior to a commonly prescribed toxic pharmaceutical at significantly reducing migraine headache frequency. 

GreenMedInfo.com has a special research section titled, “Superiority of Natural Substances versus Drugs,” which catalogs research from the National Library of Medicine (pubmed.gov) that clearly demonstrates the superiority of foods, herbs, and even therapeutic interventions like acupuncture and yoga, versus conventional drug-based interventions. Thus far, GreenMedInfo has indexed compelling complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) solutions that have proven to be superior to pharmaceutical drugs for 175 ailments, and the research keeps coming in.

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Are Humans Wired to Sleep Twice a Day? The Benefits of a Two-Phase Sleep Cycle

26th May 2016

By Christina Lavers

Contributing writer for Wake Up World

Until recently, most of us just assumed that sleep is a nocturnal activity that naturally occurs in one long block. Today, largely thanks to historian and researcher Roger Ekrich, this long held assumption is being revisited. Ekirch published a study that examined hundreds of diaries, court records, and instructional manuals which demonstrated that, prior to the industrial revolution, most humans slept in two shorter blocks rather than one single large one. Based on his research, which found countless references to ‘first’ and ‘second’ sleeps, it appears that historically most people went to bed after dinner when the sun went down, slept for approximately 3-4 hours, then woke up for a couple of hours in the middle of the night, and then finally returned to sleep until dawn.

Two factors are believed to have influenced the shift from a multiple to a singular sleep session. The first is electric lighting, the second was the industrial revolution.

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7 Domestic Factors That Can Make or Break Your Health

26th May 2016

By Dr. Joseph Mercola

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

More than 80,000 man-made chemicals are put into American household products, food, and food packaging each year, a majority of which are not tested for safety beforehand.

The typical American home contains an average of 3 to 10 gallons of toxic materials in the form of household cleaning products alone.[1]

In Europe, more than 1,300 chemicals are banned from use in lotions, soaps, toothpaste, cosmetics, and other personal care products. In the U.S., a mere 11 have been banned.[2]

Add to this toxic flame retardants, found in countless items from furniture to baby products and electronics, and it’s easy to see why some experts warn that many are likely to be exposed to dangerous levels of chemicals.

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How This Simple Educational Model Can Change the World

25th May 2016

By Carolanne Wright

Contributing writer for Wake Up World

“In the modern age of production and consumption, in the age of money and power, the meaning of education has become distorted. The Latin root of the word education – educare – means to ‘bring out’, whereas the present implication of the word education is to ‘put in’.” ~ Satish Kumar

America — and the world at large — is in crisis. From education to the environment and how we relate to one another, most would agree, something needs to change — and quickly. As overwhelming as this state of affairs can be, Satish Kumar, a former Jain monk, long-time peace activist and ecological champion believes we can radically re-establish balance to our planet and its inhabitants with one straightforward idea. The key to such a metamorphosis? Our educational system.

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Love, Pristine Consciousness and Death: What They Have in Common

25th May 2016

By Harry Krueger

Contributing writer for Wake Up World

Love – used here as a term derived from the Indo-European and Sanscrit: The desire to be united with its Beloved. Love is the Action of Intelligence when expressed through the pristine consciousness. Any other expression is a demonic spirit of the fragmented energy (mind).

Pristine consciousness is content-less and so cannot of its own have an opinion or belief about anything.

Eons ago, at the cradle of humanity (and before civilization) pristine consciousness never had to doubt what passed before it. Other than the necessary steps to provide for the necessities of living, it saw no need for personal plans because it did not see itself as separate from its awareness. It trusted in its relationship with its Beloved (Intelligence).

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5 Remedies for Leaky Gut

24th May 2016

By Dr. Edward Group

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

Digestion is a complex process with many moving parts and there are many steps along the way for something to go wrong. One of the more increasingly common disorders is a condition known as “leaky gut.” Leaky gut, otherwise known as intestinal hyperpermeability, is when perforations develop and allow undigested food and toxins to pass back into the body. Sound like a problem? It is. Leaky gut can be the starting point for anything from food intolerances to inflammatory bowel disease. If leaky gut is a problem for you, you have options, and here are five to get you started.

1. Water

One of easiest things you can do to defend against leaky gut is to stay well hydrated. Chronic dehydration causes constipation. This, in turn, allows bacteria to linger and inflame the intestinal lining, leading to—you guessed it—leaky gut.

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All Eyes Are On the Control Matrix

23rd May 2016

By Phillip J. Watt

Guest writer for Wake Up World

No matter if you’re asleep at the wheel of life or have awoken to not just the consciousness of reality, but also the corporatocracy that has hijacked our world, most of us are paying attention to our shrinking wallets, as well as the political circus. The system is in the limelight, but not how the power structure would like it to be.

The social engineering agenda of dumbing the masses into good little minions of the system has been highly successful, however too many people are now suffering and looking for answers why. Sometimes it feels that the alternative media gives them too much credit too, because it’s also been highly successful at exposing itself and therefore waking up people to their enslavement, as well as the lies, deception, toxicity and control matrix itself. Continue Reading – All Eyes Are On the Control Matrix