Exploring Spirit Release Therapy: A Revolutionary Approach to Mental Wellness

March 12th, 2024

By Brendan D. Murphy

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

Big Pharma prefers that people didn’t know it, but…

There are other options to drug treatments in many cases of apparent “mental illness.” One is called Spirit Releasement/Release Therapy (SRT).

Some years back I had a close friend (also highly psychic) who was incessantly harangued by hostile voices ordering her to hurt herself. After discovering a book by one of the pioneers of Spirit Release Therapy (Dr. William Baldwin) in a second hand book store, my friend made a booking with, and had a session done by a nearby SRT practitioner (with great results).

Before I share about that, we need some background on SRT and Dr. Baldwin.

Baldwin originally plied his trade as a dentist until 1982, when he learned hypnodontics; dental hypnosis. This he used to eliminate fear of the drill and needle, control gagging, minimize swelling and maximise healing. He supplemented this by studying medical hypnosis and counselling hypnotherapy.

In one advanced hypnosis workshop, he experienced himself in a prior lifetime, something he eventually came to see as a life changing event.

From there he read what he could of the books produced by therapists developing the past-life field, and set out to learn how to perform past-life therapy. By 1981 he had begun performing regressions on clients and ten years and several thousand therapy sessions later, he produced a book, Spirit Releasement Therapy: A Technique Manual.[1]

Here is where Baldwin’s research provides a different angle on most past life research—and it is thoroughly shamanic.

He discovered that;

Physical and emotional trauma can apparently cause loss of soul fragments. Such trauma and the lost soul fragment can be discovered in this or an earlier lifetime. Past life therapy can assist healing this condition. The techniques used to locate the source of a current problem can also lead to the discovery of an attached entity that is causing the problem. This, also, can involve the present or former lifetimes. The entity or entities are carefully and permanently released to the light.[2]

One seemingly bizarre aspect of Baldwin’s above quote is that he states the fragment can be discovered lingering in this lifetime or an earlier one. Immediately, this creates problems for the linear, rational mind (associated reductively with the left brain hemisphere).

How can a soul fragment exist in a moment in the “past” that no longer exists? We need to remember the division of time into past, present and future is a figment of our linear mentations.

In the Superhologram, all events exist now, simultaneously, superimposed over one another, rather than one existing after the other as time flows forward. Put succinctly, we are dealing with nonlocality through/in time.

String theory and the many worlds interpretation of quantum physics is, believe it or not, more or less consonant with this notion of a lost soul fragment stuck in the past. If we hark back to physicist Brian Greene’s space-time “loaf” metaphor we can visualise that each slice/moment in time in the loaf exists independently as a self-contained parallel universe” that exists in the same space as every other self-contained universe (the many worlds theory).

It is as if all instants in time (or all time streams) exist overlapping one another in superposition and, as consciousness illuminates them one at a time, they each “decohere” instant by instant from the adjacent moments/slices, each one “splitting off” to create another parallel reality no longer in phase with the previous slice/moment.

Thus, we wind up with fragments” of our own holographic mind splitting” off into parallel holographic worlds as a trauma or fixation compels part of it to depart from the individual and continue to inhabit what we perceive as a moment (“slice”) in the past, which in reality, is a moment/universe that may well exist in the same space we occupy right now.

Recall the two Oxford professors (see Book 1), Anne Moberly, and Eleanor Jourdain who, in 1901, were walking through the garden of the Petit Trianon at Versailles when they spontaneously witnessed the scene/landscape around them shift to the time period in which Marie Antionette had lived.

Marie Antoinette (1755 – 1793) was the last queen of France before the French Revolution.

The “misplaced” soul fragment is conscious and self-aware, and impelled by the original owner’s conscious and subconscious desires/emotional impulses. This gives us a clue that this phenomenon is connected with the astral plane.

Although the notion of soul fragments that can exist independently of us and even attach to other people may sound far-fetched, we should not forget that the subconscious mind is part of an integral whole and is itself conscious.

“Subconscious” simply denotes any part of our psyche operating below our threshold of conscious awareness, running parallel to the processes of our conscious mind. The subconscious mind operates with far greater information processing/computational power, memory recall, and the capacity for non-local information retrieval.

Baldwin’s research also indicated that in cases of dissociative identity disorder (DID), another psychiatric condition, some of the alter personalities speaking through his entranced clients claim to be past life personalities of the person; some claim to be separate entities and not part of the persona at all. A few claim to be spirit guides or helpers.[3]

Michael Newton’s subjects under hypnosis in a theta brainwave state spoke matter-of-factly from the soul/superconscious level in explaining that souls can and do divide themselves in order to tend multiple tasks at once, both in the spirit world and on earth.

As we have seen, the holographic soul has the capacity for not just bi- but multi-location—and only a portion of a soul’s energy is ever “put down” into a physical body. Additionally, some souls spoke freely in support of the Many Worlds vision of reality, stating that souls can and do frequently enter these parallel reality systems to suit their needs.[4]

Like other therapists who successfully employ past life therapy, Baldwin found that sessions often brought immediate and permanent relief from symptoms and conditions that had plagued his clients for years.[5]

Again, like other therapists, Baldwin treated people who had no prior belief in the survival of consciousness post-mortem, and yet, almost uniformly they changed their minds. In fact, most of his clients discovered discarnate interference.

A scientifically-minded investigator, Baldwin ultimately formed a hypothesis similar to the historical description of spirit possession.[6]

In the early 1900s in Los Angeles, Dr. Carl Wickland had developed the forerunner to SRT, by providing an entranced medium for attached entities to speak through (instead of speaking through the hypnotised patient). With help from intelligences in the spirit world he persuaded attached entities to leave the aura of the patient whose light had attracted them, in the process curing people diagnosed with “insanity.”[7]

Hereward Carrington wrote in 1919 that Wickland had “cured scores of ‘obsessed’ [possessed] patients every year, by treating them along regular spiritualistic lines.[8]”

Back to Baldwin.

Bi location

Baldwin was assisted in his work by Judith A. Baldwin, his wife, who was clairvoyant and could perceive discarnate entities of all kinds, determine the degree of soul fragmentation, and gather information regarding past life carryover of unfinished business, as well as being a skilled counsellor—a formidable accomplice indeed. She has continued Baldwin’s legacy since he has passed.

What exactly did they uncover?

Baldwin discovered what appeared to be three main types of intrusive entity:

(1) The earthbound soul (EB), which includes deceased humans, terminated pregnancies, and mind fragments of living people; (2) the dark force entity (DFE), which includes the classic demon; and, (3) the extraterrestrial (ET), which includes aliens and otherworldly beings.[9]

Baldwin notes, however, something that clairvoyants and occultists everywhere can relate to; there are many other interfering energies and entities in addition. He was eventually forced to abandon his ideas about a completely benign spirit world.[10]

Baldwins attached entities clearly recalls the piggybackers” and hitchers” spoken of by OBE (out-of-body experience) veterans Robert Monroe and Robert Bruce, respectively.

Perhaps spirit attachment sometimes results from someone returning to their body from an OBE to their body with an entity attached. Robert Bruce states that in cases where people have been unable to shake off such entities, he has referred them to good shamans, with positive results.[11]

This is why DMT research pioneer Rick Strassman states that spiritual and shamanic training is so crucial: we need to be ready to grapple with the bizarre and arcane. Many clairvoyants and shamans can attest to the fact that on lower astral planes, we are liable to find all sorts of strange and, at times, troublesome entities.

Lest we make the mistake of thinking that all perceptions of attached entities are merely “subjective,” we should note a case from Drs Brooke A. Keller and Wayne J. Goss, Australian Polycontrast Interference Photography (PIP) practitioners (Harry Oldfield’s technology based on Kirlian imagery). 

They had been visiting their friend Peter’s house where they set up their PIP system, concerned about him after witnessing him going into “turns” of being choked and trying to fight off what was choking him just to gain the next breath.

On other occasions they would be enjoying a meal when he would start chatting to something unseen by them. On top of this, his legs constantly “jiggled” and he displayed several personality types during the course of the day, as well as being indecisive.

Keller and Goss recall that they set up the PIP and began scanning Peter:

“Then we saw something truly amazing. There was a python-like creature swarming around him. It appeared to attach itself to the neck region (fifth chakra level) and rotate itself around the waist and genital areas of the body. We had thought he might have an ‘entity’ or ‘entities’ attached to him and now we had tangible proof of this, both for us and our patient.[12]”

No doubt that as the technological precision and acuity of such equipment improves, so too will our ability to peer into the astral and gaze at its inhabitants.

Dr. Steven Greer, founder of the Disclosure Project, has actually stated in an interview with Kerry Cassidy and Billy Ryan (of Project Camelot), that secret black op” technology now exists to literally manifest an astral entity here in our physical 3-space—a disclosure that will raise many an eyebrow. This indirectly suggests some other radical possibilities if one thinks about it. See Youtube for the interview (if it hasn’t been taken down).

Some humans and demons enjoying a picnic together. 😉

It is also highly significant in this context that Professor Ian Stevenson, after his truly monumental research into reincarnation (more on this in Book 2), also concluded among his findings, that more than one spirit can indeed occupy the same body.[13]

Oldfield’s technological “visions” are important here because machines dont hallucinate or suffer from purported chemical imbalances or shaky consciousness, and that is why we must mention another case of his which he presented at his Glastonbury Symposium a few years ago.

An image he displays features a PIP scan of a woman who was a crack cocaine addict. Oldfield describes it as a “frightening” picture because where the woman’s eyes should be visible we find instead an “almost demonic” (to borrow Oldfield’s phraseology) pair of eyes overlaid on top, as if some astral entity has attached to her, occupying her body.

Around her are face-like images perhaps of other attached entities, and this is what Oldfield infers, pointing out “half a face with an eye”, and another “very sinister looking figure.”[14]

(Note: Dr. Thornton Streeter has also obtained the same types of images using this technology.)

Tellingly, the woman admitted to Oldfield (who states from memory), I hear voices, they tell me to do antisocial things. They told me to steal, and murder my parents…”

These are hallmarks of schizophrenia—the kind caused by entity attachment, as the disparate work of many researchers is proving. Recall my aforementioned clairvoyant and clairaudient friend who heard voices telling her to go and hang herself, etc.

These converging lines of research are not a coincidence.

Here, if appearances are anything to go by, we are not dealing with the Jungian shadow, or a Freudian anything; we have head-on encountered the astral plane proper, albeit indirectly through electronics—in some ways not quite as good as direct clairvoyant observation, but getting there (finally).

Many people in the field will tell you substance abusers are great favourites of astral parasites (See TGI Book 2 for more on this).

I have noticed in two different people—one a regular pot smoker (I have nothing against cannabis), and the other an angry, aggressive man who spent time in jail and was likely into substance abuse of some form—a sort of subtle demonic” overlay in transposition on their faces. It was extremely prominent (to me) in the latter instance—a twisted and gnarled look characterised his face where before there was no such appearance.

Many months later, I saw this same man again and his “demonic overlay” had largely subsided—evidently he was in a far better place in his life.

“Urban Mystic” Stuart Wilde has also noted a connection to attached entities and alcoholism. We will elaborate on this connection shortly in some mind-blowing ways.

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According to the spirit releasement practitioners,[15] some of the indicators of spirit attachment include:

  1. Sudden changes in behavior– Such as eating, drinking or sleeping, depression, increase in anger, rebelliousness, fear or suicidal tendencies.
  2. Physical pain– Typically not accompanied by usual laboratory or x-ray findings. This kind of pain also fails to respond to traditional medical treatments.
  3. Serious illness of unknown cause– Persistent and nonresponsive infections have been shown to be caused by attached Earthbound entities who suffered from or died of such an infection. When the entity left, so did the infection. Unusual inflammatory or metabolic disorders and blood dyscrasias have disappeared after depossession.
  4. Loss of energy– Sudden diminution of physical energy is highly suggestive of possession. A common result of depossession is a marked increase in energy, increased vitality and stamina.
  5. Sudden onset of alcohol or drug abuse– In such cases the possessing entity is usually the one who did, in life, indulge in drugs or alcohol. When influenced to depart, the entity usually takes the urge to use with them.
  6. Memory and concentration problems– When someone accustomed to easy learning and high grades in school abruptly changes to low performance and poor grades, it is safe to assume that the possessing entity is the one with the learning problem.
  7. Inner voices– If these voices express a reaction or point of view at variance to the one hearing the voices, there is most likely an entity responsible.
  8. Multiple Personality Disorder– Many of the multiples are probably possessions. If that is the case, the treatment of choice is depossession, which when completed, removes the alternate personalities. Careful evaluation may be needed to determine whether or not what appears to be a Multiple Personality Disorder (now dissociative identity disorder) is really a possession. (We can also add gender dysphoria in to the mix.)
  9. Repetitious nightmares– particularly if the nightmares contain elements of violence or a struggle against threatening forces.

Baldwin found—like others have—that when it came to soul fragmentation, the reason behind it was often trauma. He found in the literature various cases of people who had been molested, causing a dissociation of their consciousness from the body in order to escape the trauma.

Some OBEs are catalysed in this heinous way. Soul fragmentation is a coping mechanism, however, some of the parts do not return to the body/mind space, which according to Baldwin and other practitioners, can eventually cause serious problems—the personality has been shattered.

Dissociative Identity Disorder illustrates this clearly, as many people have provided details from their own lives showing the ways in which different personality “alters” are split off and created by extreme trauma, such as rape or other forms of torture, in order to escape the pain and terror in an act of self-preservation. These people are often found to suffer physically years later as a result and even die far too young if the trauma is not addressed and healed, and the different personalities integrated once more.

As Morpheus tells Neo in The Matrix, “The body cannot live without the mind…”

Between 95-100% of multiple personality/DID cases have a history of childhood incest, torture or other abuse.[16]

 Each alter personality has its own psychophysiological profile, which may include pain response; handedness; ability to heal and rate of healing; response to any given medication; allergic reactions; eyeglass prescription; diseases such as diabetes, epilepsy and arthritis, including swollen joints; appetites; and tastes in food and drugs.

Hear this well:

An alter may also be the opposite gender. This can lead to cross-dressing or transvestism, and transsexualism, the desire to undergo sex change surgery. An attached EB of the opposite gender can influence decision-making[17] and because it occurs at the subconscious level, people never even know.

This is highly pertinent information for 2020 given the mass programming of the populace into perceiving gender transition as fashionable and desirable—one form of insidious population control (and a move towards worldwide transhumanism) enacted by the self-appointed “elite” on this planet. (People without viable reproductive systems are less likely to reproduce, after all, and people whose concepts of identity have been thoroughly broken down are more likely to embrace a re-make of identity in the Baphomet-like “ambisexual” transhumanist form prescribed by our demonic overlords.)

Dr Richard Day described to a gathering of pediatricians in the late 1960s the high-level geopolitical agenda to deliberately manipulate children into gender dysphoria and transgenderism, stating the plan was to “turn girls into boys.” (This was reported years later by an attendee of that meeting and the video may still be found on Youtube.)

In the 2000’s we have watched this agenda play out in all its dark “glory”……

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