Did You Fu*k It Up?

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25th October 2011

By  Jack Adam Weber – Guest Writer for Wake Up World

Katie Goodman’s video has inspired me to write down why I think the world is fucked up… as well as how I help to unfuckitup.

I experience the underlying reason for the world being fucked to be because humanity runs from its pain, particularly its emotional pain and historical traumas. When we carry significant unresolved pain inside us we perpetrate the world. We are exiled from our own bodies and hearts because pain and trauma create a prison for our tenderness, creativity, intuition, and wisdom.

With an impoverished inner life we therefore turn outwardly to entertain and thereby distract ourselves. We try to accumulate power through things, money and manipulation — to try to fill the void inside us — which can only be truly filled by the passionate, creative force of living spirit when pain is acknowledged and released. In my estimation, this dynamic is exemplified in the corporate giants who poison, rape, rob, plunder, and otherwise violate the world.

How could someone run or work for a company that directly contributes to this darkness, and still be in their hearts?

When we acknowledge and work through our personal, historical pain as it exists and presents itself to us in our bodies, we are transformed. We experience the costs and damage of trauma and injustice first-hand in our own hearts. We then unconsciously inflict much less pain onto the world. Doing this inner work changes us, fundamentally. We find wholeness inside. We then want and become wholeness for the world and know how to enact it because we have done it in our own lives.

Heartbreak is a gift. Everybody’s heart could stand to break open so that the world’s heart could finally heal. When our hearts break open, this grounds us like nothing can. It brings our hearts down to the ground, the life-giving and receiving ground — into and part of the living Earth. Then we can truly care, extending this sustained passion into the world.

Yet, as some have posted in the comments section of this video, many don’t want to see and feel the pain of the world, or in themselves. I therefore advocate acknowledging and embracing pain and grief not to promote suffering, but to end suffering — as a path for actual transformation and change. Entering our personal and collective wounds is a way to health, wholeness and fundamentally changing our relationship with  one another and with the living Earth.

This may seem like dismal path to take unless we think and feel beneath the surface to realize that in taking responsibility and embodying remorse and grief we contact our depths and our fuller, more compassionate hearts wherein wisdom can guide us to renew the Earth as well as show us how to care for one another in challenging times.

Personally, I unfuck the world by having liberated my physical-emotional-spiritual self from the stranglehold of heartache preserved in my body. I did this through body-centered therapy work many years ago and have kept my heart clean through good “housekeeping” ever since. I share the message of emotional integration through my poems, holistic medicine practice, and giving presentations and workshops on deep ecology and the shadow work of emotional healing via following pain in the body to its source — feeling it all and thereby allowing its release from us into deep joy, care, passionate work, and integrated compassion. This “self-ish” process is what allows for selflessness — to be free of needing so many things to fill the avoided void in our hearts that leads to the external pursuit of fulfilment and the violence of capitalism and consuming the planet to amass excess individual wealth.

I also write articles about the severe and heartbreaking healthcare dangers of corporate agribusiness (Monsanto and friends in crime), the different ways and good reasons for humanity to connect with natural living (I personally live off-grid on an organic farm I created), and signing many petitions each month at the NRDC website for biogems. I also donate money to environmental groups to help support their fight to save wild land and wildlife. Most all my work involves directly caring for the Earth.

I invite anyone reading this who wants to help unfuck the world to visit this site and sign some petitions to save wilderness and wildlands in immanent danger. This is easy and efficient way to help unfuckitup:


Thank you, Katie, for your inspiration and passion!

How do you unfuckitup?

What will you commit to doing as of today to live more of your life as part of the solution?

I Didn’t F*ck It Up – Katie Goodman of Broad Comedy

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