Humility and Compassion are the Guardians of the Soul

6th Decemeber 2011

By Good sense is not epidemic among the forceful and arrogant, who seem to have no boundaries at all for their pernicious intentions. They’ve jockeyed and maneuvered themselves into all the high postings of the temporal circus, with the serious wranglers, plying their trade from the box seats, transforming curds into whey. It seems to be some kind of a conspiracy between the consciously evil and the willfully ignorant. They hold these lies to be self-concealed, within the knapsacks of that terrible fate they carry upon their backs. They are shadowed by their fate, which is woven into their character. You are what you have allowed yourself to become. Even the stark, raving evidence of uninterrupted, cosmic defeat has not taught these miscreants restraint; conscious and aware, they ain’t.

Humility is one of those things that will save you from any number of attendant shortcomings. Compassion is the other. These two seem to have some kind of fraternal association. They hang out together. I think they are in some kind of mutual approval society. They dance along to a soundtrack that is kind of like “Love and Marriage” but the music and the words are considerably different; not to take away anything from Love and Marriage but they’re the devil’s own inferno, without humility and compassion. We can be very generous with everyone except those closest to us. It’s in these situations that the resentment and anger gain full sway and where they cut the deepest, right to the quick. It’s got nearly everything to do with freedom lost. We build ruins in the paradise of the heart. Love gave us freedom and then the familiarity bred contempt. We only get to know ourselves through our failures with another. Since we can’t accept that most of the time, we turn it back on them and ourselves in equal measure.

When you’re humble, you don’t mind reproof; not so much whether it is or is not deserved because, as the master said “all fall short of the glory”. Humble doesn’t mind because it bears all things in similar measure. Its concern is not to reinforce the value of the personal self. It has seen a greater self and that is the essential genesis of humility. The planets may have pride in their singularity, as their collaboration and resistance to one another, create the dance of life in which we all engage but… they are nothing without The Sun. They all revolve around it. Humility seeks this as a career move. Pride wants to go its own way and sometimes manages to get out of orbit with unfortunate results.

The planets do what they do through us and upon us in two different octaves, which are significantly unlike one another. It is the difference between ease of passage and all the obstacles that are the routine of those who go against their own best interests. That is all there is to free will. You have the choice between cooperation and resistance. There is no more to free will than that. Humility recognizes this. It is the essence of understanding that leads to wisdom. They are the twin centers at the top of the tree of life. Beyond that is the ineffable, in all it’s magnificent, incomprehensible being. This is the way the lowest leads to the highest. Humility makes itself low and compassion springs from that. Humility sees all of those who have been made low and will be made low and it is generous accordingly because it has mastered the art of not having to be brought low. It has brought itself low and gained an accurate perspective of one’s place in the scheme of things. Humility is not a doormat. It gets lifted up above the rest and is crowed with an enduring royalty but it pays this cosmic homage no mind. It merely wants to sit nearby, in any corner of the room, wherever the presence extends. Even on the outermost edge, humility is content. It knows it will not be asked to step down. If it is lifted up by celebration or as a test, it sees itself as a steward of the moment’s largesse.

It’s simple. It’s not complicated. Complications are of the mind and simplicity is resident in the heart. When the heart swallows the mind, it is illuminated. One can gain much of the knowledge and the understanding of the use and applications of the cosmos and consider themselves triumphant in every case.; a veritable Master of the Temple or Magus. One can follow the heart and learn none of these things but the former will have to return and learn what the heart teaches, whereas the heart will have all the rest of what the former has gained and much more added, without the need to acquire them

Humility is the seat of wisdom and compassion is its heart. Wisdom cannot rest or be wisdom if it is not supported by humility. The primary status of wisdom is the realization of one’s insignificance and the awareness that one does not even know all that it thinks it knows and in operation, it acts on the brimming knowing of the all knowing that rises from its mysterious origins, at every occasion of need. Wisdom is absolute reliance and a confidence in the appearance of what maintains the entirety in every moment in which it exists. Everything exist through the ceaseless meditation of the divine.

In times of greater light, the wise move freely among us. In times of darkness, they are cloaked and veiled and sometimes far off, having little to do with the follies of the world, in its present and personal night of ignorance.

All of the qualities of the divine are interdependent. Some are of greater importance, like the primary colors, which then transform by interaction into the secondary hues. All of our shortcomings are interdependent. Some are more enduring than the others and each of these are replaced in their time by the qualities of the divine, through the avenue of its mercy, peculiar to each of us. We are the manifest expression of the divine on this plane or, more likely in this time, the manifest expression of the adversary. The resolution of each is mathematical in its precision, involving camels and the eyes of needles and all manner of other formula that invariably adds up to the sum of its parts. In the matter of the divine, the sum of the parts is less than the entirety of the whole by mysterious design.

It’s not complicated. It’s simple. All the wealth of occult intricacy can be seen and even conferred on one in a moment, in a twinkling and some of us have seen the evidence of this in solitary visions that were too immense to gain permanent residence. However… you don’t need any of that anyway. One sees that too, if they are the beneficiary of the friendship of the divine. One is protected against the ravages of one’s own inevitable fall, in respect of what cannot be mastered and demonstrated, except by the one to whom they all belong. Only one hand wields the power, all presumptions to the contrary will sooner or later be shown to be false. Why pay that price?

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