Don’t Let Government and Big Corporations Control How We Live, Time to Thinking for Ourselves and Take Control of our Own Lives

26th January 2012

By David Noble

Many people now realise that the majority of our politicians are nothing more than puppets for the global Elite and big corporations like Big Pharma and Monsanto.  It is also clear to many of us that the main stream media cannot be trusted. As our economy is being destroyed by design, our health is suffering due to the unhealthy food that is being pushed on us and we are having less and less say in the running of our own lives, the question is what can we do about it?

Mahatma Gandhi said:

Be the change you want to see in the world”.

To me this is the best way in which we can fight back against what is happening. We have to stop supporting these big corporations. Take Monsanto for example, we give them power by buying their products. While buying organic and non GM products might cost a bit more it would defiantly hurt Monsanto if the majority started boycotting their products. While I realise that money is tight for most people, is it not worthwhile spending that bit extra when it can not only help safeguard your family’s future but also improve their health. If we cannot stop the likes of Monsanto getting a monopoly on the food we eat then that bit extra you have to pay to buy organic will seem like peanuts compared to what Monsanto will make us pay in both money and our health when they have that monopoly.

If you want to learn the truth about Monsanto then I would recommend watching the below documentary  “The World According To Monsanto” at the end of this article

It is the same principle when you look at the amount of jobs that have been lost in our country because corporations find it cheaper to use sweatshops in poor countries.  The question is have we really benefited from the use of sweatshops?   While it helps corporations manufacture their products cheaply, on the other hand it  damages the economy by taking away jobs from our own country.  This has led to high unemployment figures and an increase in poverty. There is also the moral issue of whether it is right that these corporations are allowed make a profit on the backs of human suffering as is the case with those who have to endure working in these sweatshops.

What would happen if the majority started boycotting these corporations that use sweatshops? I am sure that once they realise that we are no longer putting up with their greed and immoral practices they would soon be forced to  change the way they operate.  It would also mean unfortunately that we would have to do without the designer gear and gadgets that many would not be willing to live without despite the grim future we are facing.

By changing the way we live and think we can make an impact on what’s happening today.  Everything that is happening today has happened because we have let it happen. Too many people live in ignorance happy to let others deal with the problems we are facing. While the majority continue to live in this manner things are only going to get worse. We cannot rely on our political system to fix the economy and all the other problems we are facing. But we can make a change through our own actions. By educating ourselves on what is healthy to eat instead of relying on what corporations and our government tell us, we can start to take control of our own lives. This can be achieved through visiting sites like  natural news and by learning what really is going on in the food industry. By doing this I am sure that what you learn will not only shock and alarm you but also convince you to change your diet.

By supporting local organic farms and shops that supply organic products we can make sure that the likes of Monsanto will always have competition and we will have a choice in what we eat and a say in our own health.

It is also  important to be educated on the real facts behind the pharmaceutical industry who are also trying to get rid of any competition.  A recent leaked letter from a UK academic, Professor Elizabeth Williamson (a pharmacist from Reading University), to the UK  Health Minister reveals how they are going about this. In the letter the academic complains that the UK medicines agency isn’t cracking down on botanical food supplements. She appears to take the position of the large phytopharmaceutical companies who have got licenses and want competition from food supplements removed.

Because of the  EU herb directive we have already seen many  natural alternatives to prescription drugs being taken of the shelves in Europe due to safety concerns. Considering that about10,000 people each year die in the UK from bad reactions to prescription drugs whereas very few have died from taking food supplements or herbal remedies, this makes no sense.

We are constantly fed disinformation so that these corporations and the people behind them can have total control over us. By seeing through their lies we can take the first steps to gaining back control of our lives.

Unfortunately while the majority still believe what they are told by the main stream media and our traitorous government things will only get worse. I believe real change is coming as more people are being forced to wake up to the truth, but the real question is how much more suffering will we have to endure before the majority decide that they have had enough?

Video:  The World According To Monsanto

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