Eating is An Act of Creation

By Liz Blake

Guest Writer for  Wake Up World

You are a creator. First and foremost, you create yourself and through yourself, you create the future. Your relationship to this planet and your body, defines the future of human life on earth. You are a powerful being, and your choices have great impact.

You are made of consciousness and matter. The building blocks of your being are your thoughts, your breath and your food. Everything is energy, a continuum of consciousness and matter, the fabric of all existence. Intentionally engage in this dynamic relationship between consciousness and matter to fulfill your potential as creator.

Eating is a co-creation.  Earth is your co-creative partner. This creative experience is a synergistic moment of dynamic collaboration between the earth and human consciousness. In this moment of eating occurs a shift, a transformation of energy — the body of the earth becomes your body. This moment is a choice. The shift in energy is entirely affected by your thoughts. Eat with intention. Create yourself intentionally.

In creation and transformation, energy moves through various states of matter and consciousness. At the core of alchemical transformation is this process of things separating and uniting, disintegrating and integrating. This process is “dissolve and coagulate.” Every stage of transformation, each operation, provides an opportunity to consciously engage in the process, to infuse the food with your love, intentions and gratitude.  Do these creative acts with love and your food will love you back and you will be made of love. The matter of your being will hold love, be love and give love. Your presence will make people smile and you will bring light to their day.

The journey of creation moves through energetic states.  In the movement between these states, there is opportunity for a transformation or an up-shift in the energetic quality. When applied to eating, the stages of creative culinary transformations are infinite, from seed saving, planting, growing, harvesting, storing, transporting, selling, buying, cooking, chopping, crushing, dicing, shredding, slicing, blending, juicing, dehydrating, boiling, baking, roasting, sauteing, steaming, chewing, tasting, digesting, assimilating and eliminating, to the miracle of composting.  Compost, providing one of the most valuable resources on this planet, is the black gold of the earth.    It nourishes seeds buried in darkness beneath the earth. Seeds planted with love will birth a potent creation.  They will be fertilized by the life of water, springing forth, emerging, bringing life to our world, and light into our bodies.

Your body is the container of your consciousness. Support the evolution of your consciousness with a body that resonates at higher frequencies. Create yourself with high quality base materials, the good food, and you will live the good life.

Along with the material of food, you eat your thoughts. Be conscious of what you think when you make dinner. You create every moment, working with the molecules of the moment. What is your intention when you eat an arugula salad? What are you thinking when you cut into an avocado? What are you feeling when you fill a kettle to boil water for tea? What do you notice when you saute shiitake mushrooms in coconut oil? All these feelings, thoughts, and intentions move into your food. When you eat them, you become them.

Enjoy the sensory experience of creating yourself.  Taste the real, the sacredness of the earth. Celebrate the beautiful flavors of the plant kingdom, and embrace the beauty that is offered.

You are the designer of yourself and the future.  Choosing your food is choosing the future. You create yourself. You create your body. You create your thoughts. You create your reality.

What do you want to nourish?

Love yourself with your love of the Earth.

Eat to create.  Eat to transform.  Eat to evolve.

About the Author

Liz Blake is a designer of conscious culture and evolved lifestyle, inspiring a co-creative healthy future.

She is a graduate of NYU, with a self-designed BA in Holistic Health and Alchemy, focusing in Jungian psychology, nutrition, energy healing and shamanism.  She is a practicing Reiki Master.   She also earned a certificate as a Holistic Health Coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition as well as a Yoga Teaching certificate, 200 hr RYT.

As a conscious chef, she nourishes our evolution through alchemically integrating healing energy into the kitchen and creating food with love.

She is committed to nurturing community and healthy relationships to the earth and is an active member and healing center visionary of  The Source Farm Ecovillage in Jamaica.   She is also a friend of Growing Heart Farm in upstate NY.

Guided by sacred plant medicine, she traveled to Peru, Brazil and England to pursue her shamanic studies.

Liz is currently based in New York City and is offering services in nutritional and transformational coaching, focusing on personal transformation through working with the subtle energetics of food and balancing the inner ecosystem.   She also offers Reiki and subtle energetic healing work.

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