Wake Up World…..This is Expensive.

21st June 2012

By Wake Up World

Today we are  reaching  out to you, our readers, for your support.

For the past year we at Wake Up World have worked tirelessly to bring to you a range of alternative news, covering topics from health to politics, from the environment to corporate crime. While a portion of our articles are provided by other alternative media sites, many are unique, published first on Wake Up World and written for Wake Up World readers by passionate writers who donate their time and insight. As a result, our readership has grown to over 44,000 on Facebook, and our readers have read over 5.5 million articles in little over a year. And all this began because I became fed-up one evening with mainstream news—and decided to do something about it!

To me, the message that night was simple: Wake Up World!

Mass media had made an art form of manipulating public perceptions, and until very recently it worked like a treat. So their propaganda became bolder and more dangerous … but over time it got lazy and quite predictable … now when I switch on “The Newsâ„¢” it just seems like a ridiculous pantomime to me. And I’m not the only one; just look at CNN’s ratings

The problem for these propagandists is that people like to keep informed, they just don’t like the mass media smoke screen. For this reason, in this Age of Information, sites like WuW are popping up everywhere! And at this point in human history, sites like WuW are both vital and in demand. We allow the dangerous crimes of demented power-hungry corporations like Monsanto to be made public knowledge. We allow questions to be asked of our corrupt and impotent “Governments” and their “Leaders”. We allow exciting new scientific discoveries to surface. We empower all of us to see the old ways, to discuss it openly, and to ultimately say “no thanks”.

But by saying “no”, we’re also saying “yes!” … to a better way of living. We are becoming more health-conscious, and sharing our grass-roots dietary and medical secrets our Grannies taught us. We acknowledge many aspects of the old path as a danger to our planet and ourselves, and we are here to support one other to find the most compassionate and environmentally sustainable ways forward. We are opening our minds to new metaphysical ways of thinking, and exploring the possibilities that lie within us.

We are Waking Up.  

And that’s what Wake Up World is about. The website is a labor of love, and we’re really proud of it.

But it costs money to run a site like Wake Up World. So, we are reaching out to you, our readers, for your support. Any donation (small or large) will help to keep Wake Up World running as an alternative voice to mainstream news & information. Please consider what our site has meant to you, and make a PayPal donation to help us out.

And please don’t forget to share our articles with as many people as you can. With your help we can continue to Wake Up the World!