Something’s Up On Planet Earth – Our Journey Home

13th December 2012

Wake Up World

Something is up on planet Earth! More and more people are beginning  to have a realisation, as though waking from a dreamlike trance and  seeing that all on our planet is not what it seems. We find ourselves  asking life’s BIGGEST questions – Where do we come from?

Are we alone  in the Universe? And, what does the future hold?

South Australian man George Kavassilas, an ordinary man with a  lifetime of extra-ordinary experiences. George along with many others  is on a mission to inform Humanity about the changes that are  occurring on the Planet, and the more significant changes that are to  come.

This documentary is not for the faint hearted, as George ventures  where few men dare to tread, sharing his wisdom and lifting the veil  on subjects ranging from ancient cultures and religions, to  extra-terrestrials, crop circles, the genetic origins of Humanity and  the manipulation of Mother Earth through her meridian/ley lines.  Belief systems will be questioned and control structures confronted.

The core of George’s message is one of self-empowerment, spiritual  sovereignty and remembering the deep, intimate and organic connection  Human beings have with our Mother Planet. Our Journey Home will help  you discover that the key to freedom resides within each and every one  of us. It is within our hearts, our core essence, and the best way  for us to free the planet is to first free ourselves.

Video Trailer: Our Journey Home (2:33 Mins)

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