2012 Through the Eyes of Wake Up World

19th December 2012

By Amelia Harris

Staff Writer for Wake Up World

Today, as the end of 2012 approaches, I am exceptionally proud of Wake Up World. Our contributors from all over the world work tirelessly to present ideas and information that  the single-source  “mainstream” media won’t. Our writers bravely share their thoughts – from the researched to the intuited – offer ideas, share experiences, start conversations, provoke thoughts and push peoples’ buttons. And sometimes, they cop criticism for it. But given the state of mainstream media today, I am just glad to be a part of the conversation!

Of course, running a site like Wake Up World isn’t an easy job. There is always something new to consider… to question… learn…  digest… be it scientific, political, spiritual or otherwise. Yes, the “rabbit hole” is very deep indeed! And it can be overwhelming when you stop and stare down into it. So instead of looking back mistily on “the year that was” or re-counting our “Top 10” articles of the year, I’m going to try to piece it all together for you… and for myself… with a collection of the year’s articles.

This is a snap-shot of 2012…. as seen through the eyes of Wake Up World and its writers.

Let’s Start With The Obvious… The Doomsday Myths

It is December 2012, and doomsday myths abound. The most prolific is the myth of the end of the Mayan Calendar. It is the mainstream media’s doomsday hype poster-child. In an act of disrespect to the indigenous Mayan people, the Guatemalan government sponsors an “Apocalypse Party”. The Mayans protest; they refute the “doomsday” myth and attempt to address the misconceptions that surround it. But the establishment media doesn’t care.

Apparently a “new beginning” story isn’t sensational enough for the viewers of Fox News.

“Climate Change” is also on the doomsday list. Strangely, while science and politics is still polarized as to the cause, “Carbon” is deemed Public Enemy #1. Most reasonable folks acknowledge that high-polluting carbon fuels should be replaced with sustainable, low-cost renewable energy technologies… sooner rather than later. Most developed nations even have the knowledge and resources to implement such advancements in their communities. But they don’t. Here in Australia, after decades of inaction, the Government decides to become supposed “world leaders on climate change” by introducing a Carbon Tax on industry… the only real effect of which is a sharp rise in the cost of energy prices for consumers. Other western governments consider similar responses to the “crisis”.

But the science of climate change doesn’t match the political rhetoric that dogs the debate, and certainly doesn’t support the price-on-carbon “solution” entertained by western governments.

We know governments have been developing HAARP and other weather-affecting technology since the 1960s, and we know our skies are being sprayed with weather-affecting chemicals and metals. In some territories, this is done under the guise of “geo-engineering” and others under the guise of “it’s not happening, please stop asking questions”. But the evidence is clear; it is the politics that can’t make up its mind.

Interestingly, data from both NASA and MIT – released completely separately of the “climate change” debate – suggests that temperatures are rising on ALL planets in our solar system, not just Earth. But neither the United States government, nor indeed any government, discusses this data in debate about “climate change” or its “market-based solution”. So I wonder… why would governments even consider putting a price on carbon  and employ weather-affecting technology and  continue to deny any knowledge of it…? Especially if they suspect that “global warming” is in fact “solar system warming”??

Perhaps weather affecting technologies help to minimize weather extremes, like droughts and floods? No, that can’t be right…. weather systems around the globe are becoming more extreme, not less extreme, as time goes on. And the correlation isn’t evident only in long-term weather changes, but also in immediate, sometimes violent changes in weather patterns. Just look at the chem-trail photos taken above the United States when “Super-Storm” Hurricane Sandy hit the east coast in October!

Politically speaking, if our governments are deploying weather-affecting technologies in a genuine attempt to “limit the threat of climate change”, surely they would talk about it… even advertise it!… revel in the glory of averting climate DOOM!! But governments of the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia (and others) continue to deny using aerosol technologies at all, despite conclusive evidence to the contrary… and despite what we see happening in our skies every day.

Bizarrely, when I queried the Australian Government directly about their policy on Geo-Engineering, a representative of the Department of Environment & Sustainability referred me back to policy guidelines of the United States Environmental Protection Agency and National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration!

Clearly, the politics of climate change doesn’t correlate with the actions of our governments. And that’s not how real government is supposed to work.

The Corporate “Government” Phenomenon

Here in Australia, the startling reality is that we no longer have a true government, but rather a corporation masquerading as government. And this phenomenon isn’t limited to Australia. It seems governments all over the world have been corrupted – replaced outright by corporate entities which mimic true government for profit. And when we consider the Oligarchical structure on which western economies are based in the first place (where power is held by a small number of people) …. now it’s starting to make sense!!

  • why our laws forbid the medical use of natural substances in favour of patented synthetic pharmaceuticals. Why centuries-old wisdoms of natural foods, herbs and other remedies are now ludicrously referred to in the single-source establishment media as “alternative”. And why tainting our food supplies with dangerous Genetically Mutations is clearly a priority on the agenda of those governments who ban natural remedies.
  • why the UK government tried to suppress the F.O.I. release of documents that demonstrate the widespread health problems caused by childhood vaccinations and discredit their supposed benefits to the community. And why increasing childhood vaccination schedules correlate directly to long-term rises in diseases such as Autism, A.D.D., Diabetes, Arthritis etc.
  • why in 1991, David Rockerfeller praised mainstream media directors for respecting “their promise of discretion for almost forty years. It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subject to the bright lights of publicity during those years.”

Yes, in 2012 corrupt western “governments” and their media machines are clearly acting in the financial interests of large corporations and their elite stakeholders – not in the interests of “the people” they claim to represent. It is very confronting to admit it, but we’ve been cheated. BIG time.

In the words of Lord Acton: “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely”.

But This Is Not A “Doomsday” Story

To echo the sentiment of the indigenous Mayan people, 2012 is NOT a doomsday story. Why? Because we are waking up to the deception and to the methods used by media to deceive us. We’re asking difficult questions of our “leaders”, and shining light into the shadows in which corruption hides. We understand our governments are no longer our representatives, rather they behave as Beneficiaries of our governmental structure, not as Trustees of our community’s interests. But we know we deserve better, and no longer accept the polarizing, fear-engendering left/right political smoke-screen that the establishment media reports so keenly. Instead, we’re turning off the propaganda machine and seeking information elsewhere. We’re seeking the  truth… and together, we’re finding it!

Sites like Wake Up World (and many other “alternative” news sources around the world) provide information that helps us to challenge “conventional” social thinking; about food and agriculture, education, politics, health and medicines, our bodies, our behaviour, our relationship with technology… and our genetic composition.

And the more we question our conditioning, the more the conversation steers toward new possibilities; to  peaceful and sustainable ways forward. And not just for ourselves, but for the global community and the environment we rely on. And best of all, we’ve stopped waiting for government to support, promote or sanction it. We’re just doing it… with or without the support of a viable, legitimate government.

That Is How True Systemic Changes Begins!

True systemic change begins at home, not in corporate or government offices.  And not surprisingly, we’re re-defining our futures by  “goin’ back to basics”. When it comes to our bodies, our health and our food supplies in particular, those “new ways forward” are actually the old ways forward! Check the comments our readers post on on our website and our Facebook page… we share recipes, remedies, and the natural wisdom our “grannies” taught us! We crave simplicity in our lives… and we’re starting to re-claim it for ourselves. We’re eliminating toxic chemical cleaners and pharmaceuticals from our homes in favour of natural alternatives like Baking Soda, Coconut Oil, Herbs and Spices, White Vinegar, Honey, Banana plants, Quinoa, Hydrogen Peroxide and Hemp.

And science is slowly catching up to these new/old ways of thinking.

But 2012 is about more than just simplifying. The concepts of sustainability and self-empowerment dominate conversations about “tomorrow”. We’re sharing ways to grow our own organic food, even when we have only limited space in our homes to do it. And tackling issues of poverty and hunger in our community by growing edible community gardens. We’re sharing recipes, tips for maintaining good health and eliminating toxins, and natural remedies for treating disease. We are prepared for the worst but still striving for the best. We are finally starting to learn the potential of our own bodies. And not just our own, but our animal companions’ too!

We are Taking Our Power Back From The “1 Percent”!

We’re saying NO to Genetically Mutated foods which we know are dangerous to our health. And in the wake of corrupted electoral processes, we’re voting on the GMO issue with our forks instead. We are starting to win the battle against dangerous scum-panies like Monsanto and revealing the corruption of the governments that support their duplicitous agenda. We are beginning to hold our “leaders” accountable for their questionable actions. We’re uncovering evidence that contradicts our “official” history, and learning the truth about the ancestry of our race. We reject war and the war-energy-profit-power paradigm of George W. and his Illuminati cohorts. Instead we are searching for free energy alternatives and beginning to peacefully reclaim our destinies from corrupted governments. And I believe this progression, this revolution, is now an unstoppable force. Ladies and gentlemen… the shift has truly hit the fan.

We Are Waking Up

We are rapidly shifting toward a global – and universal – consciousness. We understand that what we do to each other and our planet, we do to ourselves. We embrace gratitude, love and forgiveness and reject the fear and conditioning that keeps us from our potential. We are learning to remain centred amid the duality of our lives and to swim with the gathering stream of change. As “spiritual warriors”, we are finding the balance between acceptance and action. We are thinking globally and acting locally. And when darkness overwhelms us – as it does to many of us – we honour the pathway back to light, emerging stronger, more aware, less driven by ego, and ready… not just to experience positive change, but to be positive change.

Most importantly, we are discovering the very nature of our own existence. We embrace the Divine Feminine energy within ourselves and our Mother Earth, and understand that our ailing planet – sick with the ‘Masculine’ energy of war, profit & environmental destruction – can only be healed by allowing the Divine Feminine energy to flow openly through our hearts.

No – 2012 is not “the end”, it is a new beginning; an opportunity to reject duplicity and return to simplicity; to shut out the distractions of politics and media and to follow the intuition of our hearts; to love and respect our planet and its inhabitants…. even those who conceal the truth in fear they will be “lynched”.

And by doing so, we honour the piece of God, Source & Spirit that resides in us all.


About the Author:

Amelia Harris is a writer and eco-activist, interested in health and all things esoteric, with a passion for sharing good news and inspiring stories. She is a staff writer for Wake Up World.

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