How One Woman Beat Terminal Cancer… Naturally!

By Ashley Peters

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

“What the caterpillar calls the end, the rest of the world calls a butterfly” – Lao Tzu.

The way I see it, there are two ways of experiencing cancer. The first is viewing it as a caterpillar would, as the ultimate end; the finite. The second is viewing it as a butterfly would, as an experience that may let us fly free from the expectations and realities of the world; to embrace our inner child, our creativity, our light.

Having been diagnosed with, and overcoming, a stage 4 brain tumor naturally, I believe that my experience is most aligned with that of the butterfly.

In the summer between Canada and Mexico occurs one of the world’s largest migrations of one of the world’s most delicate creatures, the Monarch butterfly. The Monarch migrates 2000 miles, spanning the life cycle of four generations to continue on its legacy. And if we think about the Monarch’s journey and the many challenges it overcomes in such a fragile state, we can also see how this might directly relate to a person with cancer.

Having said this, when I first began unknowingly upon my journey with cancer, I would not have said that I believed that it would be possible to overcome without the benefits and help of modern science and medicine. I was a firm believer in all medicine had to offer, in taking Paracetamol for headaches, in going to the doctor’s when I was unwell, in scanning my body with immense amounts of radiation.

This article is written not to discredit modern day science or medicine but rather to demonstrate a tried and tested alternative to the pain and suffering that medically “accepted” cancer treatments can create.

Generally when people think about cancer, they automatically associate it with hair loss, sickness, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, death. Initially that was what I thought. Now when I think about cancer, I think about it as the body’s way of trying to fight the toxins that are built up over time in the only way it knows how; tumors, or cancer cells. It is almost like filling up a cup with water and looking away for a moment only to turn back to see the water overflowing into the sink. The same thing happens with cancer. We are filling our bodies with chemicals and toxins continuously knowingly or unknowingly, and are so distracted by other aspects of life that we glance away briefly only to be caught unawares when we suddenly find ourselves exceptionally ill.

This is how I was in late 2007 when I discovered I had a brain tumor. I was told I had little hope of living out the next three months and that I should start preparing accordingly. A physically fit person, I was shocked that this had occurred and went into survival mode, desperately wanting for things to be different. I had only been going out with my boyfriend for three months if that, and neither of us were quite ready or willing, or even able to deal with this shock discovery. Despite warnings from doctors, neurologist, neurosurgeons and other specialists, I made it clear that I wanted to live my life in those three months with as much joy and excitement as I could. So my boyfriend and I packed our bags and headed on a two month journey through South East Asia. Prior to leaving, we had investigated various alternative treatments for brain tumours and cancers and discovered a mineral compound Natural Cellular Defense Liquid Zeolite… which is the reason that I am still here today and able to tell my story.

In the first few weeks of our trip I was very sick, having numerous seizures a day, and a general malaise overcame me. My boyfriend encouraged me to take the liquid zeolite but I had already come to terms with my “fate” and just wanted to enjoy our last few months together. It wasn’t until our last week in South East Asia that I agreed – I had nothing to lose – and we started on the max dose of 15 drops 3 times daily.

The result was amazing.

Within 12 hours my seizures had stopped and after a couple of days I was a completely different person. I felt as though my body was freeing itself of all the negative energy it had stored over the years. We were able to have the most amazing end to our trip. Although I felt better when we arrived home, I didn’t get my hopes up. It wasn’t until after I had seen my neurologist and various specialists that the reports came back and my brain tumour had reduced significantly; by about 35%. The doctors were amazed and wanted to operate immediately, but I thought it wiser to continue on zeolite for a little while longer and see what happened.

I continued on zeolite for a couple more months before my next scan and to the surprise of my doctor I was cancer free with no sign of cancer cells at all. It’s now been 5 years with no sign of the tumor coming back, and I have been given the “all clear” by my doctor.

When I first heard about zeolite, I have to be honest I was a non-believer. But after seeing the results first-hand, I believe that there is so much more to offer than just the traditional methods of treating cancer.

Something I read by holistic physician Dr. Gabriel Cousens provides a simple explanation for the everyday person, of what zeolite does to cancer cells:

“Zeolite’s mechanism of action against cancer cells is unique and unlike that of any other substance I have studied. Theoretically, it has the rare ability to take in a tremendous amount of positively charged toxins, indirectly neutralizing their effect in causing cancer. In the process, the zeolite develops a slight positive charge. It is then attracted to and pulled right into the negatively charged membrane of the cancer cell. When the zeolite moves inside the cancer cell, the cell’s P21 gene is activated. This gene acts as a tumor suppressor through its ability to control cell-cycle progression. The activation of P21 appears to halt the growth of tumors by directly suppressing growth signals.”

Liquid zeolite is a naturally occurring volcanic mineral, which has a unique crystalline structure like a cage and a negative magnetic charge that acts like a magnet. These features give zeolite the ability to trap heavy metals and toxins and remove them from the body. In its raw form, zeolite is already full of metals and other toxins and has a large particle size, meaning that powdered zeolites are limited in what they can do. Liquid zeolite, and in particular Natural cellular defense (which I use daily) has a patented extraction and micronization process that is free of toxic material. Due to its small particle size it is able to travel all through the body including the brain, to remove toxic material, for example mercury which has a debilitating effect on the body.

After much research, I discovered that Waioras NCD2 is the original brand of liquid zeolite and the only one with scientific studies that can provide evidence to suggest liquid zeolite’s success in treating many illnesses. There are numerous brands of zeolite on the market, but none of these have been properly scientifically studied and many contain particle sizes far too large to be absorbed into the bloodstream.

Zeolite has the ability to do some incredible things, including the removal of heavy metals, which was a main cause of my tumour. It removes radioactive materials from the body including depleted uranium and strontium-90; pesticides; and stops the replication of viruses. Zeolite can also buffer blood sugar, stabilize the immune system and aid in nutrient absorption. As a powerful antioxidant it has the ability to trap free radicals and capture allergens and antigens that trigger allergies. It is a 100% natural and non-toxic product with no known side effects, which has been granted a GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) status from the United States FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

Sometimes I still feel bewildered by my experiences with my brain tumor. The fact that one day I had three months to live and now I have the possibility of living a longer life than perhaps most people my age, due to having a body that is now free of almost all accumulated toxins, speaks testament to the fact that zeolite is a product that works. When taken alongside things like raw vegetable juicing, the health benefits are enormous even for those people without cancer or other illnesses. In fact, Dr Gabriel Cousins study’s with Waiora’s brand of Zeolite Natural Cellular Defense and green juice fasting, resulted in the removal of 88% of all bodily toxins within one week, and those that continued for two weeks had a 100% removal of toxic material.

In today’s industrial world we are constantly exposed to toxins. Every day you are breathing chemicals in through your air conditioning, when you drive to work you are breathing in chemicals from cars on the road, when you are at work you are surrounded by electromagnetic radiation from computers and printers. When you leave home to go for a swim in the pool for exercise you are exposed to chlorine and when you get home and you microwave your dinner you are exposing yourself to numerous toxins in the food that you thought was healthy. Everywhere we are surrounded by toxins.

With the use of products like liquid zeolite you can counteract the negative impacts that these toxins have on your body. Including brain tumours.

My story is one of many that have been told in recent years about the success of alternative cancer treatments. Unfortunately the ability of zeolite to treat cancer and other conditions will no doubt be criticized by the pharmaceutical “science” and “medical” industries, who stand to lose the most if natural treatments become widely used. And yet I am living proof that the human body can overcome a significant health challenge like cancer with the help of a natural, unobtrusive solution like zeolite.

Based on my personal experience of overcoming a life-threatening tumour, I can say with certainty: we need to stop looking so far afield for answers to the cancer epidemic. The answers are already right there in front of us.

“With liquid zeolite, we have returned to the basic healing approach for all chronic diseases, which is to free up and activate the vital life force. Liquid zeolite is truly an alchemical gift from the Divine” – Dr. Gabriel Cousens M.D.

About the author:

Ashley Peters is a writer and therapist who has overcome many challenges in her short 26 years. One of these was being diagnosed with cancer 5 years ago, at the age of 21. But a natural treatment – Natural Cellular Defense Liquid Zeolite – allowed her to continue living a healthy and fulfilling life, free of cancer. As a result Ashley and her partner became distributors for the product, helping others suffering from cancer or serious debilitating illnesses, and helping to prevent such diseases from developing in the first place. To learn more pleae visit and

Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.


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