How One Woman Turned East for Her Natural Cure to Cancer


By Ashley Peters

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

I believe that the most important lesson I learnt from my experience with terminal cancer is that you should always embrace every opportunity, no matter what it entails. To love, to be inspired, to be depressed, to make art, to speak the truth, to embrace the chaos that is life, to forgive yourself, to breathe, to enjoy the ride. There are so many people in life who walk around with their heads in the sand; being swallowed up by money, by jobs, by addictions, by society. I think that having terminal cancer opens your eyes in a way I never thought possible, and you can see clearly for the first time; it is a rebirth of epic proportions.

Diagnosis and Symptoms

The day I was first diagnosed, I remember feeling in a state of ‘deep rest’; what some might call depressed. I see it differently, as for the first time I was able to understand my symptoms and relax into a state where I could deal with the diagnosis. These symptoms had been coming on and off now for some time, including a strong metallic taste in my mouth, migraine headaches, visual disturbances, numbness in my face and hands, seizures including both grand mal and absence seizures, bleeding nose and a fatigue I had never known before.

Involving my partner in this was a hard decision, as we had only been together for a short time. He made the decision to commit and walk side by side with me, something I will be eternally grateful for.

When we left on our trip to South East Asia, my symptoms had escalated. Some might call it irresponsible (and in fact many did including numerous doctors) to leave behind the world of modern medicine to live out those last few months. But looking back on it, it seems ironic that I left behind the Western World to embrace Eastern culture, which have two very different approaches to medicine and health. The Western approach focuses heavily on the treatment of symptoms with medication, where health is the absence of pain, and visible physical defects. The Eastern approach focuses on prevention and strength of health as a balance between mind, body and spirit. Being unhealthy in the Eastern view is being unbalanced in terms of the body’s natural energy or ‘Qi’.

I remember when we were traveling through the Cambodian jungle, and exploring the ancient temples of Angkor Wat, I felt my symptoms intensify, and I was concerned that perhaps I had made the wrong choice of not continuing the Western treatment for cancer. It was shortly after this that I decided to take a leap of faith and give Zeolite a go.

Treatment with Zeolite

I took the initial dose one night before bed. I was surprised in the morning when I woke up with great mental clarity and the metallic taste in my mouth had simmered down. The change in mental clarity was exceptional, it was like a fog had been lifted and I could see much more clearly.

The next dose I took before breakfast and I remember feeling excited and thinking could this be my answer, did I have longer to live? I remember walking to the beach that morning and I felt a little spring in my step I hadn’t had before. Within 12 hours of taking zeolite, my seizures had stopped. My nose continued to bleed for some months after, but I believe this was my body’s way of releasing some of this negative energy. Each day I took the recommended maximum dose of zeolite and with each day I felt the fog lift a little more.

I tried to keep mentally positive, allowing myself to enter deep states of meditation and relaxation to cleanse my mind, eating healthy raw foods and keeping physically active.

When we returned to Australia and I attended my initial consults with the doctors, I could not have felt healthier. I did however, keep a tight lip on what treatment I had been using as I did not want criticism and I wanted honest feedback as to my test results. The doctors were amazed at my results, one even angered saying that they needed to know what treatment I had been using and to not fool around with them (I of course did not go back to this doctor). The results demonstrated to me the power of this amazing mineral, showing how in the space of a few weeks it had made such an incredible change to my body.

I continued taking Zeolite for a couple more months before my next scan and to the surprise of my doctor I was cancer free with no sign of cancer cells at all. It’s now been 5 years with no sign of the tumor coming back, and I have been given the “all clear” by my doctor.

Since coming through this turmoil, I now understand the importance of a healthy lifestyle and personally believe that the success of any cancer treatment long term, is dependent on a great shift in our daily health choices and habits. Below I will outline what I believe to be the keys to achieving optimal health amongst the many challenges that we face in modern society.

Achieving Optimum Health


Nutrition is an interesting one as there is so much conflicting information available. Personally, I believe in a whole food approach; one rich and diverse in vitamins, minerals and of course enzymes. This helps to take the burden of enzyme production off your body and when you do this your body will use this additional energy for repair instead. I believe in eating as many super foods as possible, such as turmeric (raw in juice if possible, however just remember that it will stain anything yellow), kale, goji berries, acai berries, blue berries, Cacau.

For Cacau, you can buy it in it’s raw, organic form from most health food stores, however there is another version Chava which also contains liquid zeolite and has an ORACFN antioxidant value of over 465,100 per 100g. In comparison raw cacau contains 80,933, which is amazing in its self (Waiora product catalogue, 2011). also focus on avoiding foods with numbers on the labels because of the toxic content associated with this. Liquid zeolite has also been shown to increase the absorption of nutrients. This occurs as a result of the removal of toxins that block the pathways for nutrient absorption, as well as promoting healthy bacteria in the gut.

Juice Cleanses & Detox

Juice cleanses and detox are now a part of our health regime. We do this a few times per year and this allows the body to do lots of repair and maintenance it usually wouldn’t be able to do thanks to the high vitamin, mineral and enzyme intake. As well as it being very easily digested, green vegetable juice also greatly boosts the removal of toxins, which is highly recommended by Dr Gabriel Cousens.

Candida removal is a big one, and there is lots of information available on this topic. It is quite well known that people with cancer are generally also riddled with Candida: “Cancer patients undergoing radio or chemotherapy did not finally succumb to the cancer itself, but to an infestation of candida albicans” (Contemporary Oncology Magazine 1993 in the USA). The alkalizing effect of pure liquid zeolite will kill off the small active candida. But some very interesting new research on candida and the formation on funguses around toxic material by Leonardo Michael. He speaks of some types of candida burrowing roots into tissues of the body, and that they can’t be killed off until you remove the chitin layer around the fungus. For more information here is an interesting 4 part interview. Though this research has not been verified it is very interesting.

Clean Water

The importance of clean water is one of the most vital parts of health. Drinking clean water that is free of as much toxic debris as possible, and in an alkaline state is incredible in its self. At home, we use a 7 stage filter including a zeolite layer, to remove most of the toxic debris that is found in water today. There is a mineral stone layer in our drinking filter, that adds back some vital minerals to the water. Distilled water is good for alkalizing, but it does not contain any naturally occurring minerals that we would get from a water source in nature such as a mountain stream.

Zeolite 1

Structure of water molecules is also very important. The studies by Dr Masaru Emoto show that water holds a consciousness, is a liquid crystal, and has a memory. Emoto demonstrates this by exposing a jar of water to certain negative or positive influences, then freezes this water to see its crystalline structure; the results are extraordinary. When you consider just how much our bodies are made of water, you can begin to see how it might impact us. There is a brilliant documentary on this called “Water: the Great Mystery” if you would like to know more.



Exercise and toxin release are also big ones for a healthy lifestyle. Exercise is a must for any health plan as it gets all our lymph flowing and our immune system pumping, as well as boosting positive (feel good) chemical production in the brain. It is also known that sweating is one of our body’s main ways of removing toxins and saunas are a good way to boost this. Infrared saunas, in particular are great as they increase the level of toxin removal, at a lower temperature than standard saunas (good for those that aren’t sauna savvy). Here is a video by Dr Gabriel Cousens on Infrared Saunas


I believe meditation, mind/body connection and positive mental attitude are equally as important to your health as eating the right foods. A good mental diet (as I call it), where mental relaxation is key, allows great rest for the whole body. Mental clarification is very specific to each person, and you should experiment with as many kinds of mediation as you can. Yoga or Tai Chi are active meditation techniques, and drawing mandalas or reading a calming book are also forms of meditation. The deepest and most rewarding I find is to be sitting and just reflecting on your day connecting with the Earth and feeling the flow of energy around you. Directing your focus to things that you are grateful for is an amazing way to intensify this positive feeling.

Mental Patterns

Changing the mental patterns we have long held onto, and learning simple techniques on how to do this can change our lives and our health dramatically. Negative thought patterns can be one of the greatest immune suppressors in our bodies. Some inspirational teachers of this are Louise L Hay, and Tony Robbins who provide some brilliant life coaching and lessons. Also more recently, Josh Johnston’s Lifelong program offers a new and innovative approach, with simple ideas on how to think and act a little differently and grow happy.

The Final Word

The lifestyle choices I now make are well informed, and I am able to see more clearly the alignment of the Eastern triangle of health as a balance between mind, body and spirit. There is always things that we can be doing to improve our health, and constant research is available into different ideas to promote health and wellbeing. What is most important is that you do your own research, become aware of what the concept of ‘health’ means to you. One can read, and research, and understand many different definitions of health, but one can only understand health when it becomes a decision to act on the information you have come to know as truth.

After so many big things have happened in my life, I have come to realise that you only live once. There are so many wonderful things to live for, the breath of fresh air that wakes me up in the morning, the autumn leaves falling on the path, the sun that beams down on me, the love when I look into my partner’s eyes. When I am healthy, I am free. I hope that some day my story will help others to address their own fears and struggles around health, whether it be mental, physical or spiritual health.

“You can never cross the ocean, unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore”.

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About the author:

Ashley Peters is a writer and therapist who has overcome many challenges in her short 26 years. One of these was being diagnosed with cancer 5 years ago, at the age of 21. But a natural treatment – Natural Cellular Defense Liquid Zeolite – allowed her to continue living a healthy and fulfilling life, free of cancer. As a result Ashley and her partner became distributors for the product, helping others suffering from cancer or serious debilitating illnesses, and helping to prevent such diseases from developing in the first place. For more information, visit her website: or follow her on FaceBook.


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