Chemtrails & Pollution Assault: Support Your Immune System

Immune System

©  Dr. Ilya Sandra Perlingieri

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

The on-going siege to which we are all subjected, 24/7/365, is unprecedented in our history. Yet, it is difficult for people to realize and “connect the dots” because: (1) so much of it is invisible and off our radar; (2) mainstream media is corporate-controlled disinformation; and (3) most Western physicians have not had any training in environmental medicine.

It is, therefore, extremely important for all of us to re-evaluate what we think we know, or what we’ve been taught in school. We do have choices. We always have the opportunity to become more well-informed. Given the massive environmental pollution and harm to which we are all exposed constantly, it is now URGENT for us to re-think our daily routines and what products we use and what foods we eat.

One of the great benefits of alternative medicine is that it is based on ancient traditions that have worked for thousands of years. None of this is based on harm and/or greed. It is based upon a holistic approach to healing. Ayurvedic, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), homeopathics, and indigenous herbal medicine all do work.

When Big Pharma goes into the rain forest, poisons the rivers and harms the entire eco-system, to extract and synthesize some essential part of a medicinal plant, they remove the synergistic benefits accruing from the WHOLE plant. However, when one uses the entire plant, there is a marvelous and synergistic benefit happens that benefits healing.

Until the cabal and banksters are removed from office and places of power and harm, it is imperative that we each do all we can to support our besieged immune systems to minimize daily harm. The following are recommendations and recipes to help.

NOTE: There are many online articles published recommending some herbal formula or herbs to take. However, often there are no caveats or advice given. If you are on any medications or prescriptions   PLEASE consult your health-care provider, as well as ask for any help or detox protocol, as it will vary from person to person –depending what kinds of toxins a person is exposed to.

Also, for several years I have been urging everyone to get tested for heavy metals poisoning, because for decades we all continue to be exposed to massive amounts of these. There are NO SAFE LEVELS of mercury, lead, barium, arsenic, aluminum, or strontium. Environmental laws originally passed in the 1970s have been gutted, so that multi-national corporations are not held accountable for the grave harm they cause. Further, any government agency is compromised and no longer reliable or working for us. If we knew how heavily poisoned we are, the chemtrails and other environmental toxins, with which we are assaulted daily, would stop immediately. No one wants to be deliberately posioned! We continue to be un-informed laboratory rats.

A standard CBC [Complete Blood Count] does not show any heavy metals toxicity. A hair analysis does. A small bit of hair cut from the back nape of your neck (about a ½ teaspoon), and sent to a reliable lab [such as], will provide you with evidence of harm. Since we are all breathing very toxic air and eating foods with many poisons, there is a high probability that millions of people are suffering from heavy metals toxicity, but do not know it.


(This is a short list, the damaging synergistic effects of which are off the scale in harm)

  • Fast Foods
  • Synthetic sweeteners (Aspartame, Splenda, etc., are known to destroy brain function)
  • MSG
  • GMOs (most corn and soy grown in America are genetically modified, some wheat is also)
  • Processed foods (with unknown or unlabeled ingredients)
  • Food dyes and food additives
  • Use Spring or well-filtered water. Most often, city water supplies have toxic chlorine and fluoride added.
  • Don’t use microwave ovens! They re-arrange the molecular structure of food.
  • Don’t use any plastics to wrap food, or cook with, or purchase foods wrapped in them! They are a group of chemicals known as PHTHALATES. These are known hormone [endocrine] disruptors and are linked to obesity and early puberty. NONE OF THEM ARE SAFE! The World Health Organization recently published an important report on Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals. WHO is calling these chemicals a “global threat.”



It’s Spring, so take advantage of locally grown organic produce and Farmers Markets –or grow your own! Even if you live in a city, plant a small window box or a few herbs in small containers. It’s fun. Cook from scratch, avoid plastic pre-packaged foods.

  • Eat foods rich in sulphur: garlic, onions, leeks, scallions.
  • Eat Mushrooms: maitaki, shitki, and reishi
  • Eat fresh, organic salad, vegetables, and fruits. Apple pectin is noted for its radiation protective benefits. It continues to be used after the nuclear disasters at Chernobyl and Fukushima.

Herbal Recipes

(use only organic herbs) Latin bionomials are in parentheses

Eye Wash Tea #1

(for irritated, itchy eyes and Chemtrails)

1 level tsp. Chamomile (Matricaria camomilla)

1 level tsp Elder flowers (Sambucas nigra)

1 level tsp Calendula flowers (Calendula officinalis)

1/8 tsp Golden Seal powder (Hydrastis canadensis)

Bring 1 cup Spring water to a boil. Use a glass pot. Add dry herbs, cover and simmer for 5 minutes. Keep covered for 10 minutes more. Strain through a non-chlorine paper filter. Let cool. Using a sterilized eye dropper, put 1-2 drops in each eye. Use once or twice daily.

Eye Wash Tea #2

For red   and very irritated, stinging inflammed eyes:

To Eye Tea #1, add

1 level teaspoon   Eyebright (Euphrasis officinalis)

Follow the rest of the above recipe.

Spring Hepatic Detox

(Good to do, if you have been tested for heavy metals)

1 level tsp Dandelion root (Taraxacum officinale)

1 level tsp Milk Thistle (Silyabum marianum)

½ tsp Burdock root (Arctum lappa)

¼ tsp Red Clover flowers (Trifolium pratense)

Bring 1 ½ cups Spring water to a boil. Use a glass pot. Add all herbs. Reduce to a simmer, stir (with wood spoon), and cook for 20 minutes, covered. Let sit to cool. Strain. Drink ½ cup mid-day for a week.

Upper Respiratory Cleanse

(This is a good cleansing steam for the lungs)

Use a glass pan or pot. Bring 1 cup Spring water to a boil. Turn off heat immediately, and pour into glass or ceramic bowl. Add 1 drop each of organic essential oils of: Eucalyptus, Pine, Thyme, and Lavender. Bend over and inhale steam. Be careful, not to get too close   to steam. Inhale gently. Two or three inhalations of this medicinal steam can help relieve lung congestion. Consult your health care practitioner, if necessary.

Recommended Books and Sources

Dr. Russell Blaylock. “Exitotoxins: The Taste That Kills.” See:

Dr. Theo Colburn et al. “Our Stolen Future.” See:

David Hoffmann. “The Holistic Herbal.”

Paul Stamets. One of the world’s leading mycologists who has written six books on mushrooms. See:

Ruth Winter, M.S. “A Consumer’s Dicttionary of Food Additives” and “A Consumer’s Dictionary of Cosmetic Ingredients”


Pacific Botanicals:

Monterey Bay Spice Company:

Avena Botanicals:

Essential Oils, organic: Neal’s Yard:

NOTE: I’ve been using their essential oils for more than 25 years, and they are the best I have used. (I do not have any financial ties with them, or any other companies recommended in this article.)

For Pets: Greg Tilford’s excellent Apawthecary line of organic tinctures for cats and dogs:

Previous articles by Dr. Ilya Sandra Perlingieri

About the author:

Dr. PEnvironmental writer and educator Dr. Ilya Sandra Perlingieri is the author of the book “The Uterine Crisis”,  the result of 15 years of independent research linking women’s reproductive illnesses with invisible environmental toxins. London’s “The Ecologist” calls this book an “inspiration”.

For decades, Dr. Perlingieri has been writing about the links between chronic exposure to invisible environmental toxins and dramatic increases in illness. Her cross-disciplinary lecture at the first US Chemtrails conference in August 2012 was live-streamed to 30 countries.

Dr. Perlingieri continues to take a cross-disciplinary approach to all her research. She has a background in both science and art. In addition to her graduate academic degrees, she also has had formal herbal training and studies in the US, London, and Italy.

Editor’s note:  since the publication of this article, Dr. Perlingieri has sadly passed away. Rest in peace “Dr. P”


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Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.