Remove Toxic Heavy Metals from Your Body in Less Than 7 Hours

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By Gavin Bragg

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

The safe removal of heavy metals is becoming one of the modern world’s greatest health issues. Heavy metals surround us; chemtrails, vaccinations, air, water  and food, pollution, living or working near a smelter or mine, dental fillings and of course, the kingpin of all, fluoridated water. Hydrofluosilicic acid, the chemical often used to fluoridate drinking water, is an industrial waste that contains lead, mercury, cadmium, arsenic, aluminum, benzene and radioactive waste material. A fact that boggles the mind and poses the question…

How did we let this end up in our water?

Heavy metals poisoning

“In my clinical experience, everyone has excessive amounts of some, or all of the toxic metals” says Lawrence Wilson, MD.

No one in the industrial world is untouched, and the effects of heavy metals are nothing short of frightening, with links to impaired brain and motor function, Alzheimer’s, dementia, heart disease and genetic defects.

Heavy metals can replace the body’s needed minerals, for instance, If there is a low amount of calcium in the body and lead is present, Lead will replace calcium  in the bones, weakening them and causing osteoporosis. Lead also replaces calcium in the blood cells, damaging the blood and causing a severe form of anemia.

Lead may then go to the brain, where it replaces calcium, iron, magnesium and other vital elements that are found there causing all sorts of mental issues. Cadmium will replace zinc in a male’s testicles as well as in a woman’s ovaries, causing countless reproductive issues. Male and female sexual fluids are rich in zinc, when replaced with cadmium this can cause low sperm counts, impotence in men, reduced fertility in women, and increased libido in women.

“Cadmium is so toxic to the brain that it causes what might be called ‘a small rebellion’ in the tissues of the brain, resulting in violent thoughts.  One notices this as one removes cadmium, that violent thoughts and even one’s violent impulses diminish” Lawrence Wilson, MD.

Mercury is one of the most toxic minerals known to man, and yet it is also one of the most common heavy metal’s used today. It’s even used in children’s vaccines as a preservative in the form Thimerosal.

If you inject thimerosal into an animal, its brain will sicken. If you apply it to living tissue, the cells die. If you put it in a petri dish the culture dies. Knowing these things, it would be shocking if one could inject it into an infant without causing damage.

Boyd Haley PhD, Professor and Chair, Department of Chemistry, University of Kentucky.

The list of debilitating illnesses associated with mercury is incredibly vast and mercury exposure should be avoided at all costs.

(Further reading: The Consequences of Toxic Metals and Chemical Aerosols on Human Health)

When needed minerals are low and heavy metals are present, the body will also use heavy metals for enzyme creation. As this occurs, the metals inhibit, overstimulate or otherwise alter thousands of enzymes. An affected enzyme may operate at 5% of normal activity. This may contribute to countless health conditions.

The importance of enzymes can not be underestimated. Some health professionals believe them to be the key to good health and longevity.

“The length of life is inversely proportional to the rate of exhaustion of the enzyme potential of an organism.” (The Enzyme Nutrition Axiom formulated by Dr Edward Howell).

Now for the good news!

The Natural mineral compound zeolite, specifically clinoptilolite – which is used in Pure Liquid Zeolites NCD2 – has the perfect structure for removing heavy metals and will do it quickly and safely.

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Clinoptilolite is shaped like a cage and is one of only a few minerals in nature that carries a negative charge. It’s this amazing combination that allows the zeolite to capture toxic heavy metals containing a high positive charge like mercury, lead, cadmium, aluminum, bismuth, antimony, barium, depleted uranium and many others. Zeolite will then remove them from the body. Once the toxins are trapped in the zeolites cage it is almost impossible for them to escape this bond, it takes over 900° F to break the bond. So once absorbed into the zeolite cage the metals are removed and cannot be deposited in other areas of their body.

Zeolite differs from other forms of chelation as the heavy metals are absorbed inside the cage (not stuck to the outside) and are therefore inside the zeolites negative charge field, because of this the metals are essentially neutralised and can not cause any other damage to surrounding tissue during the removal process, So the removal of heavy metals can be accomplished much faster than any other form of chelation.

NCD2  Activated Zeolite is incredibly fast-acting and is completely removed from the blood in 5-7 hours and in turn, so are the trapped toxins and heavy metals. Zeolite is removed through normal bodily processes and due to it neutralising and removing toxic material it greatly reduces the burden on the liver and kidneys.

Its important to note all other forms of chelation greatly increase the burden on these vital organs, that is why chelation is usually done over a long period of time often taking years.

A full body detox to remove built up metals will take approximately 6-9 weeks depending on age, general health, diet and the accumulated amount of metals. There are always extremes in any situation of course, and it can take many months in some cases. The process however can be sped up dramatically when combined with green juice fasting, as seen in a pilot study by Dr Gabriel Cousens where 55 people with an average of over 800 different toxins, measured from the Liver, Breast and Brain, Achieved an average of 88% total toxin removal in 1 week. 100% removal was achieved in just 2 weeks from using this combination of max dose NCD2 Zeolite with a green vegetable juice fast protocol. You can read more on this incredible study here.

All brands of Clinoptilolite Zeolite will work but different products are incredibly  varied in how much they can do. For instance the cheapest form of Zeolite are the  powdered ones and it is great stuff, most are similar to bentonite clay as they work in the gut to clean and absorb toxic material. But what is extremely important is that you see 3rd party data on the particle size of the zeolite as many zeolites marketed as micronised are in fact just crushed and there is a huge difference in what it will do. You need a 3rd party analysis showing majority particle size of less than 2 micron to know it will work properly.

The same goes for the Liquid Zeolites which are just powdered zeolite suspend in water this increases the absorption rate and makes the dosage easier to calculate. But you still need the same particle size analysis to know it works.

Many people argue that with powdered you get a lot higher dosage for your $ this is true ! however if the zeolite is properly activated (had the metals inside removed) and micronised below 2 micron, the amount needed to reach maximum absorption is very small.

For example Pure Liquid Zeolites NCD2 is properly micronised and activated with particles as small as 0.1 micron. Only 0.12g is needed to reach the maximum absorbable amount in the blood at any one time. Having such highly activated zeolite that can do so much with such small doses also means taking it is very pleasant. with many forms of zeolites it is like drinking muddy water.

Zeolite has some other incredible benefits, there is evidence that it can also destroy cancer cells directly by triggering the P-21 gene in tumour cells.

When NCDs molecular cages contain a heavy metal ion they have a polarized charge and as this polarized cage goes near a cancer cell their polar charge makes it easy for them to go through cancer cell membranes but not normal cell membranes. But when the cancer cell identifies the zeolite in the cell it realizes that something may be wrong for it to be there in the first place and switches on the P21 gene that self-destructs the cancer cell.

~ Biochemist Dr Rik Deitsch.

Once the heavy metal concentrations have been reduced, the zeolite latches on to viral pieces or components. Because viruses replicate by first manufacturing viral components and then assembling them into a complete virus, pure liquid zeolite, in essence, removes parts from the assembly line and blocks viral replication.

It will also buffer blood pH, as a slightly alkaline blood pH (7.35 – 7.45) is essential for good health and optimal immune function. Liquid zeolite attracts and then buffers excess protons which cause acidity and in this way can help many conditions ranging from acid reflux to candida and arthritis. In the same way that liquid zeolite can buffer excess protons and thus help balance body pH, it can also buffer excess glucose and therefore helps reduce blood sugar spikes and lowers insulin dependency.

The cage-like structure of the zeolite also traps free radical molecules, making it an effective antioxidant. This is not to say that liquid zeolite is a substitute for more conventional antioxidants such as Vitamins C, E and A, lutein and selenium, all of which have other vital roles to play in the body.

Liquid zeolite also captures some of the allergens and antigens that trigger allergies, migraines, and asthma, and helps to reduce symptoms. Liquid zeolite increases immune system function by removing the toxins and pathogens that depress immune function and interfere with hormone balance. It effectively stimulates the immune system, which further helps deal with toxins, viruses, yeasts, bacteria and fungi. As a result, many people report feeling increased energy, clarity and vitality of life.

Is Zeolite safe?

The removal of heavy metals and toxins is paramount in any health regime. Whether you are trying to treat a disease, looking to prevent disease or just remove the toxic burdens all around us, zeolite is an amazing tool that will make a huge difference.

You may be asking “well won’t it remove all the good metals? And won’t it make me iron deficient?”

The answer is NO. Interestingly, people taking zeolite show a net increase in iron levels and other beneficial minerals – due to the removal of the dangerous heavy metals that will block their absorption and storage. Zeolite is somewhat selective as it will go after the particles with the highest charge first, for example mercury and lead. It is recommended that you supplement your diet with a good quality broad spectrum colloidal mineral to make sure you replace all the things you’ve been missing.

In over 800 years of use throughout the world, there has never been any side effects to zeolite recorded. However, slight dehydration can occur so be sure to drink plenty of water during the detoxification process.

Natural Cellular Defense from  Pure Liquid Zeolite  has also been safely used by pregnant women, nursing mothers and small children. It is safe to take with most medication, and has been granted a status of GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) by the United States FDA (Food & Drug Administration).

“With liquid zeolite, we have returned to the basic healing approach for all chronic diseases, which is to free up and activate the vital life force. Liquid Zeolite is truly an alchemical gift from the Divine”

Gabriel Cousens M.D.

The safe removal of heavy metals from the body is becoming one of the modern world’s biggest health issues. I truly believe Pure Liquid Zeolite to be one of the keys to achieving good health in the 21st century.


Recommended reading:

About the author:

Gavin Bragg is a freelance author, adventurer, amateur archaeologist and  long-time Wake Up World colleague.

In late 2007, Gavin’s partner (and recent WuW guest author) Ashley Peters was  diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour. Western doctors described her as  “terminal” and told her to say her good-bye’s. But Gavin and Ashley “turned  East” for their answers to cancer, and discovered the incredible healing  properties of Pure Liquid Zeolite.

To the confusion of Western doctors, Ashley treated herself with zeolite and  has been clear of cancer for 5 years.

Given purpose by this second chance, Gavin and Ashley have become  distributors for NCD2 Pure Liquid Zeolite…. the product that saved  Ashley’s life. Gavin and Ashley both dedicate their lives to spreading the  word about natural cancer treatments, and hope that naturally healing  “alternative” treatments like zeolite will soon replace the dangerous,  ineffective pharmaceuticals that flood the “health care” industry.

Visit for more information.

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  • Kyle Jay

    liquid zeolite in ineffective, zeolite is a volcanic mineral with a honeycomb shaped molecule which cannott be liquified. The powdered version is much more effective and recommended.

    • Hi Kyle you are correct in saying Liquid Zeolite can not be liquified, however Liquid zeolite is micronised zeolite that is suspended in a liquid this allows a much greater absorption to the blood stream and a much more effective product, we do use powdered zeolite in our Megadefence product. But with powdered the effects are mostly in the gut, and therefore are not able to clean the blood and other cells anywhere near as effectively as liquid zeolite.

  • Tom

    Thats funny I just found liquid micronized clinoptilolite zeolite at my local superfoods store for $35 for 56 day supply and no one asked to to join an MLM. WOOHOO!!!

    • Hi Tom
      There are many many other liquid zeolites out there. But almost all are cheap imitations of Waioras NCD2 that we sell at Pure Liquid Zeolite. NCD is the original zeolite brand and the patented activation and micronisation processes ensure the end product is of the smallest and most absorbable size and contains the highest possible charge, to clean out more toxic material than any other zeolite product available, if you would like some more data on this product please head to this link and take a look at some of the 3rd party testing and other lab reports.!scientific-reports/c1wp8

      We sell and use this product as a lot of the people we work with have terminal illnesses and don’t have time to waste on products that wont reach the blood stream due to the particle size being to large.
      You do not have to join to get this product, but if you do it just means you can get the product at a much cheaper rate. If you do join it does not mean you have to do anything at all just get the great benefits of NCD2 Zeolite at a better rate. With no more effort than the standard delivery form !

  • indigo

    You can always tell if the author has any real experience with heavy metal toxicity or not by their claims and recommendations.They make is so easy and matter of fact,just to this,just eat that and you will be metal free………….NOT.
    7 Hours……….REALLY?
    4-9 weeks………REALLY?
    I know people who have been detoxing or trying to detox for YEARS.Everyone is different and writing a come on story like “Detox Heavy Metals in 7 Hours?
    is sure an eye catcher but not really truthful.Maybe some people with low levels of metals and especially if it is not mercury,may use this and accomplish detox with ease,however be aware that with mercury toxicity it is a crap shoot at best.I tried Zeolite and while I feel it was one of the better things I’ve used,within 10 days I totally crashed,so just be aware that this is not a miracle and without it’s problems.

    • Hi Indigo
      Thanks for your comments i have updated the article as i could see how some things could be worded more appropriately.

      5-7 hours is the time frame in which a dose of liquid zeolite NCD2 will be removed from the body, heavy metals are the first thing zeolite will remove so yes it will have removed heavy metals in 7 hours.

      4-9 weeks is easily achievable for most with the right diet as mentioned, But there are always extremes in any treatment all of our bodies are different, having said that the process can also be greatly sped up to even accomplish 100% removal in as little as 2 weeks using NCD2 liquid zeolite and green juice fasting as reported by Dr Gabriel Cousens. This is obviously an extreme diet for most people, though it is a good one, and one that I have tried myself with great success.

      Here is the link to this study!article-dr-gabriel-cousens-study/cxmj

      And YES it does remove Mercury.
      Im not sure why you crashed. What exactly do you mean by this ? Some people do report getting flu like symptoms a few days after starting on a large dose as with many effective detox programs, this is usually from the alkalising effect which causes a mass die off of candida and other harmful bacteria which can over load the system for a few days,

      Also no where in this article do i claim to be an expert, I am just an independent researcher whom wishes to help people, and sharing this information and product is how I believe I can do that, as I have seen it do all that is mentioned and more with my own eyes. My information is all factual, referenced and is in no way misleading.

    • June Gannon

      Well actually from experience 1st hand of using this product, it does work rapidly. I am not selling or promoting for gain but just speaking truth. I have for years had a reaction to all hair colours that leave my scalp extremely ichy. I had purchased couple of bottles to try out. I just happens to be colouring my hair the day after order arrived. Was not even thinking of the benefits of Zeolite but was surprised that I had no usual irritations following hair colour

  • paulfasoli


  • Susanne F

    another side effect I noticed is my stool started to smell like I was smoking cigar at the loo…

  • Thank you for such an interesting article Gavin, very keen to try this.

  • D Thomas

    In Wikipedia it says that zeolite is usually made up of a combination of silica and aluminum oxide. Is it really a good idea to be ingesting this aluminum?

    • Hi D Thomas
      Thanks for your post, the zeolite is in fact an aluminosilicate, but No. The aluminum is very strongly bonded into the cage-like structure of the zeolite, and so is completely unavailable biologically. It would take temperatures of 900 °F (480 °C) to break the aluminum free from the zeolite crystal. There is no chance that liquid zeolite can introduce any aluminium into the body. But will absorb and remove free aluminium ions.

  • Name (required)

    Very informative.

  • Oh that it were that simple and that quick….

    Boyd Haley writing about Mercury and zeolites:

    ” I thought I would share this information with you. A week ago I received two vials of NCD, or zeolite from two suspicious mothers who thought it might contain mercury. We have tested it. The good news is that it does not contain any detectable mercury.

    The bad news is that it does not significantly remove mercury from an aqueous solution. This was tested by centrifuging down the zeloite and adding to it a 1 ppm mercury solution, re-suspending the zeloite and letting it set for several minutes, centrifuging it back down and re-testing the mercury content of the water. It did not decrease which it should have if the zeolite material bound Hg2+ tightly. Therefore, if zeolite is having a positive effect it is not by removing mercury from the body.

    Additionally, it seems very unlikely that a water insoluble material would have any direct effect on removing mercury from cells, mitochondria or the brain. How would it cross the intestinal wall, enter cells and mitochondria and do this? It would be good to read the data referred to in
    a recent email I received that stated “Further, since other animal and human studies with zeolite have demonstrated the ability for zeolite to remove heavy metals, a portion of the participants will receive a series of urine excretion tests designed to detect levels of heavy metal excretion.”

    How exactly will a non-water soluble material like zeolite cause urinary mercury excretion as shown in previous studies? If the negative charges on the insoluble zeolite really did bind mercury it should take it out via the fecal route. I would like to see the data from these studies and find out where it was published.

    I am not suggesting other not do this study, but this looks very much like many previous “miracle mercury cures” that just takes a lot of money from the unsuspecting parents who are looking for any help for their child””I have seen several of these””-and they all had studies showing how well they worked, but this data was never published in a decent journal. Feel free to share these comments with others.

    Boyd Haley”

    Dr Boyd Haley received his PhD in Chemistry/Biochemistry in 1971. He is now the Chair of the Chemistry Department at the University of Kentucky and has risked his career to talk about the negative effects of mercury amalgams/vaccinations on the body.

    • Hi Sandhan
      Thank you for the the post, Its great to see people checking the other side. However I am not sure how old this Info By Dr Hayley I think its from around 2006 ish and there is a lot more info now even a peer reviewed study on the excretion of heavy metals using NCD. Here is a transcript of Biochemist Rik Deitsch covering Hayleys claims.

      Also here is a link to the scientific documents page of our site were you can read the peer reviewed paper and also a few more papers you may find interesting.!scientific-reports/c1wp8

      Deborah: Thank you. What we’re going to do is take a few minutes to
      address an assertion that was made by Dr. Boyd Haley, that Natural
      Cellular Defense does not chelate mercury. I’ll give you a little
      background on that.

      Boyd Haley is a respected chemist in the field of mercury toxicity
      and Autism. He recently ran some experiments. He confirmed that
      the zeolite that’s in Natural Cellular Defense does not contain
      mercury. His experiments lead him to believe, and I’m quoting now
      from a recent e-mail that was posted by him:

      “…Natural Cellular Defense does not significantly remove mercury
      from an Aqueous solution.”

      He concluded that “If zeolite is having a positive effect, it is not
      by removing mercury from the body”. Rik, can you talk about Dr.
      Haley’s conclusion?

      Rik: I really don’t understand his experiment. Apparently he had
      centrifuged down the zeolite to try and get, I guess, a high
      concentration of the zeolite itself in the Natural Cellular Defense,
      and then added that to a solution that contained mercury. Again,
      centrifuged it down and removed whatever was at the bottom and
      measured the mercury and apparently had the same amount of mercury.
      I have so many more questions than answers in that case, which is;
      Was it an atomic mercury or was it a mercury compound. For example,
      the zeolite is only going to absorb, as I said before, small, highly-
      charged atoms, and mercury in it’s plus three oxidation state which
      is primarily what you would find in the body, all by itself, is
      what’s going to be absorbed in the zeolite.

      You have to question, was it mercury compound, or was it free ionic
      mercury, what was the oxidation state of that mercury? Then I don’t
      even understand these centrifugation process. Did he efficiently
      remove the zeolite from that solution or was he simply measuring the
      zeolite that already had the mercury trapped within it within that

      I can’t speak to his experimentation which is, of course, was a test
      tube experiment, I can say that we’ve conducted three clinical
      studies now where we measured by atomic absorption spectroscopy the
      heavy metal content of patients’ urine on elimination after using
      Natural Cellular Defense. Atomic absorption spectroscopy is in fact
      a quantitative method of analysis and we’ve seen, at least in highly
      toxic individuals, like these West Virginia Coal Miners in some
      cases, a twelve fold increase in heavy metal excretion and much of
      that was mercury. So I know it helps remove mercury from the body.
      I don’t know how it works in his aqueous solution, but I know it
      helps remove mercury from the body.

      Deborah: Thank you. There’s one other question that Dr. Haley
      posed that I want to bring up on this call. He stated in his e-
      mail, “It seems very unlikely that a water insoluble material would
      have any direct effect on removing mercury from cells”. Then he
      asks this question: “How would zeolite cross the intestinal wall
      and inter cells and do this?” Rik, is that something you can answer?
      Rik: First of all, it’s not purely insoluble product, in fact
      zeolite absorbs water very, very well and goes into solution very,
      very well as a colloidal suspension, so it’s not a wholly insoluble
      product. Additionally, as I said before, we micronize it so the
      maximum size of any zeolite cage in the Natural Cellular Defense is
      five microns, but most of the cages exist at sub one microns, which
      makes it highly digestible in the digestive tract and absorption
      through the intestinal wall.

      The last part of that question was how does it get into the cell to
      remove mercury. My contention has always been that it doesn’t get
      into healthy cells. Ninety-nine percent of the action of the
      zeolite is extracellular. So, in that case we’re going to be in

  • Patty

    “Increased” libido for women or did you mean decreased?

    • Hi Patty
      Thanks for your post.
      It was Increased, according to Dr Lawrence Wilson, with Cadmium build up people seem to exert more masculinity, Here is a part of one of his articles.

      “Cadmium toxicity is associated with low sperm counts, impotence in men, reduced fertility in women, and increased interest in sex in women.”

  • LeeLee

    What Green Juice fast would you recommend and for how long?

    • mazhar abidi

      if continued for life time,it is best for happy health.i am saying from food,but is i want medicines,this product is the best for all.

  • mazhar abidi

    i agree it is correct.

  • mazhar abidi

    all Green Vegitables,fruites,etc & if any ill in out of body the above medicines is the best.o.k.

  • Arnold Beck

    @ Thomas. Yes they sell Zeolite here in UK . I just wanted to let you know that there are products to remove heavy metals and toxins from the body. I did my own research and the best one on the market is Zeolite from Zeohealth. And Zeolite pure seems to be the best. It’s a USA brand but they are also sold here in UK.

    We bought this one here. Rated the best one today.