Extreme Toxicity of Roundup Debunks GMO / Non-GMO “Substantial Equivalence” Argument

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By  Sayer Ji

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

If Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide were actually ‘safer than table salt’ as they once advertised, the consumption of GM food wouldn’t be nearly as controversial. The truth, however, is that virtually all GM food today contains residues of a toxic chemical. This fact disproves that GM and non-GM foods are “substantially equivalent”, which is the primary doctrinal justification for GM foods not being properly safety tested and millions of Americans who eat them becoming living and breathing guinea pigs.  

There was a time when Monsanto claimed their patented herbicide Roundup was “safer than table salt”  and “practically non-toxic”, and aggressively marketed this message until 1996, when they were ordered by Dennis C. Vacco, the Attorney General of New York, to pull the ads.[1] Fast forward 15 years. Millions of farmers around the world bought into the false advertising and, as a result, are now driving the production and use of several hundred-million pounds of this chemical annually.

Roundup herbicide is beginning to look  eerily  like Monsanto’s Agent Orange 2.0

Indeed, within the scientific community and educated public alike, there is a growing awareness that Roundup herbicide and its primary ingredient glyphosate is actually a broad spectrum  biocide; in the etymological sense of the word: “bio” (life) and “cide” (kill) – that is, it broadly, without discrimination kills living things, not just plants. Moreover, it does not rapidly biodegrade as widely claimed, and exceedingly small amounts of this chemical – in concentration ranges found in recently sampled rain, air, groundwater, and human urine samples – have  DNA-damaging  and cancer cell proliferation stimulating effects.

You don’t have to look very far to find research documenting its extreme and wide-ranging  toxicity. Anyone with a smart phone can now access the accumulating body of experimental and epidemiological research freely available on the National Library of Medicine’s citation database MEDLINE, proving that glyphosate-based agrichemicals have been linked to over 40 health conditions, from Parkinson’s to Leukemia, and over two dozen modes of toxicity, from causing damage to the DNA to disrupting hormone receptors, from suppressing the immune system to damaging neurons.

To view all 26 adverse physiological actions, visit GreenMedInfo’s open access, MEDLINE-derived  Glyphosate Formulation research  page.

Once the public begin to let the reality of Roundup’s  parts-per-trillion  toxicity  sink in, then another realization naturally follows: the vast majority of GM crops are designed to survive chemical poisoning with Roundup. So-called ‘Roundup ready’ or ‘glyphosate-resistant’ plants are sprayed with this chemical, ensuring they are contaminated with toxic residues. This means that the potentially endless, impossible to resolve debate over whether GM transgenes inserted into food and feed crops produce ‘allergenic’ or ‘potentially toxic’ proteins only scratches the surface of the problem, acting like a smokescreen distracting from the more obvious problems associated with the clear and present threat of  glyphosate/Roundup toxicity.

Essentially, if you are eating anything that is not explicitly labeled non-GMO or USDA certified organic (and there are  reasons to doubt the veracity of this logo), you are being exposed to Roundup and its  toxic metabolites. And when we say ‘exposed’ we are using a euphemism for poisoned. This also means that the primary doctrinal justification for not labeling, adequately safety testing and regulating GM foods – namely, the view that they are “substantially equivalent” – no longer holds any water.

Roundup poisoned food is never equivalent to Roundup-free food.  

In order to drive momentum towards mass awareness of the toxicity of Roundup and Roundup-Ready agriculture, we are offering a free PDF download of GreenMedInfo’s accumulated research on the topic to be shared far and wide. It is a 100% peer-reviewed and published research document, with hyperlinks back to the original citation location on the National Library of Medicine’s MEDLINE. Please download it here today.

For additional research and articles on the dangers associated with GMO food, visit GreenMedInfo’s research page on the topic:  Health Guide: GMO Research.

[1]  The New York Times, Monsanto recruits the horticulturist of the San Diego Zoo to pitch its popular herbicide, May 29, 1997

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