Creating UTOPIA: a Process of Self Integration


By Dr. Sue McIntosh, M.D.

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

Creating utopia requires integrating ourselves first.

Relax. We are all where we need to be. Chaos may be swirling around us, but we are lighthouses in the dark and springtime of the new world.

Intellect is giving way to heart-based compassion and soul-full intuitive living. We access heart and soul by learning to meditate, following our gut feeling, making decisions based on our own happiness and loving ourselves. We feel the shift in vibration as our mental, emotional and spiritual auric layers fuse with the physical body, and we come home.

The temple of heart and soul, the physical body, is a miraculous biospiritual community of trillions of specialized cells cooperating for optimum health. The template for each conscious cell is its spirit, powered by emotion and condensing into physicality. Even our genes, once thought to be immutable, are affected by thought and intention — the vast new field of epigenetics.

Each cell’s DNA holds our entire history, including every detail of past and future lives. “Junk” DNA, the 85% not mapped by the Human Genome Project, also includes capability to access multiple dimensions, millions of new genes, suppressors and activators of genes known and unknown, abilities to access light and free energy rather than food and drink as power sources, psychic abilities, unity consciousness, instant creativity and manifestation of our uniqueness.

Each cell’s membrane functions as its brain, allowing substances whose keys fit specific cellular locks to enter the cell via an elaborate canal system. Emotions release chemicals which flood the body and seep through cell membranes.

Human body cells are our babies to nurture, feed, sing to, talk with, listen to, discipline, rock to sleep, and hold dear for a lifetime. Like biological children, our cells delight, disappoint, sparkle with magic, misbehave, sleep and wake, and are always at our core.

From the first morning flicker of wakefulness, an attitude of gratitude infuses us as our soul returns from nocturnal wanderings. We enjoy and employ our half-awake theta-state to intend our dreams, send light and peace to those who struggle and let our minds float freely. Physical stretching stirs our biology. We are reminded of simple joys — our breath, the beloved spouse, birdsong or traffic noise, welcome relief of elimination, breakfast smells, sunrise, children’s and pets’ greetings.

Each moment we live in two worlds — one busy and concrete, the other impressionistic and other-dimensional. Every decision we make is derived from ours or someone else’s need, intuitive guidance, conscience or external stimuli. The busier we are, the faster time moves, the more we become adept at distinguishing the most appropriate choice, usually the first, often the loudest. Gracefully we become the current of life, radiant with peace and maintaining balance.

Old World is external power, enslaving us for someone else’s benefit, driven by greed and control. New World power is our own, based on love and the self-oriented, but not the selfish. The more we are able to integrate ourselves, the more we come to know our inner Messiah.

About the Author

Dr. McIntosh is a native of Tennessee, relocating to Connecticut for postgraduate training in pediatrics and pediatric hematology and oncology at the Yale-New Haven Medical Center.

From 1974 to 1984 she was a member of the faculty at the Yale School of Medicine and was active in patient care, teaching and clinical research. Administrative duties included committees on the status of faculty women, human investigation, and pharmacy and therapeutics. From 1984 to 1991 she established one of the first private practices of pediatric and adolescent hematology and oncology in Guilford, CT, with continued privileges in patient care and teaching at the Yale-New Haven Medical Center.

The gradual onset of severe fibromyalgia necessitated early retirement from medicine in 1991. During this illness – and while still practicing medicine – she learned, applied and taught alternative healing methods and was one of the first practitioners of integrative or complementary medicine.

Dr. McIntosh has written five books on the topics of conspiracy, extraterrestrials, spiritual development and healing methods. She has also authored more than 50 professional papers and presentations.

She and her wife live in Connecticut. She is an avid organic gardener, earth-keeper, healer, teacher, seeker and trouble-maker.

Visit Dr. McIntosh’s website:

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