Where are the Peacemakers? Our Institutions are Designed for War

war_and_peace4th September 2013

By Ethan Indigo Smith

Contributing  Writer for Wake Up World

Fukushima, 11th March 2011. The day the world changed forever, the day the nuclear era became cemented and the whole planet became scorched. This is also the day that the proclaimed leader of the free world delayed announcing a no-fly zone over Libya, essentially a martial act. The biggest disaster the planet has ever known – one that promises national destruction of Japan and pollution of the planet and everywhere – is war.

Where are the peacemakers? Where is the means to help Japan? Or the intent? Our institutions are designed for war. And as enormous of a problem nuclear experimentation is, the biggest problem is the problem inside our heads! The problem that conjures nuclear experimentation and war to begin with is our mind state, that we have for instance built up destructive institutions of war, but not constructive institutions.

The Matrix of Four in Peace and War

Many ideas correlate the Jungian concept of four modes of thinking and being. For instance the first four characters of Genesis allegorically represent the four cardinal velocities of thinking and being. It describes man’s ignorant tendencies, hubristic nature, conniving attributes and our ability to seek and distribute the truth.

There are many other ways to look at Genesis, like all stories, allegories, adages and metaphors, it is layered and open for interpretation. The Garden of Eden and Genesis can represent both the external Earth and the internal mind for instance. Refuting all the institutional baggage religious institutions have bestowed on the allegory for a moment, it is possible to see the Garden of Eden as internal and external allegory reflective of thinking and being.

Adam acts unquestioningly like an idiot, Eve acts on what she wants to believe like a zealot, the Serpent acts to deceive like an elitist and God acts to share information, like a patriot. Adam doesn’t question and believes what he is told. Eve believes what she wants. The Serpent lies. And God simply told them don’t eat that fruit, perhaps akin to the warning of Pandora, a Pandora say akin to the nuclear experiment.

People tend to act in one of these four mindsets as it concerns the Pandora of nuclear experimentation. The same ignorance, hubris and trickery are evident today. The fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil is the result of seizing power in a negative way, like the Pandora of nuclear experimentation, ill results follow ill pursuits. The fruit of nuclear experimentation is death and lessened life. It is hubristic, and the external pursuits are based in the unconscious internally driven pursuit to take power. Nuclear experimentation is a literal manifestation of Pandora’s Box and as consequential as eating from the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil resulting in lessened life for all.

In the ancient metaphor of the Garden of Eden God is the distinct fourth part. As the matrix of four goes there is often one more distinct and developed part to the set. The following is what I call the Metaphor of the State and just as the four first characters of the Bible in the Garden of Eden can be used to understand ourselves and others the Metaphor of the State can be used the same way.

Imagine there are four states with one distinct and more developed part of the set. Each reflects the four states of war and peace in individual consciousness and collectives of mass consciousness.

Imagine the four bordering states in a contentious region of the world. One state is of peace, is constantly at peace and prepares for peace. Another state is of war, is constantly at war and prepares for war. Another state is at war, prepares for war and yet is ready for peace. And the last state is at peace, prepares for peace and yet is ready for defense.

There are many ways the states may act and react, but the warring state will eventually arrive at the border of the peaceful state. And the peaceful state will likely concede. The warring state will arrive at the border of the other nation of war and either they fight just enough to maintain a status quo or they fight until one loses all, while the other loses a lot. Now imagine the winning war state arriving at the border of the peaceful state that is ready for self-defense. Potentially the war state will decide it is not worth confrontation because of its strength or because of its accommodation.

Champion of Peace, Supplier of WarAny number of questions and quantifications can be applied utilizing these four states of the Garden of Eden and the Metaphor of the State, both can be applied to real individuals and institutions to understand the present and to make guesses as to the future. The fourth part of the set in the metaphor of the state, the most distinct and significant, is the peaceful state which promotes peace, but is ready for self-defense. One can imagine being in one of these states, both internally and externally, and quickly determine which is the more preferable mind state and nation state.

Mathematical and scientific absolutes can be used in understanding societal complexity, things that might seem unrelated might be neighboring extrapolations. A pinnacle universal absolute is that in balance is polarity, like a table on four legs. Balance is not only sought by human mentality, but is a primordial universal tendency exhibited in orbiting spheres. Balance is exhibited in the macro and micro often through the matrix of four.

There are four forms of lies for instance. The four forms of lies are directly related to the four operations of arithmetic. Mathematical approaches can assist in making sense of the unpredictable dynamic of state interaction as well as making sense of and finding the truth. Institutions and their representatives, state or otherwise, constantly lie. Outright conjuration and total denial of fact are the obvious types. But the advanced lies are more nuanced and subtle as opposed to outright addition and total subtraction of information.

The first type of lie is addition of information. Sometimes the addition of a small bit of information can change the story entirely. The second type of lie is the subtraction of information.   The removal of small key components can result in entirely different meaning. The third type of lie is multiplication of information. Exaggerations of situations connected with the story as well as exaggerations of extraneous information are included in the presentation to dilute it. The fourth type of lie is division of information. The facts are interlaced with disconnects and the significance of information is separated. The nuclear experimentation industry is founded on lies and always lies as a matter of business strategy.

Understanding there are four types of lies perpetuated by individuals and institutions alike leads to more stability in your truth. There is less likelihood liars will succeed in lying to you or to others around you. There are four types of lies, however only one truth. The point of intersection, where nothing is added or subtracted, multiplied or divided, is the truth we try to be in line with and as close to as possible. Understanding what is being balanced leads one closer to that point of intersection, the truth.

“Deception is a state of mind and the mind of the state.” ~ James Jesus Angleton

Where are the Peacemakers?

The truth is that we live in a world of states that prepare for war and are at war. We have built mechanisms that can destroy the planet on purpose and accident, but our institutions are not designed to save the planet and have to be morphed to help each other. The problem in our heads is we do not design systems to help each other for peace, but to hinder each other in war. There are a few things that all individuals can unite on, nuclear experimentation and with it war, is one thing we can all stand together against. We have to stand together to help Japan and the Japanese people and ourselves. Where is the leader of the free world? Where are the institutions of nuclear experimentation? The U.S.A. has done nothing. GE has done nothing. The nuclear industry as a whole has done nothing, nothing but lie.

We allow war and lies, but do not know how to help each other. We have to change our mind state.

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