The Memory of Now

Now WuW23rd September 2013

By  Carmen Allgood

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

We see evidence of the world starting to stir a little. Soon it will stretch and yawn a bit, roll over, continue to play dead for a while, and keep turning that alarm clock off until the Great Light that is there, unseen, shines in our mind’s eye and we suddenly awaken. Once the nightmare is over, and the light erases all fear, our only question will be why we thought there was any value in denying the truth so the world could live in seeming agony.

Everything in us is yearning to know the absolute truth of who and what we are so we can quit living in doubt and confusion, which results in the fear we seem to see in the world today. All the conflict, sorrow, suffering, longing, and ills of the world are part and parcel of thinking the truth is always ahead of us and just out of reach. The past seems so fearful or hurtful we don’t want to experience that again.

Ironically, the world believes that memory is something we use to remember the past. In reality, memory is the only tool at our disposal that releases us from the conflicts of the world, and is a skill we can utilize to remember now. Memory holds the truth about everything safely in our mind, which will be understood when we are ready to side with peace. It is awakened by practising forgiveness, used to forget the past, and recognizes there is no future. The only time there is, is now.

Now is forever and holds the revelation of our essence. It is where our peace and happiness lies. And now is our release from a world which is still too sleepy to fully accept the fact that love is the answer to whatever confronts us today. This must be the case or we wouldn’t call on anything but love when the chips are down.

On some level, most of the world still believes that love is weak and war/conflict is strong. We’ve got it all wrong if this notion is what we put our faith in. And then we wonder why it is we are not at peace.

The big question that needs to be answered, then, is how to stop grieving about the past, and no longer be apprehensive about the future. Luckily for us, the solution for each and every one of us is free and with us now. The ability to rise above the conflicts of the world is ours for the asking when we have had enough, and are willing to forgive everyone and everything. Peace of mind arises in us through overlooking illusions or lacks of love, in favor of reality, which is total love.

A Case In Point: Bookkeeper Calls On Love To Save The Day…

On August 20, 2013, armed with an AK47-style rifle, and nearly 500 rounds of ammunition, 20-year-old Michael Brandon Hill made his way into an elementary school in a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia. His intention was to kill as many people as possible.

A bookkeeper at the school, Antoinette Tuff, talked the suspect into surrendering after a brief standoff with police. She used love and kindness with the young man, and said: “It’s going to be all right, sweetie. I just want you to know I love you, though, OK? And I’m proud of you; that’s a good thing that you’re just giving up, and don’t worry about it. We all go through something in life. You’re going to be OK.” Faced with an armed 20-year-old who told her he was off his medication for a mental disorder, Tuff shared stories of heartbreak from her own life to help calm him down. She revealed her recent divorce and that she has a son with disabilities.

Word in the media is that there is ‘no known motive’ at this time. This is where denial creeps in because Michael Brandon Hill said quite clearly that he was doing this “because no one loves me.”

HELLO OPERATOR???   What part of this don’t we understand? This should be so evident to us because every social problem in the world can be attributed to ‘a cry for love!’ Antoinette Tuff was conscious enough to hear his cry, and recognize it for exactly what it was because he told her. She then called on the only force in the world that can stop madness, answering the call for love with love.

The media and the world, however, still want to pretend this is a big mystery, and that the incident was caused because he wasn’t on his meds. So we overlook the simple truth because it sounds outlandish and seems preposterous to suggest that this incident was a cry for love. What this  means in reality is that #Love is the Answer. It also implies we simply do not want the truth to be true.

Undoing Is Our Saving Grace

It will take a certain amount of tenacity, diligence, and perseverance to unleash the Memory of Now in our own experience. Amazingly enough, most of our efforts have been used to blind ourselves in order to keep the conflict intact.

For those who are interested in breaking this vicious cycle, this is the key to perfect peace of mind: Forgive the world and set if free from all we thought was unloving. This breaks the chains that keep us a prisoner of our own devices, and releases the remembrance, or memory, of the Eternal Now, because only loving thoughts that are eternal remain in our mind. For this to occur, we have to be willing to undo our unloving thoughts and happily surrender to our true and loving thoughts. Undoing can only be used to dispel illusions, for the truth cannot be undone.

How much do we want to be at peace? Do we want it enough to stand tall in the face of seeming adversity; enough to be willing to become a Master of Forgiveness? This is the key to our peace of mind. And it is free! This is why Love is the Answer.

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