Peace Is Free

10th January 2013

By  Carmen Allgood

Contributing Writer for  Wake Up World

It is easy to get sidetracked in this world by all the activity swirling around us everyday; there’s so much competition for our thoughts. One article suggested that most of us have about 30,000 impressions race through our mind on a daily basis. The bigger issue about all these distractions is that they are unconsciously used by us to keep us from focusing on what we really want. We might scoff at such a notion, but not when we consider that a lot of people are actually afraid of what they believe the truth might reveal.

What can we do to offset this conflict in our lives? And what does it do to our mental state? It leaves us in turmoil and comes with a heavy price. If this is the case with our life situation right now, let’s focus on healing our perception of the world so we can be at peace. When we push all other desires out of our way, and get as real and honest with ourselves as humanly possible, all of us want to experience peace of mind. Not down the road, but now.

All conflict is the result of holding grievances and our refusal to love one another. We wouldn’t make a decision like this unless we were opposed to the thought of love in our own mind. What does this cost us? It costs us everything, because peace, love, happiness, completion, and total understanding are inherent in who and what we are. If we fail to extend our love to include everyone, in the same way that Love loves everyone and everything, then we have blocked the awareness of our own reality, which is completely loving, and totally at peace.

Perhaps we should reconsider the value of love in our life and simply be grateful. This is the first step in attaining peace of mind, because Love is approached through gratitude. With gratitude in our heart, we can feel the first shift in our perception of the world taking place. Instead of feeling deprived, we recognize that we are really wealthy in a lot of respects. The awareness of this alone removes all scarcity consciousness from our minds.

Conflict is hell. This means peace is heaven. Even if a person is a skeptic and doesn’t believe in a Divine Power (some call it love), this still does not diminish a personal desire for peace of mind, which results in happiness.

Love lives in everyone. There is no conflict in love, and where there is no fear, or divisiveness, there is peace. This is a fact. All we can do with this recognition is be grateful. Love is the Answer.

Carmen Allgood © December 2012

Video courtesy South African Spiritual Rock Group Just Jinjer – What He Means – as heard on Radio Showz

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