Starting to Discover Your Connection to Something Bigger? Buddhist Philosophy Can Help

Buddha Statue15th November 2013

By  Bessa Hardigay

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

Discovering a new philosophy can be life-changing.

Whatever religion you were raised in, you probably have held onto to some of those beliefs, if only at the most basic level of human values. In adulthood, you may continue seeking new ideas and ways of being, and  contemplating your values and beliefs, through a more  conscious path of spiritual evolution.

Perhaps you are seeking a new philosophy, a connection to something higher, but you don’t need ‘religion’ in your life or aren’t ready to fully convert to Buddhism.  Incorporating some of its practices into your daily life can help you to open your mind and discover your connection.

Read on to find out how Buddhism – or simple Buddhist elements – can assist you on your spiritual path.

Connect to a Higher Force

It’s possible that you were raised without religion or spirituality at all. Or that you have separate concepts of ‘faith’ and ‘institutional religion’. Since Buddhism can be thought of as both a philosophy and a religion, contemplating Buddhist philosophy  might be a good place to start.

Increasingly, it appears common in Western countries for those drawn to Buddhism to have all kinds of beliefs.  Many people who identify with Buddhist philosophy are atheists, some were raised Christian, Muslim, agnostic, or what have you. In other words, you can embrace the concepts of Buddhism without a strong sense of any religion.

Find Your Inner Power

Buddhism asks you to reflect on yourself, where you are going in life, the world, and your place in it. These are some pretty big issues, and many people spend their entire lives grappling with them.

Buddhism teaches that you can find inner power in your soul when, through peace and meditation, you begin to reflect. Through this process, you may learn to understand and appreciate your spiritual evolution, and see the potential that you have for peace and accomplishment in your life. It sounds simple, but reflection is the first step toward understanding and empowerment.

We Are All Connected

You may at times feel as though you’re powerless in the world. You may feel stifled because of outside factors. Even with a specific goal in mind, you might feel alone in your hopes to attain it.

Buddhist philosophy focuses on the interconnection between all living things, emphasizing the connectivity of all parts of nature.  It teaches the power that comes from that connection – to other human beings and to the world around us. And if you can raise up and inspire others, you can cause great change, even if you’re only acting in a small way.

Relishing The Silence

Believe it or not, some Buddhist monks actually spend their entire lives in silence. Through this silence, they gain a greater capacity for contemplation. Certainly, you don’t need to forever relinquish speaking in order to enjoy the benefits of Buddhist philosophy. But by having some regular quiet time, you make space to engage in the sense of your connection to all parts of nature. Meditation is, of course, at the heart of this.

If you decide to find your local Buddhist community, you’ll most likely be welcomed by a spiritual and philosophical group of people. At its core, Buddhist philosophy reflects our connection to each other and the world around us.

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About the author:

A counseler,  Bessa Hardigay writes about faith and self-empowerment.  She has recently started working toward a  masters in psychology online.

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