How to Make Your Own Herbal Mouthwash

herbal mouthwash recipe

By Erin McIntosh

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

Making your own herbal mouthwash is  as easy as making tea, and allows you to avoid artificial colors, flavors, fluoride, sweeteners and other chemicals often found in commercial products.

Using rose tea offers a  wonderful astringent base  to help tone your gums and keep them healthy, while the addition of tinctures lets you control and customize  the medicinal potency you need, depending on your current  oral health.

Today I’m going share 2 recipes with you: a medicinal herbal mouthwash and an everyday herbal mouthwash.

Medicinal Herbal Mouthwash

This mouthwash is perfect  during  times when your gums need a little extra care. The anti-bacterial and astringent herbs in this recipe help disinfect, soothe inflammation and tighten tissue. I like to use this one as a medicinal preparation, rather than as a  daily rinse.

1 cup organic Rose bud or petal tea, brewed strong and cooled to room temperature

1 oz organic Echinacea tincture

½ oz organic Calendula tincture

¼ oz organic Goldenseal tincture

¼ oz organic White Oak Bark tincture

¼ oz Myrrh tincture

Everyday Herbal Mouthwash

This is a great recipe to use each day after you brush your teeth. The calendula, white oak bark, and myrrh are anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and astringent to clean and protect.

1 cup organic Rose bud or petal  tea, brewed strong and cooled to room temperature

½ oz organic Calendula tincture

¼ oz organic White Oak Bark tincture

¼ oz Myrrh tincture


Mix all ingredients together in an amber bottle and store in the refrigerator for one to two weeks, unless it starts to get funky sooner. The alcohol and refrigeration should preserve it for quite a while, though I don’t know  for sure how long since I  use  a batch  up quickly when needed – usually within a week.

If your teeth are sensitive to cold, you can mix it with a little hot water to warm. Swish a mouthful or two each day for 30 seconds and then spit out.  For a fresher flavor, add a few drops of peppermint flavoring extract.

About the author:

Erin McIntoshErin McIntosh is part of the team at Mountain Rose Herbs, an Oregon-based company that prides itself on providing high-quality certified organic herbs and spices with a strict emphasis on sustainable agriculture.

Erin has studied herbalism, botany, and ethical wild-crafting at the Columbines School of Botanical Studies. She spends her days making botanical illustrations, playing in the garden, creating culinary gems, and formulating medicine in the magnificent Oregon Cascades.

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