The New Frontiers of Multidimensionality

New Frontiers

By  Cedar Rivers

Guest writer for Wake Up World

The summer and winter solstices, and spring and autumn equinoxes herald the onset of each new season and provide opportunities for self-evaluation and joyful celebration at events to honour these seasonal changes. The approaching solstice on Saturday 21st December 2013 signals the beginning of summer in the southern hemisphere and winter in the northern.

It was on the December solstice 2012, just one short year ago, that millions celebrated the global event commonly known as The Shift of The Ages that marked the end of an evolutionary cycle of the previous 26,000 years.

We now find ourselves living in a multidimensional world, even if our beliefs and outward manifestations have not quite caught up with this yet. The time is now ripe to do a personal assessment of 2013 to identify the changes that have taken place since that event last year. The December Solstice 2013 is the ideal time to dream your highest intentions for yourself and your loved ones, and to anchor and establish them throughout the three months of the new season.

At the end of this article I present seven simple steps to help you create the new in your life.

New Beginnings

Humanity had been living a false consensus reality for millennia. That virtual dream or hologram was held in place by energetic matrices that could no longer be sustained, and the dysfunction built on control and fear is still in the process of being broken down and being replaced by genuine heart-felt love and life affirming creativity. This dismantling of old dysfunctional structures is enabling individuals to see beyond the gross illusions that had been accepted as the true nature of reality since time immemorial.

Whether we know it or not, we are all participators in this grand evolutionary shift that will continue over the next months and years. As we awaken to the nature of our multidimensional selves we discover worlds of indescribable joy, adventure and the sacredness as life takes on a whole new meaning.

Personal clearings and subsequent awakenings have been radically accelerating for the past few decades and particularly since the Harmonic Convergence in August 1987. We have been learning that it is we who are the creators and midwives giving birth to this new reality, and that we are doing so by the quality of our thoughts, choices and intentions. We can truly make the most of this remarkable time by understanding how we empower and manifest whatever we give our attention to – whether it is positive or negative.

By being scrupulously attentive to our thoughts, emotions, intentions and actions during the coming weeks and months we will experience exciting epiphanies and unprecedented opportunities for further awakening. Spontaneous pineal and heart openings, for example, provide phenomenal spiritual experiences that confirm the true nature of our multidimensionality, and meetings with previously invisible spirit beings imbue us with enlightening mystical experiences.

We can rest in the knowledge that our intuition and allies will guide us through potentially challenging times, and by keeping our wits about us, we will know how to respond to others when they too are affected by the changes.

No-one is alone on this journey to illumination and Light-workers are willing to support us in our awakening, aided by allies such as Nature Spirits, Angels, Extraterrestrials, Ascended Masters and other benevolent Spirit Beings.

Seek guidance from Spirit Orbs.

The Old Frontier of Opposites and Illusions

When the earth is dying there shall arise a new tribe of all colours and all creeds.   This tribe shall be called ‘The Warriors of the Rainbow’ and it will put its faith in actions, not words.

~ Prophecy of the Native American Hopi people

In order to understand and embrace the New Frontier, let’s briefly examine the nature of life on earth, as it has been known throughout history. We all know the Old World or Old Reality intimately as we had traversed it endlessly by repeating the same patterns and life experiences over and over as if living a kind of Groundhog Day ad nauseam.

The Old World was an illusory world restricted within matrices of beliefs, agendas and rules, very often imposed upon us and controlled by others. The structure was largely characterised as an external world of opposites such as good and evil, fear and love, harmony and chaos, war and peace, heaven and hell, wealth and poverty, clarity and confusion, wellness and illness, and other distorted perceptions that enforced duality as the ‘true’ nature of reality.

This perception is now rapidly changing in the current climate of awakening and spiritual growth.   The ‘new frontier’ in this context is much more than a boundary or veil, as once crossed it opens to infinite fields of new possibilities and experiences. In the future the Solstice of December 2012 may well be seen as the demarcation date that bridged the Old and New Worlds.

Symptoms of The Shift

Choices are being made at a conscious or subconscious level to either remain in the cataclysmic world of opposites, or to evolve into the authentic realms of Unity. The latter may involve the shattering of some cherished and long-held beliefs. You may have noticed some appreciable changes in dynamics with family and friends throughout the year, and in your career and living arrangements. It may be difficult, if not impossible to sustain relationships with those who do not share your quickening and deepening interests. Ultimately, if it all gets too heavy, the movement away from stagnant places and non-supportive relationships will facilitate greater aliveness, creativity and joy.

Socrates wrote ‘The unexamined life is not worth living‘.  He had a good point. The gift of life is not all about life missions, job descriptions, working 9 to 5 and obedience to external authority – as most have been led to believe.

Self-discovery may well be one of the foremost reasons for existence, along with learning to follow our passions while living from the heart. Some are experiencing dark night of the soul episodes along with some painful physical and emotional symptoms. This is natural during the many clearings that are occurring at all levels, and it is comforting to know that these challenges pass as our transformation becomes established.

It may be wise to continue the focused inner work, as deep psychological scrutiny clears the energy field of encumbrances and relieves us of the need for repeating painful learning lessons. Throughout the past few years a growing number of people have been experiencing symptoms of The Shift, which are frequently referred to as Ascension Symptoms. These symptoms may be either gradual or spontaneous, and debilitating or exhilarating. They serve to help us garner new insights and turn them into wisdom by freeing ourselves from any shackles of the past, while also preparing our physical bodies for the changes in energy that are upon us.

These energy shifts will lead us to discover new methods of creativity, ever-deepening connections to the natural world, greater intimacy in relationships, new healing abilities, genuine self-love, meetings with remarkable beings, abundance as required, enjoyment of simple things, light-hearted humour, perfect inner peace, access to the mystical realms, and imaginative new ways of being of service.

Seers and Shamans Light the Way

Seers, shamans, spiritual leaders and way-showers may already be experiencing various degrees of awakening to the Cosmic Consciousness. Some have become role models who are paving the way for our homecoming with the Infinite by inspiring seekers to find their truth, and to help anchor in the new energies.   Lightworkers too, are working assiduously at this golden time of change to ensure that another long cycle of duality need never be repeated.

In recent years health issues, false scandals, misrepresentation and corruption have thwarted many inspired leaders of vision and integrity from delivering their teachings. Too often, jealous and corrupt forces have worked to tarnish their credibility and dilute their messages. Thankfully, the current energies are helping facilitate total transparency as whistle-blowers and other truth-tellers ensure that politicians, organisations and corporations are being seen for what they are in their true light, or darkness.

Ethical spiritual leaders with multidimensional perception are so filled with light that their energy fields expand with vibrancy and their skin glows with luminosity. By merely coming in contact with them, receptive students may be healed and elevated to new mystical experiences. It is becoming more common for seers and shamans to dematerialise and shape-shift into other dimensions, bi-locate and spontaneously levitate before their students. Some are also accessing previously hidden records of earth to help navigate others along the mystical pathways to the New Frontier.

Awakening the Slumbering Genius

The keys to awakening lie within. Enticements throughout The Ages to look outside for the ‘Holy Grail’ have only served to maintain the illusion, when all along, that which we seek lies within our own hearts and minds, patiently awaiting our discovery.

The hypothalamus, pituitary, thyroid, adrenals, pineal, and reproductive glands are the major glands forming the human endocrine system and in the past it has been rare for these to function at their maximum capacity. When fully operative these glands secrete hormones directly into the bloodstream that help regenerate and transfigure the body. When the glands, chakras, pranic tube, brain and high heart become activated beyond their current capacity, perception heightens and we begin to live from the fullness of our merged aspects and new mastery.

By turning within and meditating, and by observing the silence of the mind we become acquainted with the vastness of our true being as human expressions of the Infinite.

We are much more than our body, mind and emotions.

A Glimpse of What May Lie Beyond

New modes of living emerge naturally

Past, present and future are simultaneous in timelessness

Life becomes synchronous and miraculous

Observer consciousness allows acute awareness of the big picture

Love takes on new meanings

Needs are met for all individuals

Honouring of all animals and the environment

Immense gratitude for learning and love

Changes in many bodily needs

Enhanced abilities

Wellness, youthfulness, and even immortality

New means of communication

Free energy and high technology devices

Access to the archives of earth and cosmic history

Zest for living, discovery and personal fulfillment

Life becomes a work of art and excellence

Conscious communication and co-creation with Spirit Beings

Exploring celestial cities and environments

Seeing the Infinite in all things

Awareness in frequencies and light

The New Frontier: Multidimensionality and Oneness

How will life function in timelessness? Time subsides and together linear time becomes obsolete when past, present and future merge in the quantum fields of the New Frontier. We learn to live with full awareness of the now moment, much like a young child who involves all the senses by giving total attention to the activity at hand.

Homo-Sapiens > Homo-Luminous

habits > spontaneity

linear time > eternal time

busyness > creation out of stillness

striving > allowing

limitation > mastery

competition > co-operation

predictability > spontaneity

opposites > oneness

struggle and pain > joy and miracles

fear > courage

external laws > motivated from within

separation > unity

density > light

egoic identity > true identity

health challenges > wholeness

time > timelessness

form > formlessness

the illusion > the real


In Oneness, the gracious art of creating through the heart with love and gratitude is experienced, and when awakened to this, there is no desire to revert to old and outmoded ways of living. Enlightenment is available to all who are willing to embody their higher expressions of Self. By doing so they metamorphose the human species from homo-sapien to that of homo-luminous.

Cedar’s Technique for Anchoring the New

Modify this process to suit yourself.

1. We create a life of joy by our choices. Take time to clarify what living in joy means to you. To some it may be humour, love, creativity, serenity, success, good vibes, service and fun. Be ruthlessly honest with yourself as some truly find their joy in victim-hood, bitterness, blame, rage, bullying, resistance, and untreated depression and illness.

2.  Decide what you want in your life now. For the exercise, clarify one thing that you want to release, manifest or be. Formulate it into one positive sentence and write it on a flashcard in present tense.

3. Allow at least half an hour of uninterrupted time to sit or lie comfortably, ideally in nature, and hold your flashcard before you. Feel your feelings related to this new manifestation. Breathe in. Breathe out.

4. Strengthen your connection to your Higher Self and imagine anchoring yourself deeply in Mother Earth by bringing a pillar of pure light to flow from high above and down into the earth right through your entire being. Tune in and observe with all your senses. Relax. Breathe In. Breathe Out.

5. Focus on your heart centre and build a good feeling momentum then harness the positive vibes in your body.

6. Now imagine observing yourself from above, looking down upon your being. Build the energy by passionately holding the sentence on your flashcard in your mind, and when you feel ready, and with confidence, drop your new intention into your heart centre to spread throughout your being.

7. Feel it land. Surrender to it. Relax. Smile. Breathe. It is done. Continue with your meditation until you feel complete.

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