Every Picture Tells a Story: a Photographic Tour of Adam’s Ancient Garden

Adam_s Garden 24th January 2014

By  Steven Strong

Photos and conclusion by Adam Pippen

Contributing Writers for Wake Up World

I  received a phone call from a collaborator, Adam, after he viewed  a recent Wake Up World article  detailing the massive and varied collection of shaped and carved rocks found at  a site he took our research team to, which we have affectionately dubbed  Adam’s Garden  (or the  Emu’s Nest). Adam was concerned that  the article was lacking the visual impact that could undeniably have been added by including some of the many  photographs we didn’t show.

What our team  hadn’t clearly explained to Adam beforehand was that these photographic omissions were intentional.  But we’re going to remedy that today….

Mission Accomplished

There is nothing about Adam’s Garden that is natural.  Surrounded by sand, salt water, dunes and mangroves, the 185 metre spread of rocks (numbering in the tens of thousands) bares no natural relationship to any part of the adjoining creek bank or nearby geology.

As unnatural as this site appears, whenever any new finding that challenges accepted norms and understandings is presented as stand-alone evidence, the methodology, credentials of the people involved and sundry (often irrelevant) issues are invariably attacked. That is why, in my two earlier introductory articles about this site, the geology, geography, surrounding features and relationship to the Standing Stones had to be comprehensively dealt with first.

With that  mission accomplished, I  will now present a collection of photos  Adam has selected from his gallery of hundreds of photographs of this ancient site.

The photos Adam selected for this article (below) show 19 stones found at Adam’s Garden bearing markings which, upon investigation, challenge the notion that the site’s construction is the result of natural forces.  I have decided to offer little commentary to accompany these photos, and will instead allow the reader make their own judgements.

I will of course conclude with my team’s observations, but will do so conceding that we have barely begun our work on this site and may at a later date extend, develop or dismiss what we believe to be correct at this stage of our research.

What we can state with absolute confidence is that many of these ancient stones were shaped and marked using technology which, if standard texts and mainstream academics are to be believed, should never have been used on Australian soil until well after the British invasion of the late 1700s.

A Photographic Tour of Adam’s Garden


Adam_s Garden 1

Adam_s Garden 2

Adam_s Garden 3

Adam_s Garden 4

Adam_s Garden 5

Adam_s Garden 6

Adam_s Garden 7

Adam_s Garden 8

Adam_s Garden 9

Adam_s Garden 10

Adam_s Garden 11

Adam_s Garden 12

Adam_s Garden 13

Adam_s Garden 14

Adam_s Garden 15

Adam_s Garden 16

Adam_s Garden 17

Adam_s Garden 18

Adam_s Garden 19


While some may simply attribute to  natural causes any  similar patterns or grooves, and thus to what is also at play at Adam’s Garden, the surrounding geology and geography must be factored into any consideration. Within metres of the sea, found above and below the bank of a salt water creek, the accumulation of tens of thousands of rocks of every type doesn’t sit comfortably into the immediate countryside. All around there are mangroves and sand, and a very occasional rock platform of igneous rock. There is no sandstone anywhere, yet the 9 metre by 5 metre stand of sandstone rocks (which our team believes formed an ancient jetty) is lacking in any other rock but sandstone by the thousands.

In the most general terms, there are three types of rocks on site, some are deliberately shaped, others marked or engraved with the residue being natural, but in all cases nearly all the rocks on or near the shore-line have been imported on to this site. A cursory inspection of the eroded bank, where sometimes over one and half metres was exposed, confirmed the exotic nature of this massive deposit of assorted rocks. No matter where we looked, we could not find one rock lodged within the soil profile.

Many of the stones found at Adam’s Garden are also unnaturally shaped and yet showed no evidence of the characteristic percussion points associated with Original rock-on-rock technology. A more sophisticated tool, at the very least a steel blade, was an essential part of the technology used to shape these rocks. And even if we accepted that every engraving and shaped rock is the outcome of natural forces (which we don’t) why is it there is such an incredible array of rock types in one specific location surrounded by mangroves and sand?

A Pathway to Something Greater….

In preparing this article, I asked Adam to provide a selection of photographs of his choosing, as well as a concluding comment.  Adam chose to focus upon the engravings and markings found on the surface of rocks (from which he had hundreds to choose) and to save the bounty of thousands of shaped rocks for another day and another article (You can see a few examples of the shaped rocks found on site  here).

Adam ‘sees’ things from an Original perspective.  An Original man steeped in Old Lore and sensibilities,  his main interest isn’t in establishing or proving the site’s authenticity or meaning. Knowing it is an ancient, sacred and profound site, Adam is more interested in the deeper contacts and the mystical intent that inspired ancient prophets to engrave and mark these rocks. As far as he is concerned, this place is beyond any empirical yardstick; we are standing on holy ground and everything else evolves out of that truth. According to Adam, this altar is a pathway to something far greater than any human construct: inner peace and salvation,  oneness and truth.

Conclusion by Adam Pippen:

I offer no explanation as to what these stones represent, the answer is inside you. The healing comes from within, the light of the soul remembers and a path opens for one to share. Allow this moment to stop and breathe so we can share culture and let go of the fear which holds us apart.

Now is the time for us to look around our world, actually ‘see’ what is going on, and listen to our hearts and each other. We live on a very beautiful planet ‘together’, we are all ‘Indigenous’ — being born of the land and blood runs through all our veins. Remember. We are all here with each other.

We have much to let go of, and much to learn from what has come to pass. We have for too long held on to fear and forgotten ourselves and each other. We have so much together. Remember.

May we begin to embrace our differences; sharing a culture and helping each other with an open table of truth.

About the author:

strongsSteven Strong is an Australian-based researcher, author and former high school teacher. Together with his son Evan, his work is to explore  the ancient story of the Original people, a narrative that was almost lost to aggressive European colonisation.

This article revised and edited by Andy Whiteley for Wake Up World.

This article and all images contained herein © Adam Pippen. All rights reserved.


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