It’s Time to Come Home

By Varya Kapran

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

Home is where the heart is – we have all heard this expression before. That notion of home, the very word itself, is something we can relate to. It is a powerful heart based concept, the word itself carrying with it such power and associations. Each of us can identify and describe it, whether we have experienced it before or are still on the search for it.

Take a moment now, close your eyes and think of what home means to  you….

To me, it is physical warmth, emotional safety, and spiritual understanding. It is unconditional love and boundless compassion. It is a myriad of sensations, physical scents, emotional and physical experiences. Being home means being buffered from the crashing waves of the world around you. Here, you can still sense them, but they simply brush over you. Here, they do not have the power to pull you down into their depths. Here, you are one with the world yet separate, free to truly follow your path.

In childhood, home is a physical or geographical location. It is a specific place, a material vessel that anchors us, and provides us with a sense of safety. For many of us, we think of our childhood house as our childhood home.

As we grow physically and spiritually, that vessel becomes too limited to hold all that we need, and so we go out into the world in search of our home. We look for it in our careers, in cities, in the arms of lovers, in languages, in cultures, in religions. We yearn for that sense of warmth again, that cocoon of all encompassing love. We search for it high and low. When we do not find it for what seems like an eternity, some of us give up the search and, and settle. Settle for close-enough relationships, close-enough sexual connections, close-enough vocations, close-enough versions of ourselves.

You should not have to settle. Your true home is an evolving dynamic concept that grows with you. When you are HOME in the grandest sense, you know your truth and your purpose, and when fears or challenges cross your path, you have the strength to acknowledge them, give them a little smile and a loving pat on the head, and keep on walking. The whole earth, and us with it, is going through a change – we have entered a stage where we are called to action. Called to walk out into the world and claim our tasks, claim our selves, claim our homes. When you do this for yourself, you inspire others and raise the consciousness overall.

All of that can be simplified down to having the courage to … effectively, be at home with yourself as a whole being. One day, when you are ready, you will wake to the truth that you are home already. Here and now in the universe, on this living beautiful fertile earth, you are not disconnected, quite the opposite actually. You are safe, your are nurtured. You are loved. But before we can fully experience that sense of connection and love on the grander scale, we must learn to model it, to recognize its vibration through its smaller manifestations.

Everything in the universe is a mirror to itself. So, it follows that to be at home in the universe, we must learn to be at home with the earth. To be at home with the earth, we must learn to be at home in our communities. To be at home in our communities, we must learn to be at home in our families. To be at home in our families we must learn to be at home in our relationships. To be at home in our relationships we must learn to be at home with ourselves. To be at home with ourselves, we must learn to be at home with our bodies.

It comes down to us reconnecting back into ourselves in order for us to connect upwards. We all start this re discovery, this quest for home where we are ready. For some of us, we start in our families and move down through, some start elsewhere. No matter where you find yourself now , understand that one day, you will need to sit down with your body one day and learn from it. Most of us live in societies that have centuries of history of punishing and using the body for a purpose, for progress, for our needs. What we as a group and individuals are ready to learn is that the body itself has its own purpose and needs, and that if we ignore it , we are indeed ignoring ourselves and denying ourselves the experience of true joy and bliss.

Your body is your equal partner in this worldly experience. Listen to it. Care for it. Remember what it means to you to be home – it is a place free of judgement, of support, understanding, care, strength, and creativity. Practice that within yourself, within your own body, and before you know it you will begin to tune into the vibration of home itself, opening yourself up to finding it in other areas of life.

Universal love begins and ends with with self love, just as self love begins and ends with self love. Love yourself, and you love all. Be home with yourself, and you will be home everywhere.

I will leave you with this affirmation to help you on this journey:

When I enter

My temple

I am


Wishing you all love and warmth,


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Varya KapranVarya Kapran is a wellness coach whose mission is to help people reconnect with their bodies through nutrition, herbalism, movement, and neural re-education. She  works with clients worldwide supporting them in their goals through  a combination of cutting edge research, alternative therapies, and other techniques.  Her website,  provides resources, care, coaching, and community for those who wish to improve their quality of life.

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