Happy Ending? Or Happy Now

Happy Ending or Happy Now

By  Zen Gardner

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

No matter where I turn the awakening is screaming out at me. Every event and announcement of intention by the dark side, no matter how destructive and disturbing, is only precipitating more conscious awareness and very present, personal involvement by humanity. It’s a thrilling time. If it weren’t for what we consider to be terrible and tragic events being perpetrated on humanity, our tidal wave of awakening would not have the momentum it has gathered and continues to gain.

I’m not saying to bring on the madness, but I am saying they can’t do anything against the truth, only for it. They can only rage against it and thus give themselves away to the very people they’ve tried so hard to put to sleep. The joke’s on them.

I had a thought the other night  as I was watching the night clouds pass in front of the huge super moon. I was thinking how true inner happiness is not contingent on circumstances, it’s born of a deep spiritual knowledge of our eternal nature and its connectivity to our glorious multiverse. While we’ve been entrained to think happiness comes after something transpires, as in “happy endings”, we are entitled to live in an ever-present “happy now” way of life, despite the difficulties we pass through, even the eventuality of death from this life and the intended demise of our planet.

Searching? Or Finding

As a synchronistic backdrop, playing in my mind was a song containing the wistful expression of a lost and seeking generation longing to find this place of conscious awareness. Simon and Garfunkel’s classic  America  was a theme of my generation; it expressed the frustration of chasing a dream that was only an illusion, which unfortunately led to the demise and destruction of many a despairing life as society was deliberately imploded by negative influences.

Having been at Woodstock, I had a front row seat to the desperation of my generation to find meaning amid chaos, and often violent eruptions of artistic expression. While the event was a thrill – to see so many like minded searchers  –  it left a bittersweet taste in my mouth for our future. There was too much chaos, blind directionless rebellion and lack of real conscious people-empowering leadership. It was a hip knock-off of something I knew in my heart could have been a much more clear-headed, thoughtfully constructive and directed event.

Knowing what I know now about the CIA involvement in the drug and music scene and the occult underpinnings within that movement, it makes sense, but it was a very sad feeling I came away with  – although I didn’t know how to process it at the time. Perhaps sliding down a muddy hill in my rain-soaked sleeping bag had something to do with my disillusionment, ha!

But again, that song  America  lurks in my mind.

Happy Endings – Putting Off What Is Rightfully Ours

This delay tactic is reminiscent of the Zionist talking machine, the classic linguistic manipulators. Not only do they fill the air with blather, bullshit, smut and outright lies, but they twist your ability to draw what should be logical, normal conclusions. They push porn and perversion, death and destruction, confusion, contamination and constraining, contrived concepts. Nothing empowering, encouraging or empathetic. Only carefully scripted “teasers”.

Such is their wicked way. A perfect example of the fruits of fictitious, fear based fantasy.

Hollywood, another construct under similar control, pushes this same agenda. Dreaming of happy endings is all about disempowerment. While it appears innocent and lovey dovey enough, it’s a delay mechanism, putting off fulfillment until the story unravels, a very clever way to say “endure the pain we’re inflicting, things will be OK in the end”…. but they’re not. Not in their designed script. Sure, in the consciousness realm we see things “work out”, but we must understand how manipulable this mindset is in the context of political, or even more dastardly, religious promises of future change and the even more insidiously planted “heaven” or “nirvana” concepts, for that matter.

We’re up against formidable foes, entrenched intelligent cockroaches in full blown positions of power. All of this has been humanity’s recent history and has been documented, if you can read between the lines. What we’re told or “shown” is only what they want us to hear and know. Never forget that. The public screening we’re made to feel oh so grateful for is the image, as in imagination, that is being projected on our mental and psychic screens, the perfect illustration of which is tell-lie-vision.

The real story lurks in the shadows. Deliberately.

The Treadmill of the Time Illusion

Putting off to the future what is rightfully ours in the now is a clever distraction, whether we think it’s manipulated or not. Our realm of thought and decision making is based on an illusory concept that leads to trudging along a timeline of potential outcomes. We’re channeled into patterns and behaviors directed towards a conceptualized endpoint or outcome. How we steer ourselves is at that point easily directed within distinct guidelines, unbeknownst to most.

Beginning and ending is a factor of time, which is ultimately an illusion. While we operate in this milieu of influences we are much more than that, and therein lies our wonderful potential. Allowing ourselves to be limited within those “guidelines” is tantamount to voluntary slavery. The very fact that humanity can think and imagine past these concepts testifies to its very reality.

The ultimate challenge then becomes how we respond to this condition we find ourselves in. Do we succumb and play possum in a world of absolute conflict and contradiction?  Or do we arise and take control of   our personal destiny? That again depends upon personal awakening, not just a willingness but a hunger to find our true spiritual source and the meaning of existence.

It awaits patiently for the true seeker to find.

The Questions to Ask

Is what we’re entertaining empowering or disempowering? Is it mindless self indulgence, or self realization? Does it help or does it hurt? These are the basic questions to ask. This awakening we’re experiencing is not just the opportunity of a lifetime, but an opportunity of the ages. Many cycles have led up to this latest final act in the attempted conquest of mankind. Ours is to wake up and arise to the occasion.

We have to snap out of the trance in every aspect of its contagion. The battle has now been precipitated into very clear choices and on a very personal level. Will we, or won’t we? Will I, or won’t I?

We can’t look around for validation. It’s each of ours to make some very serious decisions. Am I in, or am I out? Will I commit, or will I cop out?

I’ll leave you with this final thought…

You Are the Battlefield

We can do it. We already are. And it’s only beginning.

Love always, Zen

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I have questions. Life is wonderful – full of amazing wonders that continue to unfold.  My quest for truth has given me new perspectives which lead to well springs of information that continue to inspire awe and wonder at the world we live in. Dare to explore and see what leaves you…. just wondering. Love Zen.

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